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Name Cogito

Pronouns he/him

Age adult

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Homeland Gemline

Location Gemline


The Leader of Gemline, Cogito is cold, efficient, rational, and wholly logical... so he says. Though he presents himself as the most intelligent, calculated leader that Gemline could ask for, in reality he's a borderline mess who would want more than anything for his best friend in the whole world, Cleverly, to return to his side.

Growing up a recluse and quiet, he was only befriended by Cleverly, the two forging a deep bond built over shared isolation. They had no one else in the world but each other, and would have killed for one another. Color Cogito shocked when Cleverly was cast out of Gemline by the then-leader, Narke. In response, Cogito forcibly overtook Gemline.

Cogito lives in total isolation with his true self, hidden behind a plethora of facades and self-constructed pitfalls in an effort to preserve his psyche. As isolation is actual torture for Ants, his methods of coping with it in his youth are highly warped and have shaped him into a dysfunctional adult. Though he can appear intimidating and cutting, Cogito is more childlike emotionally and internally than he'd let on. 

The only thing that truly matters to him is his friend, Cleverly.


Biographic Information 

Phonetics cog-ee-toe

Height 9'10"

BirthdayAmaridan 1





Occupation Head of Gemline

Affiliation  Gemline

Affinity Intelligence

AlignmentChaotic Evil


Primary ThemPlague

Secondary ThemeAmanita


Desperately Lusting After Cleverly

Best Friend hahaha what are friends

Rival Narke

Not Even Worth a TitleIhalas

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The "voted" leader of Gemline, the city of lesser gods, Cogito is cold, distant, the strongest of the gods, and deathly rational. He presents himself as the bastion of logic, making the right choices all the time, making the most sensible decisions (unlike Narke and Ihalas, who are emotional-driven morons). 

He isn't stupid enough to think that emotions need wiped out or anything, but Cogito definitely looks down on people who he deems overly emotional, and does his best to smother his own emotions. Insidious, manipulative, and skilled, one does not want to be on his bad side.

Shame that he's not self-aware enough to keep his pride in check. 

Cogito lords over people. He finds faults and picks at them incessantly, needling people in an almost obsessive fashion. Narke is emotional. Ihalas is impulsive. La Llune is airheaded. Azamora is pretentious. Cogito boils his peers down to whatever he deems is their most damning vice, and hyper-focuses on it, boosting up his own confidence all the while. After all, Cogito isn't emotional, or impulsive, or airheaded, or pretentious. That means he's the best of the bunch, the cream of the crop. He is greater than the sum of their faults. 

Coupled with this ego, Cogito boasts a strong aptitude for mind-altering magic - enough that his peers are rightly wary of him. With just a touch, he can alter memories, influence decisions, and twist others' perception, with little to no effort. The others refuse to touch Cogito and shy away from his gesturing. As a sign of goodwill, Cogito typically wears gloves - of course, he could simply cast magic through them, but it's more symbolic than meaningful. He doesn't need mind control to lord over the lesser gods, anyways. They're beneath him.

What would surprise most people is his deep-seated fascination with Cleverly. Sure, Cleverly is... annoying, frustrating, overly altruistic, and his philosophy is childish at best, but something about his demeanor hits Cogito right in his core. He's too honest, he's too dramatic, he's too sentimental. He got himself kicked out of Gemline for being a histrionic sap. And yet, Cogito can't stop wondering about him - about where he is, what he's doing, the people he's met, the places he's seen. 

Love? Don't be stupid. Love is a deep emotional attachment, forged through fire and hell, after thousands of years together, Cogito maintains. And he barely spoke to Cleverly when he was part of Gemline; even less so after he was cast out. He'd accept infatuation, although through gritted teeth.

He can't quite place what about Cleverly moves him so. Cogito is better than him in every way, and even if he wasn't, one flaw doesn't make Cleverly any better than the rest of the grime under Cogito's foot. So why can't he clear his mind of the brat? 

Well, despite his frustrating excursions into the world of romance, Cogito is successful in anything else he puts his mind to. The gods needed a good, proper leader, and after Cleverly was cast from heaven, Narke fell into a deep depression that ultimately left in him abandoning the gods - perhaps with a little... egging on from Cogito. Narke was just too emotional.

