Mephisto's Comments

I picked Mephisto in the forum game because his appearance definitely stood out from the others, and I got very curious about how he was relating to your other characters and worldsetting. I honestly feel like even though you're planning to make the fearless freaks regular humans for the comic reboot, I personally would have no trouble whatsoever with them still being non-human creatures? THIS IS HARD TO EXPLAIN but the way you have written especially Mephisto's bio just feels so real to the point I momentarily forgot demons don't exist in our world either lmao

I love love the fact he's quite powerful and can shapeshift but his life revolves around pretty mundane things as if he was just another regular human among others? It makes his character very interesting and gives it depth, and I also enjoy the fact his character is all about acting and getting reactions out of people but he isn't like malicious or anything, and despite his appearance isn't coded to be a bad guy by any means, at least to someone like me who is just reading his bio. He comes across as complex despite his somewhat "simple" lifestyle described at the start, and boy do I love his design and how the way his shapeshifting works. Also, you draw absolutely gorgeous dragons!!! His dragon form is so beautiful I got chills haha 

Thank you so much!! Honestly, that means a lot to me to hear you say that! The reason I'm thinking of changing them is because I'm not sure if magical realism/urban fantasy fits the tone of the comic anymore (or more specifically that it makes the freaks stand out more than they should really, since they're not exactly main characters)-- but with the format I'm thinking of using, I guess it doesn't really rule that out completely. It's something I'll think about more, but regardless, I'm so happy to hear that you think they fit with my other characters, and that Mephisto feels real to you, because those are things I'm never sure about. :')

And I'm really glad to hear that his nature comes across and that you like it! He's an old, dear character and you nailed his concept; I always really liked the idea of characters who can be powerful but choose not to be, or who have a lot of potential, but choose not to live up to it and instead do their own thing. He's the sort of guy who lives for subverting expectations, and that always makes him fun to write, haha.

Anyway thank you again for the thoughtful comment; this was a really nice thing to read. :')

Obviously I don't like exctly know what the tone of you comic will be but honestly I wouldn't have problem with him in an otherwise realistic setting! If anything, I always find it fun when everything else is basically "realistic" and then there is some sort of outlier who just... is there and it's never made into a big deal? I think people are generally pretty curious about random outliers that just are there, sort of like how in KH there just happens to be this secret overleveled boss out there haha 

You definitely then succeeded in that! I honestly love it when powerful characters just do their thing and don't try something big and grand like taking over the world? It's still a concept that isn't implemented in many things involving very powerful characters so whenever I see it I get super happy!!!

And you're super welcome, I really loved reading his profile just like I generally love your characters; you're an excellent writer and a character creator!!! 

His dragon form is so perfect ;o; aaa

Thank you!! :')

Ahhh I love his dragon form!!

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hot damn, i love him

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