[masterlist wip] Closed Species

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hiya! this is a running/in progress list of (at least) decently well-known closed species. feel free to add! if a species is just starting out and/or is not well known, it can be listed under the 4th spoiler if it meets the two requirements. currently trying to add links for all listed species; please link if you happen to know the group page/th world and/or creator's page!

note: to clarify, i would like to keep this a list of decently well known cs to avoid clutter! ; w ; for the time being (please suggest parameters if you have any better ideas, i know this is rly subjective!) i am going to define 'well known' as has a visual trait list/sheet and more of the following: MYO masterlist (if applicable), dA group with an organized structure and at least 100 watchers, active discord server, or is a commonly seen/recognizable name in the trade forum

new and startup species obv have more relaxed requirements, however there must be some sort of organized hub with evidence of activity and/or interest and visual trait list/sheet to be on this list! links to said hub will be included on list.

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last updated 3/10/19

- 3/9/19 alphabetized & cleaned up lol; moved vitriceus to new cs

- 3/11/19 added some thread guidelines; moved LunEars to new cs; added sugar flyers, grem2, cccats, scarfox

- 3/12/19 added spacepuffs, strudels, stardragons

*list format is creator - species name - active/inactive/discontinued (recent change?)

*species by the same creator are listed together. if their active statuses are different, they will be listed separately

*sorted alphabetically within category


aysh - efuru - active
caine/xcastra - vetehi - active
cappuchi - bookling - active
casin0s - mignyan - active
cresii - silk - active
erebun - elusi - active
hen-tie - lilidae - active
ibex - merlody - active
ikkuyo - sprinkle kitty - active

kaiet - venia - inactive
kitpaii - cloki - active
krawark - willarc & lunaith & aracalie & xylon & galaxybun - active
lacha - nu & osenyan 'nyan' - active?
machomilk - fleuros & zippur - active?
nemcrsd - coresoft - inactive?
nemcrsd - hikhres - active

oujikyuu - aerolins - active
pajuxi - cherim - inactive

pafait- spacepuffs
pajuxi - dainty & nalu - active
piffi - shadowmonster & blindlace - active?
pikiru - heartpuff - active?
rehmiel - diab - active?
relxion - lineheart - active?
rkzn - forget-me-not angel 'fmn' & calamitous devil 'cd' - discontinued (recent)
sakokii - werewoof 'woof' - active
sera1023 - areques & molliors - active
yoofiebuns - galatier & celestier & smoketail & lapifora - active

ANTHRO/FERAL idk how to get this back above the spoiler oops

cookiehana - eeray - active
gryphonslade - venos - active

j-e-n-o-v-a - technoctem
jotaku - melwyrm - inactive?
jotaku - sphaerra & blakrye - active

kakiwa - scarfox - active

loppyrae - strudels
manaberry - elnin/kittom - active

mrgremble - grem2 - active
puru - meowl - inactive??
raypai - birdfolk - active

raptorslut & cloneclone & deletethestars - stardragons (FA link)
ugly-g0d - all species - discontinued/changed to open (recent)
umbral-wind - dreamy & czylph - active
umbral-wind scarftail & nudibrat - inactive? 

wellhidden - cccats - active


bluc/hopebiscuit - pokemon gijinkas 'blucs' - active

spoonfed/glider - longthing - inactive


eikyrona & linius - vitriceus - discord server

kiyasamatheinu - LunEars (uppercase e) - dA group

steampunk - sugar flyers - discord server

feel free to patch anything not listed or marked as uncertain!


Here's some for humanoids! 

Oujikyuu - Aerolins (world group) - Active

J-e-n-0-v-a - Technoctem - Active 


I have a whole pile of species, should I just list them out?

Also heartpuffs are somewhat active, they do get adopts somewhat frequently and MYOs are available for purchase.


ThatOneWow tysm for the shout-out!! I would classify them closer to kemonomimi than anything, but they are just starting out so idk if that even matters! o: 




I've got a few things to add onto it here and there ^^


not gonna ping everyone afhdsj but the thread's been updated with some prereqs for a species to be listed- i realize 'well known' is pretty subjective so feel free to give me your thoughts/suggestions on what's there rn! thread has also been updated.


I'm not sure how popular they are here, but Grem2, CCCats, Scarfoxes, are incredibly popular on DA!


c4t-nap thanks! feral cs i'm not super familiar with so those are esp helpful <3 i've added them


hmm unsure where they'd fit in since they fit several qualifications (masterlist/trait list/organized group/well over 100 watchers/active discord) but i'm also still unsure if they'd count as "well known"? maybe more of a middle area idk. but here!!
pafait - spacepuffs - active
EDIT: oh also i noticed strudels arent here omg??? def well known jndfvjndf
loppyrae - strudels - active


StarDragons are a pretty popular anthro species; they also have a dA group with a couple hundred members and an active discord. I don't really track the sales forum though; no clue how often they come up there.

Rynies/RaptorSlut/Cloneclone - StarDragons - active

I'd add mine but they're either not popular/inactive or very new lmao