Guitarist/songwriter in Hedgemaze Expo. The shy punk.

introspective // sarcastic // independent

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2002


Full Name Amber Rynne Age 21 Species Human
Nicknames none Birthday September 4, 1986 Gender Female
Prefers Amber Zodiac Virgo Pronouns She/Her
Band Hedgemaze Expo Religion Catholic (lapsed) Sexuality Bisexual
Band Role Guitar, songwriter Background Irish Relationship Status Single
Day Job Works at a musical instrument store Birthplace Long Island, NY Living Situation ???

"No, if we had a band, it'd have an awesome name— something like... Hedgemaze Expo."

- Amber

The Story So Far...

Amber and Jill are working at a musical instrument shop when flyers are left in the shop advertising Catband, a New York City-based battle of the bands contest that will be nationally televised. Jill, convinced that this is a sign of their big break, persuades a reluctant Amber to form the band they were always talking about and to enter the contest with her.

Amber is self-conscious about the music she writes and unsure about performing it in public, but Jill believes in her wholeheartedly, and Amber can never say no to her best friend.

A punk rock girl who can take care of herself, Amber's tough and fearless, with an independent streak a mile wide. She's always been a rebel and a free spirit, but where her friend Jill is recklessly freewheeling and damn-the-consequences, Amber has all the sense and self-awareness she lacks to know when to pick their battles.

Amber tends to be quiet and guarded around people she doesn't know well, and in large groups, she's more of a people-watcher. Around her friends, though, Amber is fun, sly, and bitingly sarcastic. She's a sparkplug and a schemer, and she loves going out with them and doing daring, fun things. At a concert you'll find Amber in the middle of the mosh pit, and if there isn't one, she'll be starting it.

Amber can sometimes appear inscrutable or unpredictable to even her friends because she is secretive and doesn't tend to explain herself. She's introspective, thoughtful, and has an inner strength, but as much as she loves her friends, there are things she won't tell anyone.

Finest Moment

As a child, she once nursed an injured starling back to health until it was able to fly again.

Lowest Low

More than once Amber has worried her friends by not answering her phone for days.

Height: 5'9/175cm Build: Strong
Eyes: Gray Hair: Red, straight
Handedness: Right Style: Grunge/punk

Amber is tall and freckly all over, with gray eyes, a long, thin face, and deep red hair that's usually pulled into two short, spiky pigtails at either side of her neck. When her hair is down, it's wavy from being used to rubber bands, zigzaggy at the tips, and a little longer than chin length. She has three piercings in her right ear and one in her left and wears little silver studs in all of them; she also wears a Claddagh ring on her right ring finger and a brown cord choker around her neck, the kind that was the style in the '90s.

Her style, in general, belongs to the '90s: she's somewhere between grunge and punk and feminine, and she loves plaid button-downs and punk band t-shirts, well-worn jeans and black combat boots. She's discerning, though: it really means something if she'll wear your band's shirt. Amber will also wear skirts and leggings or fishnets, or rarely a dress if obliged, but her style is never as showy as her best friend Jill's. She also owns a beat-up black trench coat. Lavender is her favorite color.

Amber rollerblades for fun with her old cassette Walkman, and she plays on a roller derby team with her friend Lupe. She's somewhat athletic and played street hockey as a kid. She's a lifelong New York Islanders fan and once named her childhood cat after Ziggy Pálffy.

Amber is constantly writing writes songs, journals and anything else on her ancient enormous duct-taped laptop, and she's usually secretive about showing anyone, even Jill. Her prized possession is her acoustic guitar, which she plays sad music on when she thinks there's no one around to hear her.

She likes keeping plants and dunking things in her tea.


She and Jill went to an all-girls Catholic high school together, but between them, Amber's the one the nuns were always sending to detention.

Amber has a low, gravelly voice, like Pauley Perrette's in the early seasons of NCIS. She does sing, but prefers to leave the lead vocals to Jill. I think of her singing voice sounding a bit like Shirley Manson from Garbage.

She loves '90s rock like Garbage, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, and Goo Goo Dolls; and punk, ska and grunge, especially with a sense of humor. The Dead Milkmen are one of her favorite bands.

She's a talented songwriter, but she considers her music very private and she's unsure about performing it in front of an audience.

Her guitar is an acoustic Amigo by Lotus. It's nothing good, but it has sentimental value.

Guilty Pleasure

She has been known to sing "The Thong Song" in the laundromat.


Jill Best Friend / Bandmate / Coworker

Jill and Amber have been best friends since grade school, and they've been there for each other through everything life has thrown at them. One is rarely found without the other, and they're inseparable partners-in-crime. Amber's the look to Jill's leap, the one who will drag Jill out of the trouble she inevitably gets them into.


Bane Bandmate

Bane and Mitzy are, along with Jill, the other members of their band, Hedgemaze Expo. Amber and Bane share some things in common and get along well.


Mitzy Bandmate

Bane and Mitzy are, along with Jill, the other members of their band, Hedgemaze Expo. Amber thinks tiny Mitzy is kind of adorable, but she wouldn't dare say that to her face. They can usually be found talking about music.


Hali Good Friend / Coworker

Hali and Lupe are Jill and Amber's friends and co-workers in the music shop. Amber's kind of protective of sweet Hali, and they're good friends.


Lupe Good Friend / Coworker / Teammate

Hali and Lupe are Jill and Amber's friends and co-workers in the music shop. Amber is also on a roller derby team with Lupe, and the two always have each other's backs on and off the rink.


Dinah Teammate


Britt Teammate


Trixie Teammate


Fred Store's Landlord

Fred is the 80-year-old landlord of the store. He's a neighborhood institution; everyone loves him.

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