Welder. The sparkplug.

intrepid // sure // fearless

Story: Catband
Setting: New York City, 2007
Created: 2003


Full Name Katrina Ferreira Age 28 Species Human
Nicknames Kat (by everyone) Birthday March 16, 1979 Gender Female
Prefers Kat Zodiac Pisces Pronouns She/Her
Character Group Paper Street Studios Religion Agnostic Sexuality Bisexual
Group Role The realist Background Brazilian (mestiço) Relationship Status ???
Day Job Sculpture artist (welder) Birthplace ??? Living Situation ???

Kat's a welder (a sculpture artist). She works at the art studio alongside, and is friends with, Marianna, Sandy, Zoë, Ira (SAINT), and Theo (ESCAPE).

Spirited, dauntless, and confident, Kat is unable to be ruffled and unafraid of what the future holds. She isn't always a woman of many words, but she knows what needs to be done and what her role in it needs to be.

Height: 5'6"/168cm Build: Average, strong
Eyes: Brown Hair: Silver/gray, curly
Handedness: Right Style: Welder chic

Kat has freckles, volumes of curly silver and gray hair, and clever brown eyes.

She dresses practically, in sturdy clothes and neutrals, and off the job, she's often seen in her favorite black jacket.


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Sandy Studiomate


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Theo Studiomate


Ira Studiomate

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