Punk street artist. Wily little delinquent.

upbeat // crafty // anarchic

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Heto Attla Age 19 Species Human
Pronunciation HEE-toe Birthday December 5, 1987 Gender Male
Nicknames none Zodiac Sagittarius Pronouns He/Him
Character Group 3rd Street Squat Religion Atheist Sexuality Straight
Group Role Little bro Background Koyukon Relationship Status Single
Day Job Street artist Birthplace Huslia, AK Living Situation In an artists' squat

"I'll give you... a 'Sorry, you lose' bottlecap and three packets of duck sauce for the one with the flamethrowing octopus."

- Luke

The Story So Far...

Heto's a punk kid, a runaway, and a street artist. He's been on the road since he was 16, but by the time the comic starts, he's found an artists' squat in New York City to call his first semi-permanent home in years. He spends most of his days painting weird art for people in Union Square Park for cash.

Of course, it wasn't a coincidence that he ended up in New York. He hitchhiked and rail-hopped thousands of miles hoping to find someone again, but he isn't sure what he would do if he actually found them in this city of eight and a half million...

Heto's a wanderer, or at least he used to be, and just not very domesticated in general. He's had to take care of himself since he was young, and he's been on the road for a long time, so he's pragmatic and self-reliant, and although he makes friends wherever he goes, he doesn't see anything in life as permanent.

He is, though, upbeat, friendly, and fun-loving, and though he never had much use for school, he's clever, slippery, and crafty. He's self-confident and cool-headed when it comes to getting himself or his friends out of trouble.

Heto is more of an anarchist than the other members of the squat, and though he's not militant or activist at all, he has no love for any government or authority. He doesn't see why people get bent out of shape over petty crimes like theft or trespassing, and he has no problem with stealing food or paintbrushes or whatever he needs. He also wouldn't take it personally if someone stole his stuff. He doesn't value material possessions highly, so he doesn't own much and he usually keeps anything he cares about on his person (like his art supplies).

He's disorganized and free-wheeling, and doesn't stress over most things. He tends to hoard food and forget about it until it stinks up his backpack or wherever else he put it.

Finest Moment

Even when he thinks Bane is being kind of ridiculous, Heto will always be a listening ear when he needs one.

Lowest Low

Heto loves snakes... even if snakes haven't always loved him. Ouch.

Height: 5'7"/170cm Build: Wiry
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blue (dyed from black), growing out
Handedness: Left Style: Punk/starving artist

Heto is scrawny and small, with a blue mohawk (that he only sometimes bothers putting up), his black roots growing out, blue eyes, and an impish grin. He's always up to something.

He's usually wearing an old teal blue hoodie with thumb holes in the sleeves, faded jeans covered in paint and holes, pac boots, and a light blue dog collar. He'll wear t-shirts or tank tops if it's too hot for the hoodie, but it's comforting to him, and whatever he's wearing, it's guaranteed to be a mess.

He carries his art supplies, forgotten halves of sandwiches, and other important items in a giant blue external frame camping backpack from the '80s that looks like this one.

Heto likes art and comic books, and museums' free days-- or places with entrance clerks easy to bamboozle.

He's a danger when he attempts to cook (which isn't often), and he shouldn't be allowed around fire. Burgers are his favorite food, but he isn't picky.

Part of him will always be on the open road, and he dreams of boots on his feet, a starry sky, and clean air-- but it's outweighed by all the things about that life he doesn't miss.

He especially loves roadside oddities and "characters"-- if there's an eccentric old guy playing chess or selling tchotchkes, Heto wants to hear his story.


His handwriting and spelling are atrocious.

Heto graffitoed his way across Canada and the United States, painting murals and anything else in punk houses, squats, and any available surface, and selling or trading art on the road whenever he could.

Now that he's settled down in one place, he gets some of his art around the punk scene as gig flyers and merch (getting paid a little... sometimes), but mostly he spends his days selling "Heto's Awesome Art" in Union Square Park to passersby. His paintings are usually weird scenes or showdowns between improbable opponents, like monsters, robots, animals, or cartoon characters, and he'll do custom art or draw your boss getting singed by Godzilla, whatever you want to pay him for. They all have descriptive titles, like:

  • A Snake Teaches A Robot How To Hula-Hoop
  • Dracula's Hand Army Versus Bacne
  • Mummy and Cat Have A Hex-Off
  • A Fish Is Unexpectedly Good At Q*Bert For Game Boy Color
  • A Butterfly Plays Tennis While Listening To Lots of Action Action
  • A Witch Doctor Slays The Unicorn And The Other Witch Doctors Wish He Didn't

Guilty Pleasure

He likes really shitty 1990s comic book art like Rob Liefeld.


Luke Big Brother Figure / Housemate

Luke's the big brother Heto never had, and they're thick as thieves. Luke might not be the best influence... but he's got his head on straight, and Heto could do a lot worse.


Bane Housemate

Bane's another member of the artists' squat, and the closest in age to Heto. Their pasts are very similar in some ways, and they're friends, but Heto thinks Bane's become kind of a wet blanket.


Kaji Housemate

Kaji is, along with Luke, the other leader of the squat, and of the two, he's the responsible dad figure. Heto likes him OK, but he doesn't really respect his authority, or anyone's really, besides Luke.


Lance Housemate

Lance is the final member of the squat. He and Heto are friendly and joking with each other, but they don't have a lot in common.

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