Is it just me? >.>

Show me the OC's that you are attracted to.

step 1: make new oc

step 2:  dont make her ideal girlfriend material

step 3:  fail step 2 

Where do I start...

Oliver is my child, I love him way too much~ He's just the cutest thing!

Here's Tavi. He's my bishie, and he's pretty hot, I must admit.

Then there's my persona, Akari. I'd date her. I'd date Oliver, but he's gay, and Tavi's taken.

I'd smooch all of my characters, but these are just my favorites!

adore is so, so pretty. i'm in love with him. (and ellie.)

my gf

Kind of in love with the genderbend of my protagonist OC tbh >o>

have u met my husband

Most folks make OCs for the sake of waifu/husbando/spouse cred. Like seriously, no shame in that. Three of my characters are for that (though they're developed beyond that. Iris, Perrin, and Soren are the three specifically. I even bought one for waifu cred (Junebug).

Kind of Kaleb. I've got someone to obsess over an real life though

dude, ALL of my OC's are so pretty, but Isa is a very special bombshell u vu

I literally posted a journal on DA several years back about how I badly wanted some of my OCs. XD So this is hilarious to me, I'm glad I'm not the only one. 

Just as a ... condensed list....

Aushir, Kendi, Blue, Damir, Demi, Tegan (!!), Thanos (!!), Alfie, Damian, Hayate, Lorenzo (hate-do, y'know), Taku, Taj, Zak...

Jesus that wasn't even a condensed list. That was just the ones with refs! I didn't even get to the girls. ;A;