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As the integral crescent structure, Polum is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Crescents exist because Polum exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

The ethereal god of dreams, weaver of sleep, and patron of nightmares - if something is related to slumbering and the subconscious, Polum's concepts resonate with it. Though dreams can't directly affect reality - being only figments of the mind - Polum has decided that their intangibility is a boon rather than a curse: dreams are the perfect, low-stakes environment to push people to grow past trauma, phobias, and regrets, giving them avenues to improve themselves without having to fret about damaging anything in reality.

So it's time to craft perfect nightmares of everything they're terrified of and throw them into these hellscapes every time they try to sleep! They'll definitely grow as people! 

Absolutely convinced he's cracked the code to therapy and healing, Polum energetically throws himself into his... work, constantly asleep and coming up with new experiments and dreams for his fellow Mags to suffer through. Ever-cheerful and oblivious to the harm he can cause, his demeanor might make some assume that he's sadistic or derives pleasure from torture. However, like his peers, Polum is inherently idealistic - his self-absorption and laser-focus means he fails to properly empathize with others.

Still, he wants to see them happy and healthy and moved on from everything bogging them down! And as he has access to the full breadth of their minds in his dreamscapes, he can see everything they've been through! Every single awful, teeth-gritting, traumatic event that warped his friends right out of shape!

So let him help you!! :D

Biographic Information

Name Polumesec



Height smaller


Eraall time


Occupation dreamwaker

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Crescents

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Didelphidae

AlignmentChaotic Evil

Primary Theme ♬Father Time

Secondary Theme ♬Mercury Man

Self-important, but not in the way of a braggart. Rather, knows that he knows what's best for other people, and cannot be convinced otherwise. Overly values his own opinions, and his perception of the world legitimately is unshakeable. Trying to convince him he's done wrong is talking to a brick wall - we just need to try again later! 

Genuinely empathetic and deeply moved by others' trauma and pain, though. Thinks of most people as beautiful, made perfect by the imperfections and flaws they harbor. Fiercely protective of the people he deems as the most interesting, AKA his favorites. Excuses their actions and asks you to check on them later, when Polum's been able to have a few more sessions with them!

Deeply curious about people, places, and things, and easily awestruck by their magnificence. Heavily venerates beauty, but also finds beauty in almost everything. Loves detailwork; gets lost in them easily and fails to conceptualize things as having a level of importance. Handcrafting each slightly-imperfect brick of a temple, with his magic, is INTEGRAL to the process of construction!

Not very affected by negativity or cruelty directed to him. Admits he can SOMETIMES get frustrated with lack of progress, or overzealous OCCASIONALLY in his efforts, but it's all worth it in the end! Would be great at bouncing back, but there's not a lot of "bad" feelings he experiences that he has to bounce back from.

Understands, but pays no regard to the personal boundaries or limits of others. Dispenses his (oft unwanted) opinion at any chance. Thinks you're simply misguided if you don't realize that he's right.

When awake, usually very drowsy/not super talkative. Likes clinging to people, snuggling into blankets, all veneer of narcissism or ideals is gone. Snoozing is the only thing in life. Very cute, think sleepy cat.

look if i waited for me to figure out the details of everyone's backstory in a presentable way and not just "here's 20 halfbaked ideas" i'd never get profiles done.

Check out the Links section for in-character thoughts!

Kolo    (favorite person!!)
Kolo is Polum's most consistent contact - both awake and asleep. Exposed to all of Kolo's trauma and struggles, Polum finds himself deeply empathetic towards Kolo and deeply proud of his struggles, and eagerly cheers him on from the sidelines, even if Kolo's not as affectionate towards him. When he's awake, he always seeks out Kolo.


Trougao    (best friend!)
Trou deeply suffered at the hands of Bereave, forced into a mechanism that harvested his magic - his soul - in order to stabilize the Alpha Timeline. As such, Polum has a particular fascination with him - and was surprised, but pleased, to see his new style and sense of identity. Time to mercilessly test its sturdiness!


Shestiugolnik    (coworker)
Sessy, upon founding his Hivemind, approached Polum to propose he assist Sessy by subtly convincing belligerent mortals to join it in their dreams. Polum generally agrees - he's more concerned with the matters of Mags and Frags, rather than run-of-the-mill mortals like Sessy, and respects Sessy's work as in taking it off his own plate.


