Your Daily OC Question!

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago (Edited 1 year, 10 months ago) by Isoprene

Not to be confused with my OC question of the day or Papes' OC question of the day! Or my other Shindan thread!

Running an OC question of the day thread is rough because you always want to answer your own questions, but by the time you have the time it's been a week and you have a bunch of other questions! Not to mention that your questions always have to be pretty general: "what's your OCs' favorite colors" is easy enough for someone with 10 OCs, but there are loads of people who have OCs in the triple digits and beyond!

But y'know what's awesome? Shindan is awesome. I spent last night working on a bunch of options and whipped up a Shindan that will ask you a question to a specific OC every day!

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Here's how it works! You plug in your username, and you'll be given an OC and a question! Here's an example of what the results look like:

Hey there, Toyhouse! This question is for your OC with the biggest family.
Q: How easily are they embarrassed?

You can answer your questions privately, on an OC blog, wherever you'd like! It'd be rad if you posted your results here, though, so we can all learn about your OCs! Some other notes:

  • Please let me know if you find any typos or other errors! There are over 500 items in [LIST1] and over 200 in [LIST2] as of posting and I finished this at 3:30 in the morning, so... needless to say, I didn't do much proofreading.

  • Don't like your question, aren't comfortable with it, just want to answer more questions, or can't answer it because one or both items don't apply to any of your OCs? Tweak the name you enter to get a new one! Change the capitalization, use some nicknames, add some numbers... Shindan will consider them all new names that you can use daily!

  • Many questions suggest a modern Earth setting, asking about things like the Internet, video games, cars, etc. Just answer them as thought your character existed in such a setting, like what kind of TV shows WOULD they watch if TV existed in their universe? Likewise, if you get a question like "what was your youngest OC like as a kid?," you can reverse it and answer what they'd be like as an adult and vice versa.

  • The questions vary a lot. Some are comedic, some are serious, some are kind of bummers, some can be answered in one word, and some require a bit of thought. If you got a really short/easy question and you're not satisfied, you're always welcome to try out a different name and go again! The initial batch of items allows for 115,486 different combinations, so you probably won't run out too fast.

  • If either item seems ambiguous, feel free to answer it in multiple ways or however you first interpreted it. Likewise, if LIST1 applies to multiple OCs of yours, you can answer for every OC that applies to or just pick one of them.

  • There are no questions involving sexual content, but there are some questions that involve alcohol and violence.

  • If any of your answers involve detailed violence/gore, abuse, sexual content, etc., put it under a spoiler tag! Basically just spoiler tag anything you'd spoiler tag in other threads.

  • I'll try to add more items to each list as time goes on! I like to make them relatively unique/interesting and make them things you wouldn't think about (c;mon, did you know which OC was most broken up about the Pluto debacle before this? or what their favorite kind of noodle was?,) but I'm open to suggestions! Just note that unlike the OC question of the day thread, I can't really credit you for your additions!
James the Fox JJTheNeko

Hey there, JJ! This question is for your unluckiest OC.

I think that would be James The Fox, due to his past RP relationships. Dont ask...

Q: Do they like giving their friends a hard time? How do they feel when their friends give them a hard time?

James shook his head, responding with a simple, "No."

Lily Blaze Rainbow000Pegasus

Hey there, Rainbow! This question is for your OC with the best hygiene.
Best hygiene? Prim and proper Lily.

Q: What kind of driver are they?

She's a very careful driver and tries not to speed to much, even though she might be closing in to a certain time. Takes forever for her to park, but it always look great, especially when parallel parking, not that she does that much.

Feliks Delov botnet

Hey there, botnet! This question is for that OC who fervently insists dubs are better than subs.

Q: Are they interested in any sports at all, be it playing or watching?

"Sports is a.. weird concept to me. Sure, I'll watch it if someone else is, but I don't go out of my way to watch any.