Narke Letter



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NameNarke Letter

Pronouns he/him

Age god.

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Lesser God


Location Frothe, Letter C.


Thoughtful and self-aware, Narke has grown past the righteous anger of his youth and has begun his walk down the path of emotional maturity and self-realization. Though unsure of his identity now that he's shed all that he once was, Narke harbors a drive to discover his new self and a passion for making sure he's the best version of himself he can be. Highly remorseful and full of guilt, he tends to self-flagellate a bit too hard.


Narke founded Gemline and was its original leader, and by proxy, led the lesser gods of Myrme. As leader, he considered himself a just and intelligent ruler, making sound decisions that led to the best world possible. After a particularly nasty spat between two gods, he unanimously decided to close Gemline (and the others) off from mortals, finding their petty conflicts to be more trouble than they were worth. However, Narke lost his admittedly-favorite friend to his decision, and after ruminating on his decision for millennia, ran away from Gemline and his old identity to reform himself, posing as a mortal in a colony to try to learn from Cleverly's footsteps.