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Bunnariums are born with a wind chime either clutched in their hand or inside of their bodies. In some situations, baby bunns are born with multiple wind chimes. These wind chimes allow the bunns are able to interact with things, albeit invisibly, in their arium.

Baby bunns (otherwise referred to as kits, kids, or children) have fully formed ariums in their bodies but it is possible for the number of ariums and arium types to change as the bunn grows older. 

Bunnariums is set in a fantasy world, where modern technology such as phones, trains, and computers do not exist.


1 March 2021 -> Bunnariums has raised the age of membership to 16+. 

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Bunnarium 72 Hour MYO Claim event!

Posted 1 month, 29 days ago by WENZ

🎉 Bunnarium First Anniversary Event!


Art by suya!

It's our one year anniversary! To celebrate we're holding a MYO event and we have some special adopts, two new traits and a whole new pet species!

MYO Event
72 hour event to claim and submit by 20 May!

MYO Ticket Permission Claim
Start: 17 April 2021 [ 6am EST/GMT -4 | 10am GMT | 6pm GMT+8 ]
End: 20 April 2021 [ 6am EST/GMT -4 | 10am GMT | 6pm GMT+8 ]

Submission date
20 May 2020 [ 6:01am EST/GMT -4 | 10:01am GMT | 6:01pm GMT+8 ]

Countdown Timer

Species Traits


Arium Traits

  • This MYO event will run until 20 April 2021 and will issue you a MYO Claim Ticket. This MYO Claim Ticket is void if not submitted by 20 May 2021. This event is being announced early, but feel free to start claiming your ticket!
  • No extensions will be granted. You may only claim for a Bunnarium ticket and must have a MYO Claim Ticket in hand before submitting your completed MYO form!
  • These designs are for common Bunnariums. If you have additional traits, you may only use up to Very Rare traits.
  • The Bunnariums from last year's event are now able to be upgraded to Legendary! It's also National Haiku Day, so please give me a Haiku when you claim for a ticket!
  • If you miss the time frame you may not make an Bunnarium nor will a MYO ticket to make one be given out.
  • Please wait for us to assign you a MYO Claim ticket before submitting your completed MYO form.
  • Comment in this threadto claim!

Claiming Process

Claim Form

2021 Anniversary Event

Username: [Link to your TH / DA]

Watched Wen on TH or TW:
Become a member of Bunnariums on TH/Discord:
Write a Haiku:

Created a journal/poll/post promoting this event:

Tag your friends: *Optional

BUNNARIUM Approval Form

MYO Ticket Number: FIND YOUR TICKET HERE: https://trello.com/b/7Hde1FtL/2021-bunnarium-anniversary-myo-event

MYO Slot Type: Anniversary MYO Event!
Additional traits needed and link to inventory displaying traits: [ex, if you have a Common MYO Slot but have a design requiring a UC and above traits, list that.]

Ear Types: Trait Name (Rarity)
Body Adornments: Trait Name (Rarity)
Skin Tones: Trait Name (Rarity)
Body Markings: Trait Name (Rarity)
Tail Types:
Other: Trait Name (Rarity)

Number of Ariums: Trait Name (Rarity)
Arium Type(s): Trait Name (Rarity)
Types of Arium on body: Trait Name (Rarity)

Image Links: [Please include a transparent bg version].
First Time Owner: [Omit if you're not a FTO.]
Referrer: [If any, omit if you're not a FTO]


Other ongoing events for the anniversary!

Guest Adopts

We have a number of fantastic adopts dropping soon! Keep an eye out on this thread for them!

New Traits!

Two new traits have dropped:

Legendary - Ariums showing internal organs and bones

Mythological - Ariumception - Ariums within an Arium


Check out our new pet species, Churbles! Churbles are an avian species that get their name from the unique chime-like tails.

Read up on them here: https://bunnariums.weebly.com/churbles.html

In celebration of Churbles being launched, pet slots will be $5 (down from $10) from 17 April 2021 to 24 April 2021!

ChrimmeArts is also taking custom official Churbles at $35! DM them if you're interested!

Anniversary Raffles!

Since it's our 1 year anniversary, we have a few raffles that will be running during the week in our Discord Server!!

You can join even if you've won prizes before but you may only win a single prize during this event.


  • 1 adopt by Zero8426
  • 1 adopt by arutans
  • 1 x SP-MYO - This MYO ticket comes with unlimited traits of any rarity. (May only be gifted/traded.)
  • 1 x M-MYOs - This MYO ticket comes with unlimited Common - Very Rare traits, 2 legendary traits, and 1 mythological trait.
  • 3 x Standard MYOs - This MYO ticket comes with unlimited Common & Uncommon traits, and 1 rare trait.
  • 1 x Standard Churble MYO - This MYO ticket comes with unlimited Common & Uncommon traits, and 1 rare trait.
  • 1 x Standard Pahffle MYO - This MYO ticket comes with unlimited Common & Uncommon traits, and 1 rare trait.