Welcome to the Hoofhisser species!

Hoofhissers are a closed species created by KayBob.

What started off as regular goats turned into Hoofhissers once they were bitten by The Slithren. This caused any of their horns to turn into snakes. Many could not handle their new body changes and would die off. Luckily, some were able to survive. Now Hoofhissers are not only made by being cursed but they have their own society where, they form relationships, battle, and have their own currency. 

They live in peace with their beloved, scaley, companions.


If an image is grayed out when you scroll over it, click it! It might take you somewhere good.


10/14/21The world has been created.

10/18/21 The world is open to the public!

10/25/21 - 11/1/21 Halloween 2021 MYO event!

11/16/21Guest artist applications are open!

12/22/21 - 1/1/22Winter MYO Event!

2/10/22 - 2/21/22 Valentine’s MYO Event!

3/29/22 - 4/2/22 Pebblebot takeover!

4/4/22 - 4/30/22Anniversary MYO Event!


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  Hisser of the Week

describe image here 46782600_6GPudrjDbSlGdWS.gif 46782621_P9F5ReiTvdkOvhV.gif 46782639_kiNkh58uPnlqYun.gif 46784363_BAQbkHF22apcXGr.gif 46785295_H013FlymT8BpiqV.gif

Latest Bulletin

🎃 2022 Halloween MYO Event!

Posted 1 month, 15 days ago by KayBob

∙ Hoofhisser Halloween MYO Event! ∙


∙ How do I participate? ∙

∙ Join the discord server
∙ Advertise the server and send a screenshot of it in the event submissions channel (can be advertised on toyhou.se, other servers, deviantart, etc!)
∙ Use this link to share the server: https://discord.gg/teh4pgwqkS 

Once you have posted the screenshot to the correct discord channel, the mod team will gift you a special Halloween MYO egg!


Any Hisser made with this egg will receive the bat badge 2.056043869_qNf6uw5n1VvQ2Ol.pngand it will be added to their masterlist profile.

∙ Rules for entering ∙

∙ You must be at least 13 years of age to join our discord server.
∙ The use of extra or alt accounts to get multiple MYOs is forbidden and will result in all your MYOs being taken.
- This MYO slot CANNOT be traded or sold!
∙ This MYO slot allows you to use all common traits, and certain traits of other rarities which would otherwise need additional items. Using traits not included in this egg will require the use of additional items that can be obtained in the server.
∙ Do not share unapproved Hoofhissers outside of the Discord server.
∙ Breaking our server's rules will result in your Hoofhisser being removed from the masterlist.

∙ This MYO egg contains the following traits ∙

Scroll over each image for more info, on mobile tap the images

∙All common traits

38735333_kK4IP5duK8MGM3x.png?1642772663        43817560_5NoQ71yEGK4Qidi.png 

Only 1 or 2 extra limbs/pairs of limbs

41109163_as3f2iMsMEl3t0h.png?1642772565 56044170_SVd9KmszK5qJxk4.png 56055009_Uk0Fj6aCvW7gGur.png





56054061_sBNTK6JelcH0LEw.png 41109684_7XmH1DS5eIMoWXg.png?1665766043

The X eyes are event exclusive




The scythe tail is event exclusive

∙ Event ends on October 31st at 11:59 pm EST ∙

As long as you still have the egg in your inventory then you can submit your design after the event is over. 

Refer to the Toyhouse World to see the traits sheet, mutation anatomy, and basic anatomy.

Latest Comments

Im confused sorry, is this event reuploaded? I got a notifaction about it but it looks like it mightve ended plus I dont see anywhere in discord to send

Where can I buy an MYO with USD?

Myo egg prices will be at the bottom of the Myo Nursery. To buy an egg just send me a tip on Ko-fi with a note of the egg you want and I’ll send the egg to you over on the Hoofhisser discord server ^^

aww wait is the event over

Unfortunately it just ended! But we have raffles and DTAs always going on, plus many events planned for the future, so feel free to check us out.

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It’s in #✨event-activity! You can find it in the •Hoofhissers• category

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