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Welcome to the MYO centre
About Tickets

Information you will need to know about MYO tickets can be read here.
MYO Shop

For purchase of available MYO slots with real curency. Visit Vulperia in the GD market to purchase tickets with GD instead.
Approve your MYO

Information and instructions of MYO approvals you may need.
MYO Tracklist

Check your MYO ticket here.

What are you here for? Aurelia

About Make Your Own Tickets
MYO Tickets

MYO or "Make your own" tickets are needed to make an official Aestrolos.

About Tickets

Depending on where you get the MYO from the MYO ticket will be different.

Event and Raffle (All Type of Free Tickets): #ER - nr.
Ticket Purchased with GD: #GD - nr.
Ticket Purchased with real currency: #RC - nt.

Unique Traits: #ERU(nr. of usable unique traits) - nr.
Unlimited Unique Traits: #ERUL - nr.
Mythical Traits: #ERM(nr. of usable mythical traits) - nr.
Ticket Deadline and Extension

Most of the MYO tickets will have deadline, you can check information about your ticket on our MYO Tracklist.

Please use this Template to ask for extension in the comments or in our Discord server before your ticket expires. Remember you cannot extend your ticket once it's expired.
Title : MYO Extension
Username : (Your TH Username)
MYO Ticket : (Your MYO Ticket Number)
Reason : (Obtional)
Tradability of a Ticket

If you obtain the ticket for free or from the GD Market you can only trade or gift these, the same goes for your Aestrolos made with this ticket. Read more about Trading, Gifting and Reselling under our rules.

If you need help, I am here to assist you. Aurelia

Drop a post below and I will get back to you with the needed information.

MYO Tickets available for sale
Status: Open

Regular MYO Ticket 10 USD

Make your own ticket for one common Aestrolos.
Expire [6 months after purchase]
Unique MYO Ticket 20 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with up to 4 Unique Traits.
Expire [6 months after purchase]
Unlimited Unique MYO Ticket 30 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique Traits.
Expire [12 months after purchase]
Mythical MYO Ticket 40 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique and 2 Mythical Traits.
Expire [12 months after purchase]
Mythical Potion add-on 10 USD

1 Mythical Potion to add to a ticket.

If you wish to purchase, use the given form and I will assist. Aurelia

Title : RC MYO slot
Username :
Ticket Type: (which one would you like to buy?)
Make Your Own Approval

Use this Template to turn in your MYO design for approval in the comments or in our Discord server.

Obtain : (The title of the event you got your MYO from)
Username : (Your TH Username)
Designer : (link to the designer page)
MYO Ticket : (Your MYO Ticket Number)
MYO Design : (Required at least colored sketch)
Astronomy : (Which Astronomy Theme did you choose? )
Animal : (Which Animal did you choose?)
Traitlists : (Please list all the traits down)
Please check the example below the see the correct way of submitting the approval form.

Remember your design might need a redesign if there are missing traits or errors in rarity.To prevent redesigning a rendered artwork, you may submit a colored sketch or design for approval first while ensuring all traits are visible through the artwork. Check through the Trait list before submitting it.

Obtian : Opening Event
Username : Luzuri
Designer : Luzuri
MYO Ticket : #ERU2 - xxx
MYO Design :
Astronomy : Supernova
Animal : Rabbit
Traitlists :
R - ONE Regular Trait
R - etc.
U - ONE Unique Trait
U - etc.
Make more list if you have more traits.

Use the template above and comment below or in the Discord server for MYO approval. Aurelia

An example is provided under the template, you may use it for reference when submitting the approval request.

After an admin approved your design, your Aestrolos will be considered as "Approved AES". You will need to add your Aestrolos to the Masterlist for it to be considered as an "Official AES". Read more about Masterlist submission here.


Username : papyrix
MYO Ticket : #ERU2-045
MYO Design : heres the image!
Theme : black hole theme
Animal : deer
Traits : two horns (deer), deer ears, tail, and legs, galaxy ring (torso); please let me know if i forgot any!


There are somethings that need a little change:
- The galaxy ring must have a from of a ring, also it must be between the shoulder and above the waist
- What are those orange spots on his face? if they are just colored freckled then it's fine but if they glow then you cannot have them


alright, ive changed the ring here! and the freckles dont glow, theyre just colored!

edit: i just realized that i joined after the 20 members mark for access to 2 unique traits but ill just keep oblivion with just regular traits to avoid any further hassle ;;


Oh i'm sorry about that! it would have been fine if you like to keep those unique trait ><


its alright! i only have a low quality version of the file now so ill keep their current design for now! sorry for the trouble ;;


No! I'm sorry about my mistake, I will add rarity upgrade potion to your inventory as a compensation ;; your desing are approved and I will add your desing to the MYO design contest!!

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Username : _RatKing_

MYO Ticket : #ERU2 - 071

MYO Design :

Theme : Canis Minor (The small dog constellation)

Animal : Mutt

Traits : Dog ears, tail, legs, and arms, Galaxy limbs, Galaxy Ring (Tail), Energy gem on the back of the neck (Dont worry its really small and not huge like in the ref), Please let me know if I have missed anything or if something needs to be fixed thank you <3


Hi, you have used multiple unique traits, you can only have 2!

Please choose which one you'd like to keep:
- galaxy legs
- galaxy arms
- galaxy ears
- galaxy ring on tail


Ah thank you I knew I messed up somewhere I'll fix that now <3


Here is the Fixed version sorry about that last one being completely incorrect I  read something wrong and thought you could have all your limbs Galaxy haha :,D He now only has galaxy legs and his ring is around his torso. If anything else needs to be fixed just let me know and I'll be happy to fix it thank you so much and have a lovely day <33


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Thank you for your participation *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Hi, Sorry for the delay!

