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Bunnariums are born with a wind chime either clutched in their hand or inside of their bodies. In some situations, baby bunns are born with multiple wind chimes. These wind chimes allow the bunns are able to interact with things, albeit invisibly, in their arium.

Baby bunns (otherwise referred to as kits, kids, or children) have fully formed ariums in their bodies but it is possible for the number of ariums and arium types to change as the bunn grows older. 

Bunnariums is set in a fantasy world, where modern technology such as phones, trains, and computers do not exist.


1 March 2021 -> Bunnariums has raised the age of membership to 16+. 

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Latest Bulletin

Ownership Transfer => NikLNips and Zero8426

Posted 7 months, 14 days ago by WENZ

Hey guys. I've been on hiatus for nearly a month and a half due to increasing and ongoing work/life incidents. I've come to the realization that I can't devote the time and attention to Bunnariums that I once could.

As such, I've decided to give Nik and Zero ownership of Bunnariums.

While I'm sad to be handing over Bunnariums as this was my 宝贝, I am confident that Nik and Zero will be excellent.

I will be temporarily exiting the group until my life settles a little more and will be returning potentially as a designer & moderator. 

Before I go: A big thank you to all of you here. You've made Bunnariums a fantastic place to run, and I've enjoyed interacting with and seeing all your designs and the directions you've taken the traits. I have been humbled by your generosity during our charity runs and will never forget how much you guys did.

Stay safe, and sending you my best wishes.

- Wen