Coney Island fire eater.

playful // irresponsible // cocky

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2002


Full Name He'll never say Age Appears 24 Species Dragon
Stage Name Mephisto the Magnificent Birthday February 15 Gender Male
Prefers Mephisto Zodiac Aquarius Pronouns He/Him
Character Group Fearless Freaks circus sideshow Religion nonreligious Sexuality Asexual
Primary Roles Inside talker (emcee), fire eater Background Literally a dragon Relationship Status Single, not looking
Day Job Works in a pizzeria Birthplace It is a mystery Living Situation ???

"Hey girls, any of you want to play with my joystick?-- What? I need a second player for Turtles in Time!"

- Mephisto

The Story So Far...

"Mephisto the Magnificent" is a shape-shifting, fire-breathing dragon man who uses his powers for no grander purpose than to carny around Coney Island as a fire-eater in the sideshow and lounge in arcades cheating at games with his buddy, Crane.

When he first appears in the comic, that's all he's interested in spending his days doing, but the city is changing, and there might come a day when he needs to be more than that...

Mephisto is not ambitious and doesn't have any great plans for the future, but he's become a de facto leader of the freaks.

While he's not literally the demon Mephistopheles, nor is Mephisto his real name, he knows the imagery works with people and so he plays it up big time. He's kind of a little shit that way. He loves nothing more than performing an act and watching the reactions he can get out of people, but he's not mean-spirited. Mostly he's playful, curious, and bemused by normal people. At heart he's good-natured and down-to-earth; and though he can appear and act imposing when he wants to be, he would never really hurt anyone.

He isn't actually interested in sex or romance, but that won't stop him from making dirty jokes and flirting with absolutely everyone he comes across, just for the fun of it.

Finest Moment

He may be a cheater and a rogue, but he gives his ill-gotten arcade prizes away to kids.

Lowest Low

It doesn't happen often, but he's greatly chagrined when he does accidentally set fire to something.

Height: 6'0"/183cm Build: Buff, but not super bulky
Eyes: Red-orange Hair: Black, glossy
Handedness: Ambidextrous Style: Beachy
The freaks will probably just be regular humans for the comic's reboot, but these forms are fun, too.

In his humanoid form, Mephisto is generally... human-shaped (brown or gray skin), with a floppy black mohawk, pointed ears, goat horns that curve slightly back, tiny bat wings (he makes them small in this form to be out of his way), and a lion's tail. He has red-orange eyes and can be drawn with slitted snake eyes and/or a black forked tongue, or the normal human sort. He has three parallel claw mark scars winding down and around his left arm from his shoulder down to the inside of his forearm.

He can breathe and manipulate fire. He can't fly with the wings in tiny form.

On the job, he wears a vest and a cape or a long vest-type coat (regardless, some shiny fabric in gold, blue, and red)-- or no shirt at all-- with loose belted cream-colored pants and tall black boots. Off duty, he wears tank tops and jeans or shorts or something else casual-- he lives and works on the beach.

He's a simple man, and dicking around arcades and boardwalk and performing for people really are his primary interests. He's kind of a homebody and not much interested in traveling.

He hates the winter because Coney Island shuts down; he lives for the crowds, the smells, the thumping bass, people having fun.

i'll write more here later but I'm tired zzzzz


He was the edgiest of edgy teens. Related, his scar is from him being a teenage idiot.

In the show, Mephisto is the inside talker (emcee) who introduces the show and each act, and hypes up the audience.

His act is to eat and breathe fire, and to do fire manipulation tricks-- both the kind that real, human fire eaters do, and... enhanced tricks thanks to the fact that he's not actually limited by torches and a bucket of alcohol.

He's charismatic and charming, and always has the crowd eating out of his hand.

Guilty Pleasure

Is it a guilty pleasure if he's just correct? He thinks "Shoot the Freak" is the best game on the boardwalk.


Crane Best Friend

Crane and Mephisto are thick as thieves and spend most of their free time hanging around the arcades together. Crane's mom won't even let Mephisto in their apartment, but hey, he gets it.


Roxy Coworker

Mephisto loves the rest of the freaks like family, and they're really the only family he has, though he won't say that. He and Roxy are often spokepeople for the show, and they're good friends.


Hannah Coworker

Hannah definitely gives Mephisto the business sometimes, but he deserves it. He loves them like a sibling.


Charlie Coworker

Charlie's the outside talker for the sideshow, and good friends with Mephisto-- even if Mephisto sometimes thinks he's a little too much of a boy scout.


Roger Coworker

Roger's pretty quiet and reserved, so he's not one of the performers Mephisto knows best, but they're friendly.


Ulysses Coworker

Mephisto loves trying to mess with the big horse, but Ulysses can always get him back.


Etta Boss

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