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And just a few things are related to the "old times" /
When we did believe in magic and we did die /
It's not my words that you should follow, it's your insight
- Peacebone, Animal Collective

Trougao has a question.

Follows And the Thing About Being a Bug.

Mild Violence

Kvadrat opens a thread on the Magnitude Fragments' private forum to discuss what happened recently.

EXTREME spoilers for Keep a Secret's ending.

2 years, 1 month ago
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Mild Sexual Content

∗ A lot of swearing... including some creative swears... (no real-life slurs)
∗ Characters make plenty of references to sex, but nothing occurs
Extremely dialogue-heavy (not really a warning but just a heads-up)

[Oct 2] Polumesec catches up with a wayward friend, and shares some gossip.