Zvezda    (best friend!)
Patron of the stars, patron of the moon - their friendship foretold in the night sky! Polum doesn't give Zvezda anything resembling nightmares - rather, he's Polum's one chance to play with creating fun, engaging storylines in dreams, all in pursuit of Zvezda's elated reaction. He'd be offended at the idea he'd EVER hurt Zvezda!


Rendgen    (friend!)
A pal of his, though he struggles to get Ren to take any of his dreams seriously. When Ren separated from the Mags, Polum dreamwalked with him on Pya's orders - and though the work was boring, it was a great way to keep in touch and make sure Ren knew he was welcome home anytime. And now look at that! He's home, thanks to Polum!!


Ellipsa    (friend)
There's really nothing wrong with Ellipsa enough for Polum to have a grasp at terrifying him. Instead, Ellipsa serves as Polum's moral rock - pointing out when he's gone too far, or trying to reel him in by playing on his empathy. Though Ellipsa's not perfected it, he does generally have power of suggestion over Polum, and utilizes it.


Vodovorot    (friend!)
Vodo is a kindred spirit, someone who understands the plight of others' suffering and is devoted to assisting it. Polum tries to be close to him, but Vodo's dreams are always a blank, empty nothingness, and that kind of makes it hard to be super close to the guy. Still, he'll sing Vodo's praises any day of the week!


Peresekat    (friend!)
The guy who got into Pya's pants is a fascinating point for Polum; he enjoys testing Pere's devotion to Pya, his security in his goals, and the titular question: how will he convince Pya of his ideas if he finds the perfect Timeline? Before he ended up with Pya, Polum enjoyed pressing Pere's buttons about what exactly was a "perfect" Timeline.


Zehneck    (friend... sort of?)
Okay, so, maybe Polum messed up a few times crafting dreams for Zehneck. He doesn't get why Zenny would stop sleeping altogether! It was just there to test him! Doesn't he like testing people?! Isn't that his whole deal?! Why's he gotta be a hypocrite about it all, then? Tell him, Zehneck!! Answer his calls!!! Or else prepare for 70 voicemails!!!


Zmeya    (unfriend.)
Polum tried to visit Zmeya's dreamscape. Key word 'tried'. A painful, screeching maelstrom of a hellscape wherein Zmeya actually physically brawled him, he's DEFINITELY not going back there anytime soon. Nope. He's going to wait for Jedana to figure out Zmeya's business and get him to a workable state FIRST.


Dijamant    (unfriend...)
The first time Polum tried to visit Dij's dreamscape, he was rudely booted. And then shaken awake. And then punched hard enough in the face that it knocked a tooth out. Dij threatened that if he ever tried pulling that again, Dij would kill him. Polum isn't convinced Dij is capable of that, but he's scary enough that he avoids Dij's dreams.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Crescents, dreams, architecture
Beauty, truth, thoughts, discovery
Fears, deception, secrets, pain

Power: to reveal secrets

Tarot Card: The Tower

Timeline: psi Ψ

Name Origins

"Polumesec" comes from полумесец, which means crescent/half-moon in Serbian.

The Dreamscape

The Dreamscape is not so much a "place" as a projection of one's mind into Polum's concepts, bringing their own concepts, baggage, and subconscious with them. As such, it's usually the closest mortals and Frags get to existing on the conceptual realm, and generally extremely abstract. The conceptual realm is hard for mortal brains to grasp, so memories of dreams tend to be foggy and uncertain, while Frags and Mags retain perfect memories, as if what they experienced was real.

Polum has full control and power over this dreamscape, as it's completely aligned with his true self. Mortals, however, aren't likely to come into contact with his core plains, where he crafts Mag and Frag dreams - they're usually on the fringes, barely clinging.

While in dreams, one's own concepts and mental state are completely exposed to Polum. As such, he can read memories, feelings, and emotions, even at a single glance. This is how he knows everyone's deal. It's somewhat of a two-way street: if Polum manifests as "himself" in a dream they can view his mind, but he usually is well out of reach.

Dreams in numbers work like this because Polum asked Mom really nicely to. This sounds like a shitpost but I just have to hash out details and then I can actually explain this, har har

In Fights

Super squishy, not very good at fighting. His magic, outside of the dreamscape, is rather underutilized, and he's liable to fall asleep in combat or avoid the fight altogether. Surrenders quickly and prefers avoiding pain, but will definitely bully the instigator in their sleep later. 

