The OC above you accidentally kissed your OC

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It is what the title says. Have fun, go nuts, and be safe.

Whisperbug BugInTheWater

(Oof I'm sorry Whisperbug is a jerk lMAO)

As Whisperbug was walking by, they bumped into Sade and fell over, their lips touching. Whisperbug immediately leaped up and shouted, "EWWWW! What the hell are you?!" Whisperbug immediately ran to a stream that was nearby and started washing their face frantically. "I hate kisses, but even worse is kissing that... Thing!"

Goedendag Raddishes

"...Eh?" Goedendag blinked for a moment, trying to process what happened. Whisperbug had fallen over and accidentally kissed her arm! "Oh, hello there. I didn't see you. I apologise, haha! Need a hand?" She extended her hand to help the catcoon. "What's with that look on your face? Seems like you need some cheering up!" Goedendag immediately took back her hand and started to point at Whisperbug as if it was a gun she was aiming. "Happy happy....BEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!"

"...I'm sorry. That was a lame joke. Alright kid, let me help you for real now!"

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Kim 'Kimiko' Madison Yuna_Animatus

Doki Doki!!

Kimiko's heart thumped as, in the blink of an eye, she found herself locking lips. It wasn't too unusual of course, but this was far from the ideal situation. For the man who currently stood, kissing her clumsily, was none other than Cameron, the man her best friend Casia was engaged to. Reflexively, she let the kiss sit for a moment, before snapping to her senses and pushing away, somewhat forcefully.

Tanned cheeks permeated with bubbly pink as she clutched her cheeks and shook her head from side to side energetically.

"Nope! Kyah... I'm so sorry for pushing you, Cam-kun! But that was... well it was...!!!"

Words failed her, but anxiety didn't as she could feel, in the pit of her stomach, a sickly feeling rising up inside of her as she considered what she had just done. Accident or not, trivial or serious, she couldn't help but feel rotten for stealing a taste of lips usually reserved for Cassie!

Shooting Cameron a worried look, she lowered her hands from her face before holding them together just under her chin.

"I-It doesn't matter what it was I guess but... Cassie-chan can't know anything about this! It was just... just a mistake! That's all! Nothing more than that!"

Cecily kilbryde

The midge stepped back, seemingly startled by this ridiculous situation. Kissed? By accident?

But by this pretty lass? Cecily didn't particularly mind.

"Goodness me." That came out a lot more exasperated sounding than expected. "Motor control not your strong suit, darling?" She stood there for a moment, eyes locked on the ground as she considered her options. It surprised her that Kimiko seemed virtually unphased (which is to say, not completely horrified) by the accident, aside from heavy blushing. She could scold the young woman for her clumsiness, or she could take this opportunity to play her like a fiddle. "Watch where you're going next time," For once it was not the latter. "And the act seemed a bit forced. Just ask next time, aye?" Cecily winked.

Yao issakidnamedFlo

this is the cutest friggin thread wtf))

There are no words to describe the mortified look on Yao's face.   He normally wouldn't raise such a fuss, but he is rarely, if ever, caught off-balance. But here he was, locked in a startlingly tight embrace, lips locked with...  someone. He didn't recognize the woman and pulled back quickly, hand flying to his mouth as if he could erase the last few seconds.

That was... a lot of eyes. But then again, who was he to judge?

"I'm sorry, miss! I must have tripped over something! Aih, are you ok? Did I cut you?" His mortification quickly became concern and he looks Cecily over, examining her hands, tilting her head in his fingers. Despite her superhuman appearance, she wasn't too terrible of a looker. Oddly pretty.

"Apologies again. I hope I didn't rattle you too much!"

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Egret ChickieDee

Egret stood in shock for a few moments, a hand reaching up to her lips as she tried to process what had just happened. She should have been watching where she was going, and was instead met with a rough bonking of two heads in a faux-kiss. Even as the oddly colored woman asked about injuries, the fae simply shook her head. 

