Not sure if this is already around but if it is please lemme know OTL

I'm absolutely in love with adventurous ocs or ocs who have adventurous or wild lives! And I want people to talk to me about their children ! Please I wanna learn about other peoples ocs OTL. Have they defaulted an evil boss before? Have they came across a wild bear and fought it with their bare hands? Have they saved their world from destruction? Do you have a huge as fuck oc family who do all of this together cause I sure do have that kind of oc family LOL. You can even post this is IC and have your ocs explain their stories how they world which would make it more interesting to see their views on their crazy lives/adventures! ;; o;//

Rosemarie Bellamy Caine

WHAT A GOOD THREAD I hope you don't mind me popping here every once in a while!

This is actually a thing I'm writing in a detail for nano, but Rosemarie, her friend Karl and Karl's brother Thomas get into quite an adventure when Rosemarie gets a new classmate called Ilja. She is super determined to make friends with the weird boy, but Ilja soon turns out to be a rather hard one to crack: he doesn't speak to others, spends all his time alone and in generally denies each and every single friendship offering he gets, and this only makes Rosemarie even MORE determined to become his friend & learn why he is like that, because it's definitely strange. When Rosemarie ends up witnessing the way Ilja lives she is only more curious: he lives on what the kids call "the green district" which is kind of like this bohemian artist area with a lot of plants around, gaining its nickname, and there he seems to live not with his parents but some man who looks similar enough to be his relative, but too young to be a father. 

Through more misadventures Rosemarie and Karl end up witnessing Ilja being chased after two adult men, and as an act of self defense Ilja cuts part of one of the men's ear and together with that + Karl and Rosemarie appearing on the scene the men are forced to leave before they attract the attention of other people. There Ilja explains them the men have been after him since he moved here form his home country, and they want the key Ilja keeps as a pendant around his neck: it was given by his parents who were publicly executed for possessing illegal books, and the key would open a locker inside the local library with supposedly a book inside the men want. Ilja himself doesn't know anything about it, but knows it's really important and that his parents bestowed the key to him because they were desperate and knew they would be caught soon. 

Rosemarie then crafts up a plan to help Ilja: as Rosemarie is fast and knows the streets like her own pockets, she and Ilja switch clothes and Rosemarie pretends to be Ilja to distract the men while Ilja and Karl go get the book from the library. Somehow they manage to succeed and find out the book is written in a language none of the kids can read, and that it's full of notes in Ilja's language, done most likely by his parents. They don't know what to do with it, but they decide to go to the used book store the next day, buy a book that looks seemingly similar in covers and together with the help of Thomas, Karl's sickly but very smart brother they manage to make the fake book look like it's full of secret codes and cryptic notes, and they put that book inside the library's locker instead. 

The next time the men are chasing after Ilja, Ilja pretends to put up a fight but eventually gives up his key to the men, pretending it's his last chance. The men take it and end up taking the fake book from the library and return to their own country, convinced it's a code to be cracked. It's safe to say even the men weren't exactly sure what the book contained since it was Ilja's parents who used it for whatever their purpose was. Then, at least for the time being, Ilja is free now and doesn't need to fear the men are going to get him anytime soon. 

HONESTLY all the adventures of these kids are inspired by those wacky youth literature adventure stories I read as a kid and I'm really trying to convey the larger-than-life sense of adventure there with ridiculous plots haha

Ethan Wilhelm PicklePantry

Okay! Well! I have a bunch, but this one came to mind first!

Ethan has bad luck, right? Well in an old RP with a friend of mine there was this big contest between him, his boyfriend, and his boyfriend's rival to try and get this girl to like one of them more. Ethan was on the first date. The bf was jealous and the rival wanted to win, so they agreed to sabotage by putting laxatives in the girl's drink. But, of course with Ethan's luck, he ended up getting the drink and started, you know, tooting all over the place. In the middle of a fancy restaurant. 

It was incredible.


Caine Yo, sounds wacky! ;; O; Sounds like a huge hassle but they all pulled through and hopefully Ilja can open up more to Rosemary, Karl and Thomas! You've definitely got the sense of adventure there ! o vob And thank god for Ilja's freedom! (And not to worry, stop by whenever you'd like! n wn)

PicklePantry Haha, poor Ethan! But sounds like it was fun to RP with! ⋆ටᆼට⋆ I wonder what awaits Ethan in the future with his bad luck! ;; o;

Proton Sparks Kirbygal

Dunno how wild of a life this would count as but Proton here, my pokemon oc, was kidnapped by the evil team (still unnamed lol ;; ) when he was young, and while he grew up under them, became an excellent pokemon battler and skilled with electric types, so much that he overthrew the previous leader of the team and became head himself, all barely before he reached 18. 