If pushed, usually prone to running and hiding behind one of the more aggressive Mags. In general, they're pretty likely to defend him from outside threats. Thanks, love juice!

Living Spaces

Has two houses - a mansion for personal relaxation and down time, which he almost never uses, and a proper temple where he sleeps and sees visitors. 

The mansion is generally unkempt, with cobwebs and flickering candles scattered around the first floor. It features a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and ballroom - all surprisingly mortal. The second floor is entirely comprised of a large bedroom: the entire floor is a mattress, curtains hang from a giant rail, and pillows and blankets nest everywhere. It's rather cozy.

The temple is large and styled in marble, with massive pale pillars. In the front courtyard, two statues eternally pour water into large fountains, and several constellations are visible over the temple's roof. Other than blue fires that light the interior, the only furniture is a massive four-poster bed in its center. Polum fields visitors here when he's awake (so, almost never) and weaves dreams from this bed. Kolo please cuddle him here.

Public Perception

Known as the Mag of dreams amongst Frags, though he doesn't often appear to them. He's less likely to give nightmares when manifesting to Frags, as well, so their opinions trend towards more neutral/positive. 

Concepts are easy to grasp and resonate with for Mag cultists, so he's usually their first point of study, too. Unresponsive to invocations, as well, making him the perfect newbie candidate (stars forbid they summon someone).

Kind of a contested figure among the Mags - there are definitely some that have had worse experiences than others when it comes to him. Kolo's put in some countermeasures to try to negate some of his actions, which has settled opinion of him into "eh, sometimes he can suck, but he does make things more exciting".

Self Perception

Yeah I'm fucking awesome! Let's get this bread!

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)

Favorite Weather
new moons

Favorite Food(s)

  • 27002287_uATc636q1oxk3Uz.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is smell; strongest taste is savory
    • Ambidextrous
  • Hobbies
    • When he's awake, doing aesthetic work around Magtown. Specializes in marble, Greco-Roman style structures, statues, and temples. And also adding tons of pillows and blankets to everything.
    • Not much else, as... he's literally sleeping 99.9% of his life. Kolo wakes him up so he doesn't get too obsessive about his "work" and to try to ensure he's not lost in his head all the time. This coupled with Kolo's trauma made Polum SUPER Interested in him, oops.
  • Preferences
    • Magic: magic is wholly associated with dreams and the dreamscape; it exists solely tied to Polum. Outside of that, is associated with the moon, architecture, buildings, structures, true selves, beauty, perfection, style, fashion, creation, secrets, omission, being laid bare, crafting, and marble.
    • Music: classical, specifically orchestral in nature. Fond especially of pianos, and likes having it vaguely wafting through the air.
    • Stories: he's not a reader, thanks. He'd rather come up with his own.
    • Food: is very beautiful but he'd rather not have any.
    • Partners: ngl he's pretty into Kolo. Lots of interaction + Kolo's personality + Kolo being pissy at him all the time + being the first person to know Kolo's ~real self~ = let's cuddle :3. Enjoys the feeling of being coddled and people giving him attention.
    • Traits: vulnerable, erratic, unpredictable, soft, emotional, volatile
    • Dates: he sleeps on you.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: Albino peafowl. Very specific, yes, but they match his aesthetic.
    • Drink: hot chocolate, spiced tea, warm milk, y'know, that sort of thing.
    • Sweet: the aesthetic of a grape bowl pleases him.
    • Season: charmed by Winter. Enjoys snow. Does not want to be in the snow. Is going to shiver.
    • Chore: uh, hello? He's sleeping?
  • Misc
    • Enjoys playing with his appearance while in the dreamscape to lesser Frags; especially loves more monster-y forms, many wings, and sea creatures. Usually barely looks bipedal, if at all.
      • Just uses his normal form when talking to the Mags, though, and if he needs to manifest. No need to obscure his identity to them! 
    • Ambiently, oftentimes gets interested in learning about something, but doesn't want to wake up for extended periods of time to learn about it or practice. Most recent obsession is fencing.
    • Yes he still loves old tin cans they make good noise when clanged together
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Red Centipedes
      • Slugcat: Monk
      • Karma: 7th6th_level.png& 2nd1st.png
      • Achievement: The Hunter
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Psychic
      • Moveset: Sleep Talk, Yawn, Dream Eater, Nightmare
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Arrow, Time, Lunar, Modified Electric, Joker

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