Punk jewelry artist. Mellow mom friend.

gentle // kind // supportive

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1995?


Full Name Zoë Verdanis Age 36 Species Human
Nicknames Zo (by Sandy) Birthday October 31, 1970 Gender Female
Prefers either Zodiac Scorpio Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Paper Street Studios Religion Hindu Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role Good Cop Background Greek dad x Indian mom Relationship Status Dating Sandy
Day Job Artist (jewelry maker) Birthplace ??? Living Situation In an apartment with Sandy

"Oh, honey."

- Zoë

Zoë and Sandy are the punk lesbian matriarchs of the Queens art studio they work in. Zoë is the balance to her brash girlfriend Sandy: she is a gentle soul, a listening ear, a cup of herbal tea and Everyone’s Mom.

She crafts jewelry to sell on Etsy and locally. It's nothing big, but she's popular enough, and it's enough to get by.

Zoë is kind, but she's not stupid, and if you try to bullshit her, she'll see right through you. She's not mad, she's just disappointed.

Placid as she seems, it's easy to tell which cubicle at the studio is hers: it's the one blasting incomprehensible death metal.

Zoë and Sandy are friends and co-workers with Ira (SAINT), Theo (ESCAPE), Kat, and Marianna.

Height: 5'10"/178cm Build: Lean
Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black, straight
Handedness: Right Style: Goth/punk

Zoë is tall and lean, with long black hair shaved on one side of her head and warm hazel eyes.

She dresses in a minimalist punk (or maybe metal or goth, depending on your point of view) style, in a lot of black and gray, combat boots, and cutoff jeans. As befits her trade, she wears some jewelry, and has gauged ears and an eyebrow piercing. Her fingernails are usually painted black.


Sandy Girlfriend / Studiomate


Marianna Studiomate


Kat Studiomate


Theo Studiomate


Ira Studiomate

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This character is featured in literature! Please check her library for more about her!