Printmaker. Indignant mom friend.

brash // outspoken // avenging

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 1996?


Full Name Sanaz Ahmadi Age 35 Species Human
Nicknames Sandy (by friends) Birthday August 19, 1971 Gender Female
Prefers Sandy Zodiac Leo Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Paper Street Studios Religion Zoroastrian Sexuality Lesbian
Group Role Bad Cop Background Persian Relationship Status Dating Zoë
Day Job Artist (printmaker) Birthplace ??? Living Situation In an apartment with Zoë

"He's lucky he's not here right now, or I'd show him how we really feel."

- Sandy

Sandy and Zoë are the punk lesbian matriarchs of the Queens art studio they work in. Sandy is, in contrast to her gentle girlfriend Zoë, mouthy, brash and colorful (like her wardrobe) and opinionated about the state of the studio. A woman who will say what she means and follow through on what she promises.

Sandy is an artist like the others, silkscreening art prints that she sells alongside her girlfriend's work. She's messy and practical, and when she's working, she's usually covered in ink splatters.

She's just as true a friend as Zoë is, honest and passionate, but while her girlfriend is patient and understanding, Sandy is fierce and ready to fight whoever wronged her or her friends. Intimidating as she might sound if you don't know her, she's the kind of person who will help anyone around the studio who needs a hand with something, no questions asked, and more than half the time she's the one to offer. She doesn't ask anything in return, but she'll happily accept repayment in baked goods if you want to show your appreciation...

Sandy and Zoë are friends and co-workers with Ira (SAINT), Theo (ESCAPE), Kat, and Marianna.

Height: 5'2"/157cm Build: Chunky
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Handedness: Right Style: Colorful, comfortable

Sandy is short and thickly-built, with warm brown eyes and her hair in a lazy, fluffy mohawk.

She dresses comfortably and practically, in bright, fun colors. She's usually covered in ink at work and doesn't care what anyone thinks of how she looks-- Zoë's the only person whose opinion matters to her, anyway.


Zoë Girlfriend / Studiomate


Marianna Studiomate


Kat Studiomate


Theo Studiomate


Ira Studiomate

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