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Axa Piotovich

Axa is about as neurodivergent as it gets. Born on the streets of Hell from two devil parents, Axa is a pureblooded devil--something quite rare, as devils are more commonly made than born. In no small part because Hell is a very problematic place to raise a child. Axa's parents held no love for her, breeding to create her solely to use her as an assassin in their political machinations. With the intention of engineering the perfect tool for the job, much enchantment and imbibed substances were applied when she was still developing in the womb, intending to create the most optimal, powerful offspring possible. Instead, it scattered her makeup, leading to developmental disorders, compulsive disorders, attention disorders, and even albinism. She did, however gain strong telekinetic powers through this meddling.

Pronunciation AH - shah

Pronouns She/Her

Race Pureblooded Devil

Class Rogue

Subclass Assassin

Age ~3.5 years (equivalent of 7)

Do Draw Them
  • Stoic/emotionless/etc.
  • With Jaska, Luka, or Valentine (see Relationships tab for details)
  • In any outfit (existing or otherwise) that suits her (namely lightweight clothes that fit her loosely and look soft)
Don't Draw Them
  • Emoting strongly; she rarely does (an exception is a rather feral snarl/curled lip expression as a threat display)
  • With normal feet or hooves; she has digitigrade, rat-like feet


Axa has the appearance and physiological maturity of a child approximately seven years old. She is almost entirely nonverbal, and heavily suspected to be on the spectrum. Her albinism makes her sensitive to strong light, amongst other things, and she has a naturally rather waifish build. Unlike tieflings, she has digitigrade legs that end in not hooves, but feet almost comparable to those of a rat. Her tail is completely hairless and has no traditional spade at its tip, but--not unlike the retractable claws of a feline--there is a barb that can be protruded from near the tip of her tail, which points back towards her body when extended, and produces venom, similar to that of a stingray. It is practially imperceptible when sheathed.

While devils matured twice as fast as humans, she was only about three years old when her parents lost hope in her ever serving the purpose she had been created for, and threw her onto the streets of Hell to die. But somehow, a lowly human on the material plane acquired her true name and the means to summon her, drawing her out of the Pits and into the world of mortals. Jaska was present merely by chance, and witnessed the tiny child murder the man who had summoned her. Not interested in meeting the same fate, he was careful in his approach, ultimately bringing her back to his sister in hopes she had the means of banishing the devil back to Hell.

But then, Jaska rapidly developed a fondness for the little monster. He found some measure of kinship in the girl, as he, too, knew what it was like to have to fight for the right to exist. To have others seeking to eradicate you, through no fault of your own. It wasn't long before he took to calling her his daughter, and quickly fell in love with her, doting on her and showing uncharacteristic selflessness on her behalf. Under his care, she has lost some of her feral volitility, though the contract he bound her to on the first night when he encountered her ensures that she is unable to harm him, even if she is stressed enough to accidentally do so.

Which is a very good thing, because doted-upon daughter or not, Axa is a devil. She is not a mortal. Much like keeping a lion in the role of a housecat is a recipe for disaster due to the nature of the beast, Axa's nature is a dangerously predatory one. Nonetheless, in her own strange, nonverbal, sometimes seemingly emotionless way, she does seem to reciprocate Jaska's love, however much she is able to.



Her adopted father. She has a very strong bond with him, even to the point of a degree of separation anxiety.


Jaska's sister, and so Axa's aunt through her adoption. After Jaska, Val is one of the people Axa is most comfortable around, and seems to find inoffensive.


Jaska's brother, and so Axa's uncle through her adoption. She is also fairly comfortable around Luka, though has picked up on the odd tension between Jaska and Luka, and isn't sure what to make of it.


Skena has helped immensely in getting Axa situated when she was first taken in by Jaska. Skena knows what she is, and has provided healthcare and support for the girl and her new father. Axa is also decently comfortable around her.


Being Skena's pea in a pod, Kaleva has also been exposed to what Axa is, and as he tries to be a pleasant adult to Axa whenever she's around, she finds him inoffensive as well.