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Luka Piotovich

Luka is what could be referred to as a "cinnamon roll". He's gentle, pacifistic, compassionate, and charitable, oozing kindness even when it is to his detriment. He is not soft due to an absence of hardships, but maintains his kind nature despite them.

Pronunciation LUE - kah

Pronouns He/Him

Race Tiefling

Class Warlock, Bard

Subclass He Who Swallowed the Sun

Age 32

Height 6'0"


Do Draw Them
  • Happy/peaceful/calm/nervous/awkward/etc.
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits him
  • With Valentine, Jaska, Axa, Achoris, or Skena (see Relationships tab for details!)
Don't Draw Them
  • Angry/aloof/sinister/etc.
  • Dressed immodestly


Luka is very recognizable as part of the Piotovich family, with their seemingly signature sunset-ombre hair, Roman noses, and plumed tails. Like his brother--but unlike his sister--his tail is forked at the end, resulting in two separate tines, each ending in those curly tufts of sunset-colored hair. He looks to have been cut from the same biological cloth as his brother, Jaska, but his features are more full and healthy looking than his brother's, though he's still willowy slender--just not gaunt. He has the same curling horns as his sister, the same mane of dense, gorgeous hair, and the same pupilless golden eyes (though Valentine's are filmed over in blindness).



His dearest bond is that with his sister. Before Jaska came along, it was just the two of them as twins, and while their younger years were spent with Luka being her eyes and protecting her, things gradually evolved into Valentine being the protector. When the patron they had discovered and created a pact with together began to torment Luka, threatening his life, Valentine tricked the god-like entity into entrapment and enslavement, becoming Luka's patron in its place; there is nothing she wouldn't do for him, and he loves her dearly.


Jaska's first memories are being within Luka's vessel, and the conflict and ultimate trauma it created to be treated as merely his psychological blemish instead of his own person has left deep scars in Jaska. When Luka truly realized that Jaska was not just a fragment of his own psyche, but his own conscious individual, the guilt of all the ways he had sought to eradicate him was practically crushing to Luka--a pacifist who never wanted to cause harm to anyone. Luka now bends over backwards to try to make up whatever small fraction of the trauma he contributed to by acts of kindness and appeasement towards the brother who once existed in his own body.


With Jaska having adopted Axa as his daughter, Luka became her uncle. Jaska is fiercely protective of the girl, and has very little trust for Luka, so the extent Luka is permitted to be in Axa's life is a bit restricted--but he has loved her unconditionally from the start, and wants nothing more than to be in her life as a doting family member.


Skena was one of the first people to truly go out of her way to extend a hand of friendship to Luka. In the wake of so many years with Jaska in his body, occasionally surfacing to sour his relationships, Luka had become incredibly isolated and lonely. Hearing his story, Skena's heart broke for him, and they quickly became fast friends, as two gentle, kindred souls.


Achoris took a liking to Luka immediately upon being introduced to him, as Luka is exactly his type. Since then, Achoris began respectfully but boldly courting the man. Ultimately, however, they amicably split when Luka learned Achoris' dietary requirements were centered around humanoid meat, and Luka was unable to stomach being so close to frequent murder. But they still care for each other and remain friends.

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