Welcome to Clo-Gals!

[ Content warnings: Parasites, aliens, mind control, body horror ]

Clo-Gals (short for "clothes gals") are an open species of sentient clothes that pilot cute human "shells." Anyone is allowed to make as many as they like, no approval necessary!

You don't have to own a Clo-Gal to join this World!

This species is solely run by dellabeat.


9/15/23 The Discord server was shut down due to inactivity.

4/3/23 Clo-Gals' affiliation with AW0005 has unfortunately ended. The plan for a shop/virtual currency was also dropped, which means mutations are free to add to your Clo-Gal!

6/6/22 Clo-Gals has re-affiliated with AW0005 to coincide with their relaunch!

4/15/22 The Anatomy & Lore page now has a Google Docs mirror.

4/12/22 The TOS was created, and happy (late) anniversary!

12/15/21 The Masterlist was retired.

8/19/21 The Discord server was launched!

4/26/21 The first official adopt batch was released!

4/20/21 Clo-Gals got a logo!

4/15/21 The World got some shiny new code!

4/15/21 The FAQ was created.

4/14/21 Clo-Gals became affiliated with AW0001 and Bunnarium!

4/13/21 The Masterlist was created.

4/10/21 The Clo-Gals species was launched!

Rules (see TOS for more details!)

  1. You must be 13 or older to participate in the Clo-Gal community.
  2. You don't have to own a Clo-Gal to request to join the Toyhouse World!
  3. Clo-Gals are an open species; anyone can have as many MYO ("make your own") Clo-Gals as they like.
  4. Be respectful of others!
  5. You may NOT use Clo-Gals for mass profit (Mass production of prints, merch, etc. - Personal one-offs are OK).
  6. You may NOT use Clo-Gals for hateful or bigoted (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.) content.




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Latest Bulletin



Hello! Here is the official Clo-Gal adopt for May 2022! The floral theme coincides with our May prompt, Clo-Gal Showers Bring May Flowers!


  • Shell Type: Organic
  • Weapon: Whip


  • This is an auction.
  • You may bid here in the comments of this bulletin OR on the comments of the DeviantArt post.
  • Please reply to the most recent bid.
  • Starting Bid (SB): $6 
  • Minimum Increase (MI): $2 
  • Auto Buy (AB): $30

  • Please post a comment if you are interested in purchasing!

Buyer will receive 3 full-resolution, transparent, unwatermarked .png files:

  • With face shadow
  • Without face shadow
  • Flat colors

  • The auction will end 24 hours after the last bid.
  • I will contact the winner through note/DM!
  • Payment is conducted through PayPal invoice in USD.

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All your images are broken!

thank you for letting me know! forgot to update them when I was replacing my other discord images lol