Write a Crack Headcanon for the Oc above 2.0

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EDIT: Tf why did this go ic

The old thread for this seems to have gotten deleted so I was like "It was pretty funny. Might as well."

Anyway its similar to the regular headcanon thread, except more random and funny! So....ya..

first one to post gets a free one!

Mason Twinq

Guess I'll start!

Hermes celestiials

He pretends to be a plant witch just for fun

(totally not because of the witch hat in the icon)

Andrew Rosakura

He can lightly hover over the ground with his head wings

(this threads gonna be great and wild at the same time

Creitael Rav3n

Andrew loves to eat all the sweets but not healthy food!

Persimmon TheBottomOfTheTrash

When he first encountered them, Creitael was afraid of puzzles as he thought they were there to harm him

Chris gummy

Nobody has ever seen persimmon’s paws because of all his fluff. Does he even have legs? Or is it just fluff and he’s like a snail? Only him and his younger brother know the truth.


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xX_RILEY_RANDOM_Xx htespagheti

the real reason chris doesnt have a boyfriend because he likes fucking piNEAPPLE on fUcking PIZZA

Spencer Jutta

Xe is so obsessed with being random that xe carry a dice around and roll to see what xe will do next. 

Raffaello Bellini Judas-la-Carotte

Spencer's favourite meme is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). You cannot tell me otherwise. He spams group chats with it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

 Mary Joanna 123penguin64

Raffaello was once served a plate of escargot and he probably sobbed for a few hours/days

Charles Rosakura

She never takes off her sunglasses



Samael celestiials

He’d probably be the one to fight an angel/god using nothing but either money or his bare fists. Oh, and in public too.



Vitoria Estevan Kuuta

He has fallen asleep into a bowl full of cereal. 

Taeko Rav3n

Vitoria smokes because of her mother.