Your favorite design by the person above!

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I thought about how there are games to pick your favorite characters or art from the person above, but not one for designs specifically!

Like those other games, for this you'll go to the profile of the person who posts above you, but click on their "Designs" tab INSTEAD and pick your favorite-- based ONLY on the character's visual design, not their profile or personality. For this game, it's fine to pick designs that the person created but don't currently own. Then talk about what you like about the design!


  • Claim first to make sure you don't get sniped.
  • Make sure you click the person above's Designs tab and NOT their Characters tab, and check to make sure they actually designed the character you want to praise. The idea of this game is to compliment the person above's design skills, not their taste in characters. There are other games for that!
  • Please write a decent explanation of why you like the design! "Because I like the color blue" isn't a good enough comment. You want to make the person feel good about their design! What about it did you like?
  • All comments should be positive and complimentary. Unsolicited critique and passive-aggressive comments are not allowed here. If you would like to participate in critique of characters and character designs, two threads for that are here: 
  • There is no specific post limit, but let a few people go before posting again.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

Have fun guys! The first person can just claim and get a free response.

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Holds up I just think their neat. Very cute colors!! No but seriously the colors remind me of a rosey maple moth which are my favorite. They go together very well.

link for ya


I'm a huge fan of this character:

It's a unusual looking character, what with the water wings and the four eyes they have, but also seemingly having fire powers as well. The antlers are also a nice touch and I'm always up for seeing characters who have quite distinct traits all around them. 


Is it.. is it really a cassowary? I´ve NEVER seen a cassowary OC before! I don´t even have one myself, and cassowarys are my favourite birds! So maybe i´m biased because of that, but i just LOVE him!


Bully. I have a bit of a weakness for any OC that likes to take a little gamble and he's also a bit...lovably dumb, it seems? He's very endearing. Although this is a design thing! I super duper like obviously buff OCs but not overwhelmingly buff. Bully has that nice middle ground.


Definitely Florian! I have such a soft spot for pink haired characters and designs with super fine details. Everything about them fits together so cohesively and while not Overly detailed to the point of cluttered, Florian has the look of a well thought out design.  


Oooo! I'm in love with the design of Monroe! I'm such a sucker for flowy, loose designs. The colors make me feel warm when I look at them, and the blindfold is such a cool mysterious design element. The small details of what I believe are beading on his clothes is such a wonderful touch as well! I rarely see designs willing to take on beading!


Tiger Lily is great. Aside from the name being clever, her main color scheme is really nice. Orange and yellow can be a fantastic combo, and the shades you used are different enough to contrast, but not so different that they clash. Also, I really appreciate the sabertooth-esque look, with those fangs sticking out of her mouth. Her outfit is also really well-designed and something that is aesthetically pleasing to me. I like the choice to make it mainly cool colors to contrast against the warm colors of her main body. So yeah, you did great on this one.


God, The Aether is such a sick design! First of all, I love that even of the simple design, it does very well the concept it wants to do, with no unnecessary details on the middle. I also find as a nice detail, how the it's lines are a sweet shade of purple. Seems like an odd pick, but I think the color pick helps to define the design, and to avoid awkwardness when parts of the body are inside the silhouette, like in the main art of them. Overall, all I can say, that you handled their design well! (And ngl... A space dino has to be one of the most awesome things I've ever saw lately)

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It's gotta be this boy!! I looked through all of your designs and each and everyone one of them is hella interesting, but this kiddo stood out to me the most! I'm a sucker for minuscule little details, so the little patterns along the sleeves of the shirt and the tiny details here and there on his hat and shoes are a huge treat to the eye!! 



It’s gotta be this character! They’ve got such a distinct silhouette with their hair and cape, plus the Color contrast between their outfit against their skin is amazing. I also like how you placed their markings across their body without making it look cluttered, they blend in smoothly with the rest of the design. And did I mention it’s such a cool touch adding the fluff and robotic arm in, it gives me s9me sort of hint to the character’s history :00 all in all, a clear and concise but still interesting looking design!

Please pick anyone from here , ping me if you claim!



I'd say Signe! First and foremost, I really enjoy the steel blue tones in her palette. They have a pleasant sense of cohesion with the neutral white and black colors, and are also distributed very well within her design! I particularly enjoy that more turquoise color you can see on her brooch, hairclip, and watch, it's a very pretty accent that "pops" and catches the eye quite nicely, without detracting from the other colors present.

I also enjoy a sort of motif that I noticed, with all the squares and straight lines present on her design giving me a sense of a more geometric influence. Things such as the pattern on the ends of her sleeves, how her bangs are cut, the square shape of multiple accessories, and even the straight lines of the pattern on her skirt all do well to contribute to this sort of recurring feeling, and in turn, I feel it further enhances that sense of cohesiveness mentioned previously.

It all makes me think of a meticulous professional with an eye for precision and detail, and from what I've seen of her character, that seems be the case! Fantastic work with her, it's always a treat to see a character whose design almost seems to "speak" parts of their personality for them.

For the next poster's convenience, my designs can be found here!


I'll say Peppercorn's is my favorite! What I really love about their design is that it's really colorful and saturated, but I think what makes them really cute and appealing is that they have a striped bowtie, combined with the little buttons on their outfit. I also like how they appear to be wearing clown makeup, which also adds up to their adorableness. I think a clown pachirisu is such a cute concept for a Pokemon fancharacter, and you did a really good job on that!