Cogito attempted to step up and take power, but was thwarted by ihalas literally barging into the room to announce he planned to act as leader in Narke's newfound absence. Unwilling to create a scene, Cogito allowed this, although quietly tinkered with Ihalas' decision-making to make it more obvious to the others how much of a brash fool their new 'leader' was. After several years of tripping Ihalas every time he stood, Cogito verbally berated him in front of the others and demanded a democratic vote of the next leader.

With a little assistance, Cogito won. Snidely, he cast Ihalas from Gemline, marking him the same way Narke did Cleverly. Now the brat couldn't meddle further in his plans, had to scamper about the mud with the repulsive mortals. And Cogito slid, easily, into his true position. This is where he belonged. It wasn't as if the other leaders were bad, they were just... inadequate. Just like everyone else.

But a good shepherd tends to all their sheep, even the wayward ones. Cogito reached out to the lesser gods who had left between the incident with Cleverly and his rise to power, encouraging them to give Cogito's leadership a try and return to Gemline. He'd even keep the teleport wards open, look. How considerate of him.

To his surprise and fury, all the stray gods declined. They'd become settled in their new lives - their lives among mortals - and had no interest in coming home, even to try out living underneath Cogito. Wicked anger bubbled in him; not a single one realized how foolish they were. He'd gone out of his way to construct for them a beautiful world, remodeled Gemline to be efficient and beautiful, and still they rejected his leadership. How could his fellow gods be as stupid as mortals?

Ah, but, Cleverly didn't have a chance to express his desire to come home. Surely, he wanted to return to Gemline, having been thrown aside like trash when his peers were just as eager to commiserate with mortals. Cogito quietly reached out, appearing in Cleverly's dream one night to ask - no, demand for him to come home.

Cleverly declined.

Cogito broke all of his fine china in the blind rage that followed. Look at the beautiful world he'd crafted: everyone spat on it, his hard work, and himself. All they wanted was to pretend they were mortals and frolick with them like animals. Cogito had made their world perfect, he had picked the best decisions, he had done everything right, and yet their stupid emotions still got in the way, their stupid sentimentality stopped them from acknowledging his greatness. And, bitterly, he knew the great irony under it all, the greatest lie: that he actually cared what they thought of him.

He'd show them all. He'd make Gemline better, stronger, and then they'd beg to be let back in, and he'd get to steeple his fingers and hum and tilt his head and let them squirm for their sins, feel the weight of their short-sighted primal desires over his glorious, shining intellect. And, then, because he was beautifully rational and beautifully benevolent, Cogito would let them in all the same, accepting his peers back into the fold. After all, what is a god without worshippers?

In general, Cogito finds mortals amusing but ultimately useless; their perspective can intrigue him but after a few thousand years of dealing with their vile, premature logic, he's grown tired of them. They can continue to be born, procreate, and die, but he wants nothing to do with the lot.





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  • Doesn't understand why anyone would have a favorite color
    • (It's not green)
  • Enjoys summer quite a lot, and is very fond of beaches
    • Keeps photos of them scattered around his office and his bedroom
    • Used to take Cleverly out to beaches, hanging out with him
  • Eats often to keep his mana pool high, but dislikes the activity itself, preferring to snack on finger foods (granola bars, trail mix, fries, etc.)
  • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sweet
  • Ambidextrous (taught himself)
    • Naturally right-handed, prefers his upper set
  • Enjoys singing in the shower (vehemently denies this)
    • Relatively deep baritone, and sings nice duets with Cleverly
  • Has a pair of teal pyjamas with ducks that he wears to sleep
  • Played around with the idea of being the lesser god of logic, perfection, and leadership, but settled on intelligence
  • Physically fit; not a spindly nerd
    • Mostly pumps iron and jogs to keep in shape
    • Not tuned, but clearly has some muscle and strength
  • Hates his freckles being talked about, refers to them as a blemish
    • Secretly loves Cleverly's freckles (shhhh!)

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