Your MYO Design has been approved, _RatKing_!


Your design has been added to our contest.

We will announce the winner after the event ends.


Username - CatFish-Hoshi

MYO ticket - ERU2 - 005

MYO design - Not approved yet

Theme - space dust

Animal - bear cat

Traits - regular animal legs, galaxy tail, energy gem, 2 eyes

Unique galaxy ring (around tail) unique Heterochromia


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Thank you for your participation *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Your MYO Design has been approved, CatFish-Hoshi!


Your design has been added to our contest.

We will announce the winner after the event ends.


Username : QShiina

MYO Ticket : #ERU2 - 082

MYO Design : Design

Theme : White hole 

Animal : Snowy Owl

Traits : (R) fur markings/stripes, (R) 1 gem, (R) galaxy ring, (R) galaxy tail, (R) 2 eyes, (R) human hands, (U) human feets/legs (?)


✧・゚: *✧・゚:* My, my, welcome my little Aestroling *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Your MYO Design has been approved, QShiina!



human hands (R), human feets/legs (U)

+2x Rarity Upgrade

• Username: nnces

• MYO Ticket: #ERU2 - 048

• Character: Irene

• Theme: Jupiter

• Animal: Squirrel

Design at first (Approved on 2 Aug 2020)



G - Astronomy themed

G - Giants (~50ft)

R - Animal features (furry)

R - Multiple eyes (three eyes, one on the back)

R - One energy gem

R - Galaxy tail

R - Natural fur pattern

U - Galaxy Ring off torso placement (Halo)

My official design (Approved on 20 Aug 2020)



+U - Galaxy Ring off torso placement

+U - Multiple galaxy rings

+U - Galaxy nose

+U - Galaxy fur "puffball" in ears


Hi! You have x1 Rarity Upgrade, which add only 1 unique trait to the design.
You currently have 4 unique traits you will need 2 more Rarity Upgrade potions!

U - Galaxy ring on other places (from previous design)

U - Multiple galaxy rings

U - Galaxy nose

U - Galaxy fur in ears

and omg thank you for taking your time and tidy up the format, your formatting is perfect it's so organized, I'm in awe ;o;


Heres another Rarity Upgrade Potion!

Wait.. I don't know if my ERU2 ticket still count my 2 U-traits? Or I really have to buy two more? 🤔 Like, ERU2 + 2x Potion = 4 U-traits

Yepp I know the mods are super busy. It is better to make a tidy post so everyone can easily keep tracks on! 💛


Oh, right! as long as your MYO hasn't expired, yes!
Thank you  

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Obtain : Purchased via RLC (During Halloween MYO Event)

Username : BearsEtc

Designer : grimling

MYO Ticket : #RCM4 - 002

MYO Design :

Astronomy : Galaxy Collision

Animal : Dragon + Mantis Shrimp

Trait Lists : 

  • M - Multiple animals
  • M - Non-circling Galaxy ring
  • M - Non-ring-form Galaxy ring 
  • M - Metal Body
  • U - Galaxy legs
  • U - Galaxy Arms
  • U - Multiple Galaxy rings
  • U - Glowing eyes
  • U - Complete Heterochromia
  • U - Shaped Pupils
  • U - 2 Energy Gems, one on each hand
  • U - Glowing Tattoos/Markings
  • R - Galaxy Shrimp Tail

Event: Halloween MYO Event

Username: Sketching-Panda-Ren (TH & DA)

Designer:  Sketching-Panda-Ren (Me)

MYO Ticket:  #ERU1 - 143

MYO Design:

Astronomy Theme:  Saturn

Animal Theme:  Manx Loaghtan (Four-horned sheep)

Trait lists:  

-Unique: Multiple rings

Somnia (Aestrolos) Luzuri

✧・゚: * My, my, welcome my little Aestroling *:・゚✧

Your MYO Design has been approved!

You may submit your Aestrolos on our Masterlist. Please make sure to list all the traits down when submitting!


Title: myo slot

Username: Kitty458 on TH or Bella Nessan on discord 

Ticket type: unlimited Unique myoticket amd Mythical myo ticket


Hello! Thank you for the purchase, please send the payment here, you will receive your tickets after the payment ^^


Shiuld be sent and in notes i typed my names and tickets ^^


Thank you for the purchase ✦

MYO Ticket#RCUL - 005

expired on1 Dec 2021

MYO Ticket #RCM2 - 006

expired on1 Dec 2021


Event: Halloween MYO Event

Username: SacredNanners

Designer:  SacredNanners

MYO Ticket:  #ERU1 - 124

MYO Design: bwoop!

Astronomy Theme:  Boomerang Nebula

Animal Theme:  Horse

Trait lists:  1 Energy Gem [R], 3 Eyes [R], Segmental Heterochromia [R], Colored Sclera [R], Galaxy Halo [U]


✧・゚: * My, my, welcome my little Aestroling *:・゚✧

Your MYO Design has been approved!

You may submit your Aestrolos on our Masterlist. Please make sure to follow the example shown in tempate when submitting!


Obtain : halloween myo event

Username : spiritfire

Designer : spiritfire

MYO Ticket : #ERU1 - 151 

MYO Design : click; cw nudity

Astronomy : crab nebula (M1)

Animal : kudu

Traitlists :

  • (R) hooved legs
  • (R) kudu horns
  • (R) natural markings
  • (R) three eyes
  • (R) 1 energy gem in chest
  • (R) galaxy tail
  • (U) galaxy ring around neck
 Parsa Keko

"Welcome, initiated. "

Your MYO design has been approved.

You may submit them to the Masterlist using the appropriate form.



tysm! :)