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Welcome to the MYO centre
About Tickets

Information you will need to know about MYO tickets can be read here.
MYO Shop

For purchase of available MYO slots with real curency. Visit Vulperia in the GD market to purchase tickets with GD instead.
Approve your MYO

Information and instructions of MYO approvals you may need.
MYO Tracklist

Check your MYO ticket here.

What are you here for? Aurelia

About Make Your Own Tickets
MYO Tickets

MYO or "Make your own" tickets are needed to make an official Aestrolos.

About Tickets

Depending on where you get the MYO from the MYO ticket will be different.

Event and Raffle (All Type of Free Tickets): #ER - nr.
Ticket Purchased with GD: #GD - nr.
Ticket Purchased with real currency: #RC - nt.

Unique Traits: #ERU(nr. of usable unique traits) - nr.
Unlimited Unique Traits: #ERUL - nr.
Mythical Traits: #ERM(nr. of usable mythical traits) - nr.
Ticket Deadline and Extension

Most of the MYO tickets will have deadline, you can check information about your ticket on our MYO Tracklist.

Please use this Template to ask for extension in the comments or in our Discord server before your ticket expires. Remember you cannot extend your ticket once it's expired.
Title : MYO Extension
Username : (Your TH Username)
MYO Ticket : (Your MYO Ticket Number)
Reason : (Obtional)
Tradability of a Ticket

If you obtain the ticket for free or from the GD Market you can only trade or gift these, the same goes for your Aestrolos made with this ticket. Read more about Trading, Gifting and Reselling under our rules.

If you need help, I am here to assist you. Aurelia

Drop a post below and I will get back to you with the needed information.

MYO Tickets available for sale
Status: Open

Regular MYO Ticket 10 USD

Make your own ticket for one common Aestrolos.
Expire [6 months after purchase]
Unique MYO Ticket 20 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with up to 4 Unique Traits.
Expire [6 months after purchase]
Unlimited Unique MYO Ticket 30 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique Traits.
Expire [12 months after purchase]
Mythical MYO Ticket 40 USD

MYO ticket for one Aestrolos with Unlimited Unique and 2 Mythical Traits.
Expire [12 months after purchase]
Mythical Potion add-on 10 USD

1 Mythical Potion to add to a ticket.

If you wish to purchase, use the given form and I will assist. Aurelia

Title : RC MYO slot
Username :
Ticket Type: (which one would you like to buy?)
Make Your Own Approval

Use this Template to turn in your MYO design for approval in the comments or in our Discord server.

Obtain : (The title of the event you got your MYO from)
Username : (Your TH Username)
Designer : (link to the designer page)
MYO Ticket : (Your MYO Ticket Number)
MYO Design : (Required at least colored sketch)
Astronomy : (Which Astronomy Theme did you choose? )
Animal : (Which Animal did you choose?)
Traitlists : (Please list all the traits down)
Please check the example below the see the correct way of submitting the approval form.

Remember your design might need a redesign if there are missing traits or errors in rarity.To prevent redesigning a rendered artwork, you may submit a colored sketch or design for approval first while ensuring all traits are visible through the artwork. Check through the Trait list before submitting it.

Obtian : Opening Event
Username : Luzuri
Designer : Luzuri
MYO Ticket : #ERU2 - xxx
MYO Design :
Astronomy : Supernova
Animal : Rabbit
Traitlists :
R - ONE Regular Trait
R - etc.
U - ONE Unique Trait
U - etc.
Make more list if you have more traits.

Use the template above and comment below or in the Discord server for MYO approval. Aurelia

An example is provided under the template, you may use it for reference when submitting the approval request.

After an admin approved your design, your Aestrolos will be considered as "Approved AES". You will need to add your Aestrolos to the Masterlist for it to be considered as an "Official AES". Read more about Masterlist submission here.


Username: Taters
Designer: Taters
MYO Ticket: ER-115
MYO Design: (Design and ticket images here)
Astronomy: NCG 6781
Animal: Jerboa
Traitlists: Four eyes, Forehead Gem, Galaxy tail, Animal Legs/ears, Galaxy ring around waist/shoulder


hello, the tail must be 100% galaxy everything else is alright


Ok! Ill change that asap and reupload.


I did this super fast so itll look wayyyyy better when I make the final. But it at least fixes the issue hopefully:




Thank you! Do I need to do anything now besides add it to the world?


after you've cleaned up the reference you may add them to the masterlist

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Title : MYO Extension

Username : carb0natedwat3r

MYO Ticket : #ER - 176

Reason : I have school (and strict parents :/) and I couldn't finish it in the range of two days 😔.



