Bassist in Hedgemaze Expo. Aspiring journalist who's probably too nosy for her own good.

stubborn // adventurous // curious

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1991?


Full Name Mitzy Weymouth Age 18 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday December 25, 1988 Gender Female
Prefers Mitzy Zodiac Capricorn Pronouns She/Her
Band Hedgemaze Expo Religion Atheist Sexuality Bisexual
Band Role Bass Background Haitian Relationship Status Recently single
Day Job Student (freshman journalism major at NYU) Birthplace Brooklyn, NY Living Situation At home with her family

"Come on, what's the worst that could happen?"

- Mitzy

The Story So Far...

Mitzy joins Jill and Amber's band when she hears they need a bassist, and along with Bane, the four of them enter a televised battle of the bands competition. Her last band were a bunch of jerks, anyway.

A journalism student, she can't put her budding reporter instincts away, though, and she can't shake the feeling that something seems off about the contest, somehow...

Mitzy may be little, but her personality is huge. Stubborn, outspoken and determined to seek out the truth, she's a freshman journalism major, an urban explorer and a person who is constantly putting her nose into places where she probably shouldn't but definitely will anyway-- and probably dragging Bane along with her.

She's the kind of person who doesn't have many friends because she comes off as abrasive or snobby if you don't know her well. She's friendly if you get to know her, but she definitely has a chip on her shoulder and she's determined not to be underestimated. She's brave and doesn't back down from anyone.

Finest Moment

When money was especially tight as a kid, she'd sometimes leave a five or a ten from her birthday or Christmas money where her mom could "find" it for groceries.

Lowest Low

She convinced her younger brother that the Tooth Fairy would take his teeth out if he yawned too big, and he's still self-conscious about it.

Height: 5'1"/155cm Build: Petite
Eyes: Brown Hair: Pink (dyed from black), textured
Handedness: Right Style: Feminine

Mitzy is petite and tiny, with warm brown eyes and floppy pink curls.

Her style is cute and feminine, and she's done ballet for many years and she likes that look. She's usually wearing skirts and leggings and muted pastels with grays or blacks, and she likes to wear a ribbon choker. She's also fond of a little punk edge and will wear a pyramid or eyelet belt or something similar. She wears a charm bracelet on her left wrist.

When she goes urban exploring, her outfit is more practical and less colorful.

Mitzy cares deeply about journalism and Uncovering the Truth, and she's forever snooping around and getting her business into anything she's suspicious of. She loves urban exploration, and going all over the city and checking out all kinds of places.

She loves arts and crafts, foreign movies, contemporary novels, long baths, and her mom's Haitian food.


She sleepwalks.

Mitzy plays a cherry red '62 Fender Precision Bass reissue, like her idol Kim Deal from the Pixies. Her guitar strap is black pleather with a white lightning bolt.

She loves early-'90s alt rock (especially female-led), like Pixies, the Breeders, Amps, Veruca Salt, Hole and Liz Phair, and she loves The Pretenders.

Guilty Pleasure

She... doesn't hate... High School Musical.


Bane Bandmate

Jill, Amber, and Bane are the other members of her band, Hedgemaze Expo. Mitzy immediately took a shine to Bane, and she's determined to make him into her partner in crime.


Jill Bandmate

Jill, Amber, and Bane are the other members of her band, Hedgemaze Expo. She likes Jill and respects her as a leader a lot better than the clueless loser who headed her old band.


Amber Bandmate

Jill, Amber, and Bane are the other members of her band, Hedgemaze Expo. Mitzy and Amber get along well and swap notes on their favorite '90s bands.

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