Instead, she reached a hand up, putting the back of her hand on Eta's forehead. Her brows scrunched at the sensation; now she knew why the 'kiss' had felt so odd. "...Cold?" That was definitely the feel of metal, and the confusion on Egret's face was quickly replaced with amazement as she patted gently at the AI's face. A person made of metal, and a person made of metal who just accidentally gave her a kiss; what a fascinating day!

Dawn Snow (Experiment 888) Dangerine



Spider Lady wretched, trying to process what the fuck just happened. She had just ran into Egret by accident, and it was her biggest.. regret. (eh? eh? no? ok.)

"Th-th-th... I'm sooo sorry!" She squeaked, too embarrassed to think straight. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!! Accidental.. Oh, hahaha, would you loooook at the time!" She pretended to look at her non-existent watch. "Gotta go, hahahaha! Byeeee!"

She darted away, hiding her face.

Spider Lady just stared at him intensely. She hissed, growling as web sprouted out of her mouth. She probably would've killed him right then and there, but then she snapped out of it, and just kinda sat there contemplating life.

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The Business Tengu Milkman

He descended down into a city with his black wings - hopefully no one could tell anything peculiar among the skies. His wings resembled much of a bird; so no one should be able to spot such a difference?

He gently landed on the ground, just between the two buildings in a secluded alley so he had the time and the privacy to hide his wings. Someone was interested in buying one of his many homes among the mountains, but they demanded that Masayuki would meet him in this very city.

He stepped out, the sun hitting him straight away and thus blinding him. He could see where he was going until a second later to recover. Though, that apparently was not enough time for him to notice himself tripping over a crack and then fumbling onto a young man who tried to break his fall. 

He kissed him...

Somehow his lips managed to go through his pointy mask. Hopefully it didn't shock the young man, and that he didn't catch a glimpse of his eyes. The Tengu, was more worried about his identity than the kiss - even if it threw him off. The businessman flushed, his hand now covering his mouth out if embarrassment.

"I apologize greatly, I'm a very clumsy man! I hope you didn't hurt yourself from that!" He said, pulling out his business card and handing it. He bowed a few time apologetically, before he'd tried to turn and leave. "Thank you for helping me. Perhaps... you can help me look for a certain place here? I'm actually quite foolish when it comes to navigating around the city..."

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Jimmy (Young) Raddishes

"Ohohoho, an accidental kiss? I have never heard of that. Don't worry, I don't bite. I'm all bark, honest!" Jimmy laughed heartily, he was amused by the situation. Not being used to kisses, it all seemed funny and strange to him. "Tell me, do you often trip? You might want to be more careful then mr. two left feet, ohohoho. Wait, let me help you back up." He extended his hand and helped Terry to get back up. After making sure that Terry was alright, Jimmy shoved his cup of coffee into his hands. "Here, take this. You'll probably need it more than me, ohohoho." It was hard to tell whether the police officer was being genuinely jolly or acting sarcastic. "Have a good day!"

Carlotta colorful

Carlotta is being the woman she always is: frolicking around  while shopping for stuff that she needs. However, there are some things that people would not expect! This moment... was one of those. She was suddenly kissed a patrolling policeman who seems quite... troubled, or so what it seems. Carlotta didn't seem to mind it, fortunately.

"Oh, it's one of the people who's labeled as authority, kissing a random, simple lady like me. Don't you know that you'd be in an unimaginable place if you do such things without authorization?" She flashes a sincere, sweet smile, trying to seem like some old lady one would be comfortable to be with. "Ufufu, it's all okay! We'll keep this a secret, hun. I know it's just an accident and you didn't intend to do it! Like y'know, when you hope for something and you did the least favorite thing you could do? Shh, it happens, friend! I bet you never expected this, too!"

"We'll keep it like how you keep yours." Carlotta continued to smile sweetly as if what she said was a compliment, brushing everything that happened like nothing.