Your OC is defeated by the above OC!

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The rules of this thread are very simple! It carries the rules of my previous threads!

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The first user starts!

Inkstone RustHeart

Okay then! ^.^

omg I'm sorry, I feel bad ;w;

Cedric Raddishes

I'm sorry for the long wait but here you go!

Cedric was baffled. He has seen his fair share of monsters but never anything like this. “So I need to go after this thing? Hm. I should be careful.” thought the old man to himself. Cedric took off his coat and made himself ready, not knowing what was awaiting him.

Saying that he got hit a few times was an understatement. A big understatement. Cedric kept getting hit by the bone attacks, not making an effort to dodge them. There were just too many of them and he thought he’d be able to shrug them off just fine. “I’ve had worse” he quietly said, not wanting to admit that it hurts.
Whenever he had time to take a breather, a geyser would abruptly interrupt that moment of peace. “I’m fine” Cedric said to himself. “I have to come closer. Just standing here will solve nothing. He can go on forever, but so can I.” The old man suddenly started sprinting towards Inkstone hoping that he would catch him off-guard and able to get a hit in.
“...What the-” A blaster appeared in front of Cedric and fired right in his face. With all of it being so sudden, he was unable to dodge it in time and took a hit to his face. Cedric grunted loudly in pain. He fell onto his knees, trying to get himself back together. His body could fight this battle for eternity but his mind? That was starting to crumble. Despite the emotional strain, Cedric stood up. His breathing was irregular and he was visibly shaken. “I’m impressed.” Cedric said, with a slight hint of shock being visible on his face. “But do not underestimate me. Because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being stupidly stubborn.” A sly grin was seen on his face, filled with the confidence he still had left.

The fight continued without any sign of progress. He made an effort to dodge the attacks but there would always be something that would hit him. Cedric eventually collapsed. Not out of fatigue, he just wanted the pain to end. Lying on the ground, he closed his eyes and starting thinking to himself. Cedric wasn’t sure what was going to happen but he felt relieved. It was finally over.

Loki Hundr weltschmerz-drachen

Loki lay sprawled out on the ground, whimpering, air growing cold around him. Somehow this man didn’t fall for any of his tricks and managed to dodge every single ice attack thrown. What kind of training did he receive to have defeated the (adopted) son of Odin Hundr?!

As the figure loomed over him, Loki got one last blurry glance at the silhouette of the man before everything went dark. He never could have believed that a single punch could possibly knock out one considered a god.

Oh my god what an excellent portrayal of his character and abilities! I love it!!!

 Lanie Lowell SkywardtheDragon

The spirit-like dog had came out of nowhere, and Lanie panicked, to say the least. As in, she hit it with the grandest fire spell she had.

Surprisingly, the dog was unscathed. The ground around it was scorched, but the flames appeared to have missed the dog entirely. It laughed, in a human-like cackle, and ice started to grow from the ground around it. Lanie shivered slightly, and melted the ice with another spell.

Suddenly the dog was gone. No, wait-

It was behind her. She jumped as a freezing-cold paw poked her neck. The dog laughed again, and disappeared. 

When she turned around, an ice-gray snake with a lopped-off head slithered towards her. In a silvery cloud, it transformed into a rabbit, then a horse. Lanie watched these strange transformations, entranced by the growing cloud of silver powder. 

At last, the dog transformed back into its original form. “Who-who are you?” Lanie choked out. 


As the dog said its name, the cloud surrounded Lanie in a choking mist. The ground gave way beneath her, and when she could finally see she didn’t know where she was.

“Wanna play?”

Mars Glowy-Druglord

The long high pitched shriek drug on through the maned wolf's ears as she opened her eyes slowly to see a blurred image of the man standing triumphantly over her sprawled out body. Her head exploded with the headache that ripped through her brain, making her groan. Pushing herself up to her feet, she could feel the slight breeze in the side of her armor that had been torn off and wrinkled her black nose at him with a flash of her large white canines. This was ridiculous. 

