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Esk (plesiosaurus before transformation)


Old during transformation, been Esk for 200 million years


Gender- and sexless

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Those Who Went Missing


17125527_V9ClWFTv077fsVH.pngOriginal info

Origin: Abnormal traveler | Nature: Ancient | Boundary: Deep loch | Size: Fluid
Species: Esk | Collection: MYO | Designer: hitodama89

Uncommon traits: Dark mask, eyespots, stripes and spots, blaze
Rare traits: Unusual coverage, bright eyes
Nature features: Rough fluorite, common duckweed (Lemna minor)
Mutations: Size-shift (whole body), multiples (eyes), animal trait (esca), animated nature feature, bioluminescence, scarring
Morph: Ocean

Curses: Feared by humans (developed biome)

Biome: Fresh waters
Boundary: Deep loch
Haunt: Lakebed
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Ownership: hitodama89
- can gift, swap (esk only)
- cannot trade (non-esk), resell
Owner history:
Gifted via wellspring to hitodama89



Xilladenanessfeali is a millions of years old Esk who has seen the world change over and over again around them. They have long since forgotten if they've ever had any sort of gender identity, so they wouldn't care what sort of pronouns get assigned to them even if they understood the concept, which they don't. The Esk has existed far longer than any language used today and at some point they have stopped keeping track of how other creatures like to communicate at any given time, as all of that is just too fleeting in their near eternal existence. This means they don't use words in their communication (unless they meet another Esk who is as old as they are) and instead send images, colors and feelings through telepathy. The only word most ever hear them say is their name, which in itself is too complicated for most creatures to remember. If the ancient Esk likes the person they meet, they might give them a permission to call them Nessie - a name that modern humans often attach to the creature and their myth.

By personality Xilladenanessfeali is far nicer company than most would assume of creature of their age and size. They are like the kind grandfather who most of the time doesn't even understand what the kids are talking about, but who is still always happy to spend time with them and aid them whenever they can. They also have a surprisingly good sense of humor, meaning most tricks of the youngsters do genuinely amuse them instead of making them shake their imaginary cane angrily at the whippersnappers. Overall there aren't many things that would upset them, as they understand better than most others how temporary everything is, including the more unpleasant aspects of their afterlife. On the other hand this attitude combined with their willingness to help others does make the Esk somewhat insensitive towards the pain of other creatures, as their advices for suffering individuals are always very straightforward: either do something about the situation or just let it go. They don't really understand that not everyone has been blessed with patience and self-control necessary to deal with many difficult problems, because Nessie themselves is completely willing to sacrifice exactly as much time as is needed to achieve their goal, be it a millennia or ten. They've been known to painstakingly crawl absurd distances on land to reach someone who is in a need of transformation, which is the cause of the most of the faint scars that litter the Esk's body. One could ask why don't they leave the job for someone else, or better yet levitate or teleport to get the job done much faster. Nessie doesn't give straight answers to such silly question, but if the previous grandpa comparison reveals us anything, it might be that the ancient creature has either never learned such skills or has at some point forgotten how they work and is now too embarrassed to ask someone to teach them.


Xilladenanessfeali's appearance is in great contradiction with their mellow nature. They are a size shifter and while they never get smaller than an elephant, they can grow into almost incomprehensible dimensions when they are swimming in deep ocean, as their stature mainly depends on the size of the body of water they are in. This is already daunting enough, but the Esk is also adorned with six ominously glowing eyes as well as build that resembles a sea monster more than anything else. They have a long neck, sturdy body, flipper-like legs, a faintly glowing esca and a short wedge-shaped tail. Their fur is short and smooth and its coloration consist of muted shades of green. Their nature features aren't exactly commonplace either: there are rough chunks of bioluminescent fluorite on each side of their body, and a cloud of floating duckweed that the Esk can move freely around at will. Before they were transformed into an abnormal they were a much more average-looking ocean morph Esk that would still be easy to recognize as the same creature thanks to their nearly identical coloration.


Nessie doesn't remember much from their past life before turning into an Esk, at least partially because it all happened 200 million years ago. They were an already old creature back then, an ageing Plesiosaurus, that one day couldn't keep up with their pod anymore and was accidentally left behind. The animal had felt their life energy waning for some time already, so quietly they resigned to their inevitable death, although they were happy that by accident (which it was not, but Xilladenanessfeali couldn't have known that) they still got to meet their old friend Makoa for one last time. After a long conversation the Wanderer suggested that maybe his friend didn't need to die just yet, that maybe they could join him in his endless journeys through the ocean as one of his own kind. And just like that, very unceremoniously, Nessie was transformed. They indeed became an Esk that traveled together with Makoa, at some point even earned their crescent moon symbol in the famous Supermoon parties, and had countless adventures all around the globe. But then their energy suddenly started to fade once again. Xilladenanessfeali returned to their boundary to see what was wrong, and to their amazement they realized that their beautiful sea had started to turn into a fresh water lake. When the last drops of salty water evaporated from the Esk's boundary they fell into a deep, long slumber. Every few thousands of years they woke up to see if anything had changed, but after a while it seemed like everything else in the world was changing except their home. Finally in the 6th century Xilladenanessfeali understood their error: maybe the one who needed to change was them, not their environment. That's why they sought out another Esk who was willing to help them by giving them a second transformation. They turned into an abnormal who was now free from the energy restraints of biomes, and started to once again travel the oceans, seas and this time rivers and lakes as well - although not forgetting to every once in a while return home to rest and play with the amusing two-legged mammals that for some reason almost lost their mind every time the Esk showed as much as a hint of themselves to the poor creatures.


  • Nessie's "voice" (Esk use telepathy) is unbelievably deep.

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  • Created in 2019.
  • Esk is a closed species created by witherlings.
  • Original character info can be found here.
  • Masterlist entry can be found here.

Art permissions

  • Everyone can draw this Esk mostly without needing to ask permission first!
    Permission is only required if you want to show this Esk:
  • Interacting with another character
  • Doing something that might permanently affect their life
  • Doing things that might be against their nature.
  • Please bear in mind that if you want to depict Nessie in prehistoric era, they
    should be depicted in their pre-abnorman form!
  • Currently Nessie is traveling all around the World's oceans and rivers. However
    they do not visit conservatory!