Sun Wu Fang [LMK] (Talon)



11 months, 16 days ago


So Talon is basically a defense mechanism, basically Fangs "take no shit" sort of attitude. Her Yang to her Yin.

For the longest time of course there was no real name put to Talon, nor any problems.

Until Uncle Mac came along, and put Fang through the most rigorous life changing training she's ever dealt with. To the point of having her kill a demon to survive.

That was the tipping point for her, and the beginning of Talon as Fang began to struggle with her morals sometimes, knowing what she learned.

It wasn't until she fought the Storm Demon did Talon act out for the first time, as pure unfiltered feral rage in Fang when she was losing the fight. Which was how the demon managed to get the last strike on her, due to her lack of attention to her surroundings, and having it all on the enemy instead. Giving her the horrid scar on her back.

Talon didn't appear again until Red burned her arm, only this manifested into something more. A catalyst of sorts. His hellfire basically embedded itself into the very chi in her arm, which Talon at times uses as a gateway to awaken, charging herself up. Basically the more pressure you put on the scar the bigger the opening, until finally Talon appears! The same can sort of be said for her back scar as well, but it doesn't hold the same implications of summoning Talon outright, just forcing Fang into that mindset if anything.

Talon and Fang eventually end up meeting a mutual establishment within the vessel they share, in that Fang will only let Talon out so long as she is needed or doesn't kill. Fang for the longest time did this by biting into her arm and letting the fire engulf her arm. It isn't until 50 years later that she can do it on command.



- Tail lashing when irritated
- Leg bounces when impatient

Likes: Fighting, A challenge, her beloved (to an obsessive degree)

Dislikes: Losing, Being told what to do, Fang getting hurt

Positive Traits: Protective of Fang, violent optimism

Negative Traits: strong in spirit, dumb of ass, not afraid to take things far, dark humor

Hobbies: Sparring, hoarding shit they like (disregarding whether it's stolen or not)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Good (rare)

Personality Type

Talon takes what talon wants, doesn't matter who gets in her way.
But she doesn't go out of her way to outright take over the world.

She just does whatever she wants. She see's something she wants she'll take it.
Although I do think there is a sliver of Fang enough in her to cause her to pause in her actions sometimes. Like if MK were to approach her and tell her to stop.
Fang is afraid of hurting MK. And that fear reacted with Talon. Because Talon is supposed to protect Fang both physically and emotionally.

She protects Fang because they share a vessel. That vessel gets gone then there's no more Talon. So I'd say so long as she's stuck with Fang then she's not evil, just chaotic.

Towards Strangers: She could care less about them until they decide to get in her way.

Towards Friends: Well 'Fangs' friends, it's a big conflicting. While she enjoys toying with them, the aspect of 'hurting' them isn't something she's entirely capable of. Even less so with her crushes / lovers. So while she'll be keen to spar with them, she won't kill them outright.

Towards Crushes / Lovers: She likes to toy with them just as much as Fang's friends. To an obsessive degree. She'll keep them close, seeing as they make Fang happy. Sometimes she'll even test their strength as if to see if they're worthy.

Towards Enemies: You fucked up if she shows up. Because there ain't no mercy to those that think they can take her out and are bold enough to try.


She has the same powers as Fang, however with an added twist.

Name: Fiery Gauntlet

Description: The scar on her arm engulfs her arm in a blaze of hellfire, boosting her damage output but essentially burning her arm slowly the longer she uses it.

Weakness: Blessed water can put the fire out, but so can knocking Talon out altogether.

Essentially the best way to deal with Talon is to keep her attention occupied until she burns herself out. Which doesn't take long.


Favorite Food: Spicy foods

Favorite Possession: Anything she deems worthy as hers. Usually cool looking stuff or shinies.

Favorite Weapon: Her arm

Favorite Animal: She likes to transform into a tiger the most