This Was a Mistake



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This Was a Mistake




Esk (shed caterpillar skin before transformation)




Gender- and sexless

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Those Who Went Missing


36179406_TLAQiW4hkZQyson.pngOriginal info

Origin: Abnormal | Nature: Unnerving | Boundary: Mangrove swamp | Size: Stretchy
Species: Esk | Collection: MYO | Designer: hitodama89

Uncommon traits: Sleek, bright markings, stripes
Rare traits: Manx, bright mask
Nature features: Fairy fingers (Clavaria fragilis), common puffballs (Lycoperdon perlatum)
Mutations: Long body, multiples (legs), underdeveloped (eyes), animal trait (segmentation), shape shift (length)

Enchantments: Aura vision

Biome: Fresh waters
Boundary: Mangrove swamp
Haunt: Fairy ring
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Ownership: hitodama89
- can gift, swap (esk only)
- cannot trade (non-esk), resell
Owner history:
Gifted via wellspring to hitodama89



(WIP!) By personality Mistake is still a bit of an enigma: it's really hard to tell what is going on inside the creature's head. It also can't communicate in any other means than repeating words and partial sentances said to it. Sometimes it really feels like its speech actually has some meaning behind it, but just as often it seems to be just gibberish.


Mistake is a caterpillar-like Esk that in its basic form is small enough to fit into a person's hand, but it can also stretch its body length-wise to anything from 20 cm to 100 m. In the stretched-out form the body doesn't grow in size and the amount of body parts doesn't change, so the the creature ends up looking unnaturtally long and thin. It might seem even quite disturbing, but the base form on the other hand could even be called somewhat cute. The Esk's elongated, tailless body is segmented into eight parts, it has six stumpy legs and almost unnoticeably small eyes that have barely any vision at all, being able to see just changes in light conditions. That's why Mistake senses the world around it mostly through its Enchantment called Aura vision. While active the Enchantment looks like a large glowy eye that floats on top of the creature's round head. It allows Mistake to sense auras - the life force - of all soul-bearing creatures around it, including plants, animals, humans as well as Esk and other wandering spirits. The colors of auras vary from being to being, so the Esk can tell something about the nature of every being it faces just by looking at them with the Enchantment. Speaking of colors, Mistake itself is physically a rather pale-colored sight. Mosth of its short fur is nearly white while its extremeties are more visibly light blue and have faint stripes going around them. The Esk's nature features are pale yellow puffballs and fairy finger mushrooms that grow in six clusters on its backside.


(WIP!) Before Mistake was turned into an Esk it was an old, dead caterpillar skin, discarded after being shedded by its original owner. It was transformed as an experiment that was deemed rather unsuccesfull by the Esk who completed the transformation. That's where the creature got it's rather unusual name: "this was a mistake" was the first thing it heard after gaining consiousness. After that the newly born Mistake has been wandering around without much understanding of the world around it.


  • Mistake's "voice" (Esk use telepathy) also mimics the voice of the creature the Esk's
    current words are loaned from, although not perfectly.36293998_NfvNMLcBGUOw7RE.gif?1624315783

About the character

  • Created in 2021.
  • Esk is a closed species created by witherlings.
  • Masterlist entry can be found here.

Art permissions

  • Everyone can draw this Esk mostly without needing to ask permission first!
    Permission is only required if you want to show this Esk:
  • Interacting with another character
  • Doing something that might permanently affect its life
  • Doing things that might be against its nature.
  • Currently Mistake hasn't yet been canonically transformed.