Assault on Sand Palace - Sign Ups

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago (Edited 4 years, 6 months ago) by selphie_trabia

In the last few years, a new religion has started in Jo Arca, one that espouses the values of unity, family and peace.  These self-titled "Heralds of the Morning Dawn" have set up temples throughout Jo Arca and accept all comers regardless of race or social status and preach a doctrine of oneness under the eyes of Hylcinth.  Their women's shelters are particularly popular, as they help women gain the ability to stand up to bad spouses and advocate for themselves while providing basic needs of food, clothing and shelter to any women and children seeking refuge.  That being said, are the Heralds as kind and innocent as they seem?  Or is there something darker underneath?

Assault on Sand Palace is an action-packed investigative adventure for different SDs of different strokes!  We're recruiting detectives to investigate a series of deaths and members of a new religious order!

This adventure will take place over a combination of forum roleplay and chats (which will be posted to the forums after their conclusion).

(Note:  I don't know why everyone seems to think this will be a D&D adventure.  This will be a freeform roleplay with some GM dice rolling in the background.  Atmosphere-wise, it's more Call of Cthuhulu than Dungeons and Dragons)

Reply to this thread or DM me in the Discord if interested in joining!  Feel free to ask me any questions you need before deciding where you'd like to go.

GM TRIGGER WARNINGS: Given that this storyline involves cults, cultists and the like, this roleplay may discuss themes of emotional manipulation and, in some cases, outright mental and physical abuse of adults and children.

Player List

Selphie Trabia - GM
Halfway-to-Insanity - Investigator - Halim Nashira -
Spectre-Circinus - Investigator - Riju -
Pompokolin - Investigator - Jaya -
Pompokolin - Cultist - Tasnim Firewalker -