Jona Raddishes

Here you go! rip jona

It was a normal day for Jona. The sun was shining, the birds were tweeting and everything was peaceful. He almost forgot that his people were starving to death. Almost. “It’s a shame that my subjects are suffering. Too bad.” Jona said while giving a faked sigh. The young emperor looked outside, admiring the garden. He stood still for a moment before standing up abruptly and shouting in the empty throne room “I AM GOING TO TAKE A STROLL IN THE GARDENS LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!” Jona walked towards the door, ready to spend a few hours outsi-


“...Ugh...My head…” Jona was lying on the ground. While he didn’t seem to suffer any damage, he had a massive headache. All he could smell was smoke and scotch. When his vision was clear, something became very obvious: the sky was filled with stars. “...How? It’s daytime. This can’t be possible, what is going on-”


Jona opened his eyes. He stared into the sky, facing the sun. The stars were nowhere to be found and yet he still had a headache. This time however, it was hurting him on the back of his head. Jona sat on the ground and started to think. “Hm...I’ve never encountered anything like this before. What is happening to the sky? I this an attac-” He stopped mid-sentence out of pure shock. The scent of scotch and smoke was familiar to him. Even though he wanted to investigate, Jona forced himself to stay calm. He quietly sat there, as if he was waiting. “”


There he was, lying on the ground. He took a quick glance at the sky and then ran as fast as he could away. Jona finally knew what was going on. Someone was hunting him down, trying to kill him. They were pretty good at it too. The problem is, Jona could regenerate. He assumed that it took roughly twelve hours to regenerate and that if he smelled scotch and smoke, he’d be near the killer. “If only…” Jona didn’t know who was shooting at him. Being out of his range and not knowing where the mysterious shooter was, it seemed like a hopeless task. Jona was smelling the smoke and scotch again. This was his chance, maybe he could catch them off-


Jona was confused. He was so close and yet...he failed, again. For the first time in years, he felt hopeless. Jona couldn’t tell anyone about it or they would find out about his true nature. He wasn’t sure whether the shooter was going to give up either. If there is one thing he knew, it was that you shouldn’t fight a battle that you can’t win. So Jona lied on the ground, waiting to get shot at. Maybe he would catch a glimpse of the shooter someday.

Cornelius colorful

Bang! Netto's handgun cried out the last bullet, only to disrupt the harmony of shooting his target and fall down by reflecting his attacks once more.

"Tch!" Netto attempts to reload his gun, detaching its magazine in order to renew the bullets used. However, it came to a conclusion wherein he has no more ammo left. Goddamn it, this guy is someone unusual! It's a mistake to keep you alive in order to be interrogated! Why don't you just give up and dieeeeee?!

Earlier in their duel, his darts didn't seem to work on his opponent; he cannot drug him and distract him by planting illusions on him. With that, he knew that his opponent may be serious that the divine gods are by his side. "Don't fuck with me, you bastard! What did you even do for your so-called gods to bless you like this anyway, letting you go?!" Not admitting defeat, he flashed a grin before he pursues him one last time by hitting his opponent's head with the dart gun's handle. Of course, Netto's current state didn't let him run like usual, so his hit was surely a miss.

Heavily breathing as he spits some of his blood out, he grinned to taunt him for the last time. "Seems like you won this time, god's child. However, do you know? Gods can be killed. If one were to lose their beliefs on a god, they'll surely believe themselves. People who stick to their beliefs tend to be the blessed one, and they also tend to have the power unbound by common sense and ignorance; to invoke miracles. You better remember this, because I will for the rest of my life."

Jan FullofBones

aaaaaa geee 

He had been hit.

Jan hadn't believed himself to be invincible by any means, but surely he could have handled a simple, lowly, /idiotic brute?/

A thick, putrid smell filled the air as their weapon met their target, overwhelming the senses as even Jan himself gagged on the scent, a maw gaping open where seconds before had only been oily, black skin. A moist and sticky ripping sound erupted from his wounded arm as he pulled it free, a disgusting dark green-red rot slowly gushing from the puncture hole.

"Well now." He murmured after a pause, voice slow and teasing as if he were tasting the words as he spoke, a tongue slowly swiping out to lap at the rancid gunge.

"It seems we must call this... ah, scuffle to an end. I am a very busy man, correct?" He huffed out, Jan's lone eye fixating on the Beast-type before him.

The world stopped.

The soft 'drip-drip-drip' of his arm was all that was audible, the sludge hitting the ground with the force of what felt like several tons.


Montgomery weltschmerz-drachen

Montgomery took on his best fighting stance he learned in Tae Kwon Do... Not like it would do much to intimidate the being before him. It continued to stare with its sole eye, giving off an air of amusement. The being lashed out at him, and he just barely dodged, but looked at his leg--a bit of the fur was scraped off.

