Rate the husbando/waifu above

Posted 12 days, 8 hours ago (Edited 2 days, 22 hours ago) by delquaza

Person A posts a husbando/waifu (can be from a anime, manga, videogame, whatever. NO ACTUAL PEOPLE, PLEASE.) You can husbando/waifu someone elses OC as long as you know for sure the owner is okay with it.
Person B rates said husbando/waifu and posts their own for the next person to rate

Do not vote low just for the sake of being an asshole. It's annoying, rude, uncalled for, and ridiculous. If you are found to be doing this, you will get up to 3 warnings before you are banned.
Please include the characters name and the series they're from. Keep the images PG-13. Anyone found to be failing to do this will be put on the 3-strike system.
If you post fanart instead of a screenshot/image of the original source, include artist credits. Anyone found failing to comply will be put on the 3-strike system.
If you post an actual person, you will be instantly banned. It creeps me out. OTL ;; If you want a real life h/w thread, make your own, please.
Make sure the image you post is high-quality. If it's not, it becomes hard to really make out whats there, which WILL skew votes, since not everyone knows who your waifu/husbando is right off the bat from looking at a artifacted jpeg of them.

oh, also, please actually rate on a 0/10 scale!

He has a strange choice of fashion, but overall, I love his design! 7/10, a good boye.

How about my husbando, Nero from Devil May Cry 4?


(whistles) What a handsome specimen. 9/10 for that stunning appearance. 

What about miss Sypha, of Castlevania fame?


10/10 oh my god I love Sypha so much, even though I still need to go back and play Dracula's Curse (also props for a castlevania character since I never see CV fans around here)!!!

Now how about my gorgeous gap goddess, Yukari Yakumo from Touhou Project? ;u;