Pararrin Free MYO Event!! [CLOSED]

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by kayamishi


Click the pic to go to the journal!!

Pararrin Info Hub!!


  1. Only one slot per person! You may not claim slots in both TH and DA.
  2. Pararrin from this event may not be sold but may be gifted or traded.
  3. Common and Uncommon traits only, unless you get a special slot.
  4. Comment "Popcorn" below for an SR SLOT (limited), "Bonbon" to receive an R SLOT (limited), just say you want to claim for a regular slot!
  5. You do not have to use the provided base, but your Pararrin must have a visual reference to be accepted.
  6. The event ends DEC 15th but there is no time limit for your MYO to be approved.

If you didn't get a special slot, S/SR traits can still be purchased! Mutations may also be purchased! Please include this in your comment if you wish to add traits!

  • Rare Traits: $2/200P each
  • Super Rare Traits: $4/400P each
  • Mutations: $4/400P each

Trait and anatomy info is here along with a common/uncommon base!

Rarity charts are here! Make sure you do not exceed your slots star count or the MYO will not be approved!

Please note me with completed designs to be approved before posting! You may also ask questions below if anything seems wrong or is unclear! Enjoy~!!

Common/Uncommon Slots - unlimited!

  1.  ErrorTheDragon
  2. Superusami
  3. Bostonteaparty
  4. Kayelsea
  5. MadAssistant
  6. @Seigfried
  7. aquapyrofan 
  8. Brightwater_Juniper 
  9. Thanaturgist
  10. @Ruby_Firelight 
  11. @Kingdom-Angels
  12. Casinopolis
  13. Milkweed 
  14. muwi
  15. Dragon-Stars
  16. CalimonGraal
  17. GalaxySky
  18. iBrBz
  19. AriaPsiana389 
  20. AstelianStudio
  21. DiceDomino
  23. haxelnut
  24. Havoc
  25. @KiwiSkunks
  26. vanillabuttermilk

Rare Slots

  1. Strabi
  2. Historia
  3. @Shinzuno
  4. Cadmium
  5. Yoaisami

Super Rare Slots

  1.  Morse


AstelianStudio No problem! Just let me know if you do any major changes or anything~! For now he's approved tho! ;3


kayamishi I have finished my MYO and sent you a PM!