"That about does it!" Montgomery yelled, fuming. "Nobody messes up my fur and gets away with it!" With that, he charged forward with his best battle cry, placing a well-aimed step behind side kick right to the solar plexus. Unfortunately, it was so well-aimed it was predictable, and Jan grabbed his leg and slammed him to the ground. The sunglasses sustained a small crack, and dust was flying everywhere. Montgomery was too stunned to move. NOBODY had EVER countered one of his kicks so easily. Nobody.

He was defeated not only on the physical level, but the pride as well. There he stayed, in the dirt, for about a half hour, unable to say any words to the inky black creature, unable to admit that he had been defeated. But hey, what can a normal man do against a monster?

AB Darkanra

Avenaigyst stared at the cat. He blinked, and sat down heavily, clutching his broken ribs. With a sleeve, he wiped away the small trickle of blood that had been dripping from the corner of his mouth. There was a moment of silence, then he grinned. "Tae Kwon Do, huh? How unexpected!" His laughter broke into coughs, and he winced, before his single visible eye stared at the obnoxiously pink sunglasses. "Well, you beat me fair and square, so what can I do? I really must say though, you have my respect. Anytime you want a rematch, feel free to hit me up. I'll be in the city somewhere." AB stood up painfully, on hand pressed to his side, his mouth twisted in a half-smile. He limped over to the blood-red scythe on the ground, picking it up and swinging it over his shoulder. With a wave at Montgomery, he turned to go. "We'll have that rematch one day. Look forward to it~"

Gottfried Raddishes

Here you go, I hope you like it!

“Goddamnit.” Gottfried said to herself. If there is one thing she hated, it was how everything seemed so futuristic compared to her home. The moon wasn’t exactly famous for it’s big skyscrapers or concrete jungles. While amazed by them, she always felt slight discomfort in cities. Gottfried always felt like she didn’t belong there. But today, it was the only thing she could trust. 

“GET LOST, WEIRDO. YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME.” She yelled while she was running. Right behind her was a young man with black-and-white hair, a big braid and- “Oh my god does he have horns on his head?” Gottfried was worried. Her stamina was great but she was in an unfamiliar place. The guy that was chasing her on the other hand is excellent at parkour and probably knew the city better than she did. It didn’t help that she had no weapons with her to fend for herself.

Gottfried got lost in thought while running. “Maybe I shouldn’t have insulted his clothes. I’m not even sure why even did that. Ugh, good job Mai. You deserve a gold star.” Suddenly, she felt two hands grabbing her shoulders. Gottfried tried to run away but AB kept tugging on her hood, making her unable to flee. She felt a rush of anxiety going through her body, not knowing what would happen next. “Quick Mai, think. What can I do? Spit in his face? No, that’s too rude...wait a second. If I punch him in the face, maybe he’ll get distracted and let go of me. Heh. Good thinking Mai.” With a big grin on her face, Gottfried punched AB. She managed to get away and continued running. At some point she noticed that AB was no longer chasing her, it was almost as if he disappeared in an instant. “Whatever.” Gottfried said while looking at her surroundings. Before she could say a word, AB was there and held her. Gottfried sighed deeply and was exhausted from running. Much to her chagrin, she gave up.
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Christopher Storm_Clouds

Agares couldn't believe it. The little rascal had bit him, straight on the arm. Agares looked curiously at the spurts of crimson blood leaking out from bite marks, from the arm of a body that wasn't his, contemplating how Christopher would feel about having to deal with this injury. But no matter, he could always find a new body anyways.

He instead focused on the creature in front on him. Oh, how he would strip them of their skin, tear the wings off them slowly, make their pain last as long as possible for this. Agares would savor the death of this fairy who had dared to stand against him. "Oh you little insufferable wolf, you messed with the wrong demon-"

But, as soon as he got close enough, he started to feel a different need. The need to sleep. He tried to fight the spell, but everything was urging him closer to the brink of collapse. Even Christopher, who was strangely silent until this moment, was telling him to go to sleep. An ingenious way, Agares realized, to regain control.

Agares tried to curse out the fairy, but to no avail. His knees buckled, and he crashed down face-first into the dirt. The last thing he remembered before closing his eyes was the creature approaching him. One of the only beings to ever escape alive from a battle with Agares.