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Summary ♡

As the integral heart structure, Srce is the living embodiment of hearts and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. Hearts exist because Srce exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Patron of mortals and self-designated official bringer of lover for all, Srce is obsessed with love. Not just romantic love, but all forms - the love between friends, family, religion, and self. He seeks to protect it and cherish it, putting him at odds with Pravougaonik, the cupid figure - who sees it all as delicious backdrops to the soap opera of life.

However, Srce has another contender to deal with: himself. When under high stress or when their loved ones are threatened, Srce's logical mind flies out the window and is instead replaced with primal desperation and self-defense, coupled with transforming into a massive monster. Rather than accept this part of himself, though, Srce shuns it, finding it embarrassing and ineffective.

He tries to take care of his intimates, protecting them and comforting them, serving as a pillar for them to lean on or support for them to rest against. Even if he might not have all his own issues sorted out, he can at least bury them in a dark corner for him to contend with later while he tends to the emotional wounds of Quantum and Affine.


Biographic Information

Name Srce


Phonetics sir-see

Height tall



Universeeveryone ♡

Occupation loving the world!

AffiliationMagnitude Fragments

Affinity Hearts

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)-

AlignmentChaotic Good


Primary Theme ♬-

Secondary Theme ♬-


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Quantum     (best friend)
Quantum doesn't like admitting to faults, or admitting that he's attached to people, but Srce can tell they're close. Rather than poke fun or even bring it up, Srce just makes sure he's a safe space for the other to find home and comfort in - and loves Quantum dearly.


Pravougaonik     (friendly rivals)
One might expect Prav and Srce to hate each others' guts, but rather than grow a distaste for one another, they've developed a healthy competition. Prav doesn't talk mad shit on Srce, and instead they both race to protect or break up couples they've got their eyes on.


Affine     (protégé?)
Affine's low self-esteem is reflected in Srce, who can't help but pity him. Rather than let someone else follow in his footsteps, Srce is teaming up with Vodo to try to help Affine learn to love himself and find his own footing in the world. It's, uh... slow goings, to say the least.


Strela     (best friend)
Yeah, Strela just gets it! Someone else who experiences all the love that Srce does, even if he's a little shy and doesn't express it often. Srce wants to nurture and protect Strela's affection, and will gladly go to any lengths to make sure the other is happy, healthy, and enjoying his life.


Zvezda     (best friend)
Zvezda is so fun, excitable, and full of energy! Srce loves being around him and basking in his sheer joy for living and enjoyment, and he's a wonderful breath of fresh air when so much can seem negative. Some of the others look down on Zvez's naïveté, but Srce finds it refreshing.


Vodovorot     (best friend)
Vodo is just the sweetest! Though, he seems more concerned with trying to fix Srce's problems? He's just that generous and kind, really. But Srce doesn't need help! He just wants to hang out with Vodo, maybe share some snacks, and talk about life. That's all!


Kvadrat     (friend)
Kvadrat usually hangs around Prav, so Srce sees him around now and then. They're friendly and polite - waving at each other and keeping up with each other's goings-on. Some might call that an acquaintanceship. No. Everyone is either friend, or not friend. 


Juice     (friend)
Juice is a lovely baby who is a million times cuter than Srce thought he'd be, considering, y'know, mafia boss and whatnot. There's nothing more endearing than having him curled up nearly in Srce's lap... at least, until Srce remembers Juice has killed people. Let's talk about that. Please.


Dijamant     (friend)
Everyone is Dij's friend! Including Srce! Dij is a little too... forward? Flirty? Sexual? for Srce's usual tastes, but he's fun in smaller doses. His good sense of humor and confident are attractive, and he's usually down for anything. Sure, sex is a form of love, but come on, Dij, overindulgence isn't a virtue....


Trapetsiya     (friend)
Trapetsiya's generosity and thoughtfulness means he instantly gets points in Srce's books, and on top of that, he's enmeshed in a network of loving relationships. The dream! Plus, Srce is one of the few people Trapet trusts to tell about his partners, and listening to him drone on is cute....


Devetougao     (friend?)
Devy... well, Srce liked Devy at first. And now he kind of likes Devy less, because somewhere along the line Devy decided that being thoughtless was fun. Though he's got his suspicions as to where this came from, Srce's trying to focus more on guiding Devy down a better path. A nicer path!


Polukrug     (oldest friend)
Polly is Srce's oldest friend, but in recent years, has become disillusioned from much of society and existence. Polly's old charm and spark have dissipated into mean-spirited behaviors, worse than Devy's - which is only all the more heart-wrenching for Srce, who just misses his friend.


Sekizgen     (oh no...)
Sek's been burned by love before, and has completely given up on it. Of course, that's completely unacceptable to Srce, who is determined to show him its luster and shine once more!! Er, well, he would be trying to show Sek that... that is, if he could ever convince Sek to come out of his house.



Small pieces of information that don't belong elsewhere.


Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Hearts, affirmation, attention
Affection, effort, listening
Impose, smother, insist

Power: to spread care

Tarot Card: Hanged Man

Timeline: pi Π

Name Origins

"Srce" comes from срце, which means "heart" in Serbian.

Fuckoff Monster Form

Srce has a secondary form he auto-snaps into when under high stress, notably a desire to protect others. It's twice the size of his normal form, and highly impulsive/instinctual, running primarily on "DESTROY THREAT" and not much else. It fades as soon as Srce feels safe again, and he regains enough control to snap back into "regular" form.

Srce is horribly embarrassed about it and will not speak of it except in a very loathing and down-talk-y way. He will avoid transforming into it whenever possible. 

It is inherent to his identity, so he cannot simply reality-warp it out of himself.

In Fights

Avoids if possible, tries to remove self from location. Can easily be antagonized into brawling, though, which also has the bonus of activating fuckoff monster form. After that, though, the cuffs are off - will do his best to utterly destroy the aggressor and beat the shit out of them until they're begging and apologizing.

If someone hurts his intimates first, there's no playing around. Mama bear Srce is here.

Living Spaces

Lovecore, sickly sweet theming. Everything is a variation of pink, violet, white, or orange. Very comfortable, most furniture is overly soft and cozy. Always at a good ambient temperature, but willing to alter it to visitor's tastes. Very clean. Lives in a mansion big enough to have guest rooms for all the Mags, please come stay with him! :)

Dislikes minimalism, but won't vocalize it. Neurotically starts cleaning other people's houses when he comes over, much to their chagrin. He doesn't mean to imply they're messy.

Public Perception

Relatively unknown as a Mags, but name can be invoked accidentally sometimes when talking about love or affection - it's just that baked into his identity. Nobody's sure what a "Srce" is, but whatever it is, it's all about love, baby!

Obviously loved by his fellow Mags. They love each other so much you guys. It makes Srce happy.

Self Perception

Self-loathing, but super private about it. Only comes clean whenever he feels like he's in safe company to, but hates it whenever he spills anyways. Wishes he could just press a button and be better. Wakes up every morning and lists off things he likes about himself in an effort to improve and practice self-love. Sometimes can't think of anything, and cries.


  • Favorite color is light orange
  • Endeared to the idea of sharing snacks and meals; tries to encourage the other Mags into sharing with him
    • Knows how to bake the mortal way! Cookies and cake for all!
  • Strongest sense is taste; strongest taste is sweet
  • Ambidextrous (natural)
  • Moveset: Sweet Kiss / Hold Hands / Play Nice / Assist
  • Srce is a Mag who experiences a high level of "love juice", like Juice does
  • Voice Claim
  • that's all i got sorry

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