Species Information

Aw0001 (Stylized from Aw000!) is a futuristic closed species centering around musical digital and android wolf kemonomimi companions. They are intelligent and self-sufficient individuals.

Aw0005 come in two forms: a digital form and an android version. Android versions need a Very Rare trait. This is due to a link with the lore where while android bodies and technology are now available, they're still considered luxury products and may not be available to everyone.


⭐ July 2021 MYO Event is up and running!

⭐ HoloBuddies have been released!

More information here!


MYO Ticket Permission Claim
Start: 01 July 2021 [ 6am EST/GMT -4 | 10am GMT | 6pm GMT+8 ]
End: 03 July 2021 [ 6am EST/GMT -4 | 10am GMT | 6pm GMT+8 ]

Current Events

MYO Event Claims until 03 July 2021!

Event Name and Description

Event Name and Description

Event Name and Description

Event Name and Description

Event Name and Description

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NPC - Hector

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(Art by Lemonbrows!)

And we're open for our MYO event!

MYO Ticket Permission Claim
Start: 25  Nov 2021 [ 00:00 am GMT +8 ]
End: 30 Nov 2021 [ 00:00 am GMT+8 ]

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Submission date
BY 10 Dec 2021 [ 00:00am GMT+8 ]

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How to claim

  • Join AW0001 on TW - https://toyhou.se/~world/52441.aw0001
  • Become a member of AW0001 Discord. https://discord.gg/7EdaMmySxh (A free Rare trait for this MYO event will be given for those who join the Discord!)
  • Tell me your favorite cybersecurity fact.
  • Create a journal, poll, or other social media post promoting this event.
    • -Do  not create a species discussion forum or other forum post on TH! It  clogs up the forums and I won't count it as an option for this event.
  • Link to our TH world for this event: https://toyhou.se/~world/52441.aw0001
  • Optional: Tag a friend! (Earn 50 CC per referral up to 300 CC!)

Event Details

This MYO event will run until 30 Nov 2021 and will issue you a MYO Claim Ticket. This MYO Claim Ticket and Rare trait (if submitted via Discord) is void if not submitted by 10 Dec 2021.

No extensions will be granted. You may claim for a single AW0001 ticket. You must have a MYO Claim Ticket in hand before submitting your completed MYO form!

These designs are for common AW0001*. If you have additional traits, you may only use up to Very Rare traits.

You will be given an additional rare trait for this event if you submit your AW0001 via our Discord (you May Not have a friend submit on your behalf.)  You may also earn 50 CC per referral up to 300 CC!

If you miss the time frame you may not make an AW0001, nor will a MYO ticket to make one be given out.

Please wait for us to assign you a MYO Claim ticket via Discord or Toyhouse before submitting your completed MYO form.

If you don't have an introduction in the server you will be required to make one and change your nickname before a ticket is assigned.

For all claims, we will ask for verification of age proof (if you aren't in Discord and allowed in), such as age on an associated profile or a screenshot of your TH Settings Account Profile with email blanked out.

Claim Form

2021 November MYO Event

Username: [Link to your TH / DA]

Became a member of AW0001 on Discord: (Optional, but those in the Discord will be given a rare trait for the event if they submit via Discord)
Became a member of our TH world: (Required)

Tell me your favorite cybersecurity fact:

Created a journal/poll/post promoting this event:

Tag your friends: *Optional (Earn 50 CC per referral up to 300 CC!)

Please only send for approval ONCE your MYO Claim has been approved. Please only give us the trait name, not descriptions.


AW0001 Approval Form

MYO Ticket Number: FIND YOUR TICKET HERE https://trello.com/b/tTxLrMOB/2021-aw0001-anniversary-myo

MYO Submission

Designer: Please include your Discord/Toyhouse handle and secondary social media link(s) (Toyhouse/DA/TW)
Proof of additional traits if needed: (Link to your bank account and let us know which additional traits you'll be using)
To claim your Rare trait, please submit this form via our Discord.

Please only give us the name of the trait and rarity.

Rarity: (Highest Trait Rarity - only up to VERY RARE traits)

Android Trait: Yes/No (Requires Very Rare)

Face Mods Trait Name (Rarity)
Eyes: Trait Name (Rarity)
Thermosensors on Cheeks: Trait Name (Rarity)

Number of Halos: Trait Name (Rarity)
Location of Halos: Trait Name (Rarity)
Halo-Type: Trait Name (Rarity)

Robotic Upper Body: Yes/No (Reuires Premium)
Cooling Pocket: (Cooling Pocket Type & Number) (Rarity)
Speakers: (Number & Type) (Rarity)
Tail: Trait Name (Rarity)
Legs: Trait Name (Rarity)
Optional Mods: Trait Name (Rarity)

Android-Only Traits
Floating Charge Packs: Yes
Floating Charge Pack Image: (Include this IF you have an Android trait)
Holobot: Trait Name (Rarity)
Holobot Image: (Include this IF you have an Android trait)

Image Links: [Include a transparent bg version].
Referrer: [If any]