Kirbygal Damn, talk about a turn of events for that evil team leader ;; o; good job for Proton!... though sense it IS a evil team, is he gonna end up being a undefeatable bad guy? ;; O; who knows!! (lol well you do but I'm just trying to be dramatic-)


haha yes good job for my boi~ though he's become more cold as a person ;; 

He's usually seen training a lot and pushng his pokemon to limits in order to get stronger, and he deploys different strategies and techniques. He does care for them afterwards, though putting favoritism on his main Electrode. He'll end up being that team leader who's pretty much unbeatable until that 10 yr old protag comes along XDD

Sir Hottie McHottie Orca

Sir Hottie McHottie defended his city from three dinosaur aliens with elemental powers and allied with the fourth, who helped the humans defeat the other three and unfortunately ended up being killed like the other three. What a life, huh?

Vincent ADSanika


(Sorry for my english, its not good)

Context: Vincent is a Mahou Shonen based in Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica and Pokemon (Braixen), who his wish was "I want had what they had" and now had powers to Steal any object

-The most iconic is went his ex bosses send other mahou to "convince" him to return with them for steal some other Soul gems [AKA Others Mahous Souls] to make Jewelry but Vincent refuse because he not want to hurt more people.... So the other mahou kidnap/Steal his friends Soul Gems. Vincent in panic had to recover his friends Gem before it was too late because they can be die. So he go with other friend who his magic was to make poisons and ask him for a favor to poision everything he had before Vincent go to ex-bosses place because he know they not will be alone and his "employees" will be cause some problems. Then went Vincent was really he go to his ex-bosses places and he try to sneaks but he was busted outside by the same mahou who steal his friends gems. So Vincent and that mahou had a little fight until that mahou use a attack that Vincent take advantage to be released and FREACKING ENTER TO THE PLACE. When that happen everybody was in the mission to stop them but they lost sight of him in an ambush. In that moment the ex-bosses show up and scold up all his "employees" but when just the ex-bosses go alone, Vincent show up from his hidden place to his turn to ambush them, he lock up one of his bosses with one of the poison things he had and demand to the other for his friends gems. The other Boss just acess to the demand and give up the gems for his Coworker/lover. Now Vincent with the gems was running away from the place through the pipes of the street as fast as possible because in the fight he actually was hurt by poisonous things that he had and he need a antidote. But then the mahou who steal the gems try to stop Vincent in the run but Vincent without any fear use is best attack on her in short distance to leave him alone and work. After All that adventure Vincent just made to arrived in a safe place and deliver the gems to his friends,he was incoinconscious for 3-5 days.

And still wonder why he still alive-


Daaammnn, talk about wild! ;; o; 

Story time myself!

My three boys, Benmo, Garrett and Nate all snuck into this old, abandoned facility cause Benmo needed new items for a project he was working on and Garrett wanted to come and he ended up dragging Nate along with him. The facility was strictly forbidden from trespassing but they ended up breaking in anyways and searched the facility for the parts my fatass engineer needed and little did they know, they weren't alone ! They felt an uneasy pressence in the facility with them and Garrett kept saying it was """"ghosts""" and Nate was getting sick of his bullshit and Benmo wad pretty much just ignoring everything cause he was too focused and. After an hour or two? Of searching and snagging things, Garrett noticed some huge figure at the hall and pointed it out to Nate and Nate was calling BS and kept ignoring him until Garrett physically made Nate look by stepping on his foot and pointing down at the hall and when Nate saw, they both started to freak out about it and kept poking at Benmo about it (as if he could have done anything pft) and Benmo kept pushing them away like "fuck off there's nobody here but us" and Garrett was like "NO NO L-LOOK! DON'T YOU SEE IT??" And eventually Benmo just had enough and looked at whatever the hell his husbands were telling him to look at and they all saw the huge ass figure and Benmo was like "Holy shit.... m-maybe it's not alive??" Hoo boy was be wrong, whatever it was started to fucking charge at them, revieling the figure as my plushbaby Muzzle! ....Who scared my three boys nearly shitless and literally caused them all to haul ass and get the fuck out of there but unfortunately they ended up getting cornered without a way out and they all were nearly death-terrified if muzzle!

But turns out... Muzzle was chasing them to harm them, he was genuinely worried about them because the facility is dangerous and old and Muzzle wanted to make sure the 3 were okay because he cares and he hasn't seen people in literally YEARS and his excitement got the best of him, in which why he charged at the 3 husbands ;; -;

Now Muzzle is owned by Benmo and was taken back to the mansion Benmo and the others lives and Muzzle has his own little place to call him full of humans who talk to him and play with him!

....Though they didn't tell the 4th husband in the marriage about this, who's the hot-headed and serious guy, Mel. Mel was very unhappy about this but he got used to Muzzle eventually and now whenever somebody asks about the giant ass plush in the garden, they simply say along the lines of "He nearly chased us to our death for attention."