Hey! There seems to be a misunderstanding,  the myo ticket is valid until may 31st! You have 2 months to complete the myo c: however if that isn't enough you can DM me for an extension c:

-edited for spelling-


Oh yeah I must've read it wrong. I actually have a tendency to mistake may and march so thatsm y own mistake, sorry ^^


No worries! 


(Hopefully i did this right c:  )
Obtain : 24 hour MYO event

Username : Kuyamii_

Designer : Kuyamii_

MYO Ticket :   #ER - 208

MYO Design : Red_Panda_bb.png?width=534&height=427

Astronomy : Red Star (I never really thought of a space theme oops haha) 

Animal : Red Panda

Traitlists : Gem in center of collar bone, Galaxy ring around waist, Animal feet/ears, Galaxy tail, has feral form and human form.


Hey, please change the astronomy theme to "Red Star" in this case c:

Also your traits say "galaxy ring around waist/ shoulder". Does this mean they have 2 rings? 


Ah alright! I changed it to red star c: 

And yes its just one galaxy ring <3


Alrighty! Then just remove the "shoulder" text, since it looks to be around the waist only.

Once you've done that your design will count as approved as of April 13th, 2021~


Fixed! Tysm!! <3


Obtain : 24H MYO EVENT

Username : Mitsu_Senpai

Designer : Mitsu_Senpai

MYO Ticket : 218

MYO Design :

Astronomy : Pink galaxy

Animal : Tiger

Traitlists : 

(R) Animal Legs
(R) One energy gem

(R) Galaxy ring

(R) Galaxy Tail


Hey, your galaxy ring needs to be lowered, it needs be below the shoulders for it to be classed as a Regular trait. Currently it is across the shoulders, which would be classed as a Unique trait.







Approved 18th of April 2021 ♡


Obtain : 24 hour myo event

Username : spiritfire

Designer : spiritfire

MYO Ticket : #ER - 201

MYO Design : here

Astronomy : M1-67 

Animal : fossa

Traitlists : 

R - fossa ears

R - fossa galaxy tail

R - fossa legs

R - garnet energy gem on chest

R - nebula galaxy ring around torso

R - three eyes with yellow sclera

hope everything looks okay! ^^

 Parsa Keko

"Ah, we've been expecting you, welcome"

thank you for your submission.

Your MYO design has been approved as of May 30th, 2021.


tysm! :]


Obtain: 24 hour myo event

Username: CatFish-Hoshi

Designer: CatFish-Hoshi

Myo ticket: ER - 184

Myo design: X

Astronomy: pluto (if thats ok)

Animal: mustang

Traits: R Galaxy ring, animal legs, Galaxy tail, 2 eyes, one energy gem.

Somnia (Aestrolos) Luzuri

"My, my, welcome my little spirit"

thank you for your submission.

Your MYO design has been approved as of June 1st 2021.


Obtain: 1st anniversary MYO
Username: Sadincae
MYO Ticket: #ERU2 - 238
MYO Design: Spoilered below


Astronomy: Gioiello Galaxy Cluster
Animal: Silver Fox

  • R - One energy gem
  • R -Two eyes
  • R -Animal ears, legs, & tail
  • R -Galaxy tail
  • R -Galaxy ring (around torso)
  • U -Glowing eyes
  • U -Galaxy tattoos
  • M -Galaxy hair
Extra: I drew an NPC to earn a mythical trait, hence why I included one in my design. Here's the artwork I did (also posted in the discord server on the 1st of August): LINK HERE
 Parsa Keko

"What a pleasant surprise, welcome"

thank you for your submission.

Your MYO design has been approved as of September 13th, 2021.


Username : Maika

Myo ticket : #ERU4 - 226

Myo desing :

Theme : White hole

Animal : turtle 

Traits : animal legs (tortoise) R

energy jewel (on cheek) R

galaxy ring R

 tail (tortoise) R

 sprite R

Albine turtle


Hey Maika

Thanks for your submission, there are a couple things that need to be fixed however.

Please fix the following:

- Your theme has to be astronomy/ space themed.

- For your traits please include the Rarities.


fixed up ^^

 Parsa Keko

"Pleased to make your acquaintance. "

thank you for your submission. Sprite is a Regular trait, please change that on your submission. But other than that;

Your MYO design has been approved as of October 21st, 2021.