Your favorite design by the person above!

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I thought about how there are games to pick your favorite characters or art from the person above, but not one for designs specifically!

Like those other games, for this you'll go to the profile of the person who posts above you, but click on their "Designs" tab INSTEAD and pick your favorite-- based ONLY on the character's visual design, not their profile or personality. For this game, it's fine to pick designs that the person created but don't currently own. Then talk about what you like about the design!


  • Claim first to make sure you don't get sniped.
  • Make sure you click the person above's Designs tab and NOT their Characters tab, and check to make sure they actually designed the character you want to praise. The idea of this game is to compliment the person above's design skills, not their taste in characters. There are other games for that!
  • Please write a decent explanation of why you like the design! "Because I like the color blue" isn't a good enough comment. You want to make the person feel good about their design! What about it did you like?
  • All comments should be positive and complimentary. Unsolicited critique and passive-aggressive comments are not allowed here. If you would like to participate in critique of characters and character designs, two threads for that are here: 
  • There is no specific post limit, but let a few people go before posting again.
  • You can bump the thread as often as you like; I don't mind.
  • Be nice and have fun!   

Have fun guys! The first person can just claim and get a free response.

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Alright, Strawberri is adorable. While super "girly" characters aren't usually my thing, I'll make an exception here. The color scheme is super appealing, especially with that gradient effect you used; it definitely adds depth to the design. I also really like the sparkles and how they accentuate the base design. The outfit is very cohesive, and the design just looks really soft and huggable in general, which I love. She makes me feel very warm and fuzzy emotions that only come out with characters I find to be extremely adorable and charming. <3 <3 <3


NGL, that'd be a really neat DIY project.


i like the aether, that's a sick design!! space dino...i'd totally want a figure of it in my house, it's the kind of design that would just translate rly well to neat home decor (which i guess is a weird comment to leave akfdjfa)


Helike is super pretty!! I love her little flower horns and tail. Her silver hair and blue eyes make her look very kind and mystical. The transparent part of her dress is really cool too, it adds onto the mystical vibe I feel! She reminds me of a beautiful deer that you'd see drinking at a small hidden pond deep in the wood very early in the morning before anyone else is awake. 


I'd have to say Princess Snowdrop is my favorite of your designs. Dragons are always cool, and the main allure for me is the use of soft bright pastels. With the use of cool colors, she lives up to her name with whites, blues, and purples. You can almost imagine her hide being more prismatic in appearance if she were to stand out in the sunlight.


Oh wow!! I love Hawke! The screen face is already cool, but the hidden mouth makes it even cooler. Their design is very streamlined and memorable, and I find the little touches like the exposed neck wiring really interesting since the way it subtly hints to the robotic body makes for a really nice contrast to the otherwise regular (but stylin) clothing.

I also adore Monroe. The way you stylised the skull is really well structured and is a unique take on a human skull-head. I also really like the neck and clothing choices.


i'd have to say pestilence is my favorite, as i've been liking designs like that more and more!
also i love the play on the name