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As the integral Higgs structure, Affine is the living embodiment of it and all related imagery, memetics, and concepts. The mechanism exists because Affine exists, and he is an overpowered reality warper due to this.

Loneliness defines Affine's existence - a strange concept, despite there only being a handful of Mags. Natural idealism and inherent love for each other empower their relationships, but as the youngest Mag, Affine emerged into a world of defined dynamics and relationships already - not even his closest peers in age, Zmeya and Jedana, spared him much more than a friendly "hello", too engrossed in each other to even try to include him. Nobody had any room for him at their tables, and they were just all too polite to admit it.

Believing he was ostracized and alone since birth, Affine has rejected most attempts by the Mags to befriend him and instead sought to forge his own identity, away from them and their world, amongst mortals. It is here he feels comfortable enough to express bits of himself, though longing to belong to his peers' collective strains at his relationships. Still, he finds solace amongst his friends - which include the likes of war criminal Ometeotl.

Though, it's not easy to befriend Affine. Distant and spacey, he always seems distracted, mind occupied with his own thoughts and feelings. Resentment clouds his thoughts - mostly at himself, for feeling like he's failing to  motivate himself. He is a Mag, after all. He should be doing something with that magic, but he can't seem to care.

He's not removed enough to ignore the fact, though, that most people are befriending him because he's a Magnitude Fragment, which leaves him with an uncertain taste in his mouth. It doesn't sit right, to have the heritage he fled from be his most defining trait, and the motivations of the people he surrounds himself with are starting to unsettle him.

Biographic Information

Name Affine

NicknamesFinne, Finny


Height smallish




Occupation staring into space

Affiliation Magnitude Fragments

Affinity Higgs Mechanism

Fun Stuff


Associated Animal(s)Paguroidea

AlignmentLawful Neutral

Primary Theme ♬Piggy Knows

Secondary Theme ‚ô¨Pig

Generally: helpful, people-pleasing, diminutive. It's a shock how unlike-a-Mag he acts, when mortals meet him for the first time. Empathetic and prone to expressing it: cries easily, laughs easily, emoting isn't really his problem so much as inappropriately emoting: laughing in the middle of a funeral, not out of humor but nervousness.

Quietly impulsive, gets ideas in his head and then gets stuck on that track and has to see them through. Not very flashy or obvious about it, so instead he just looks like he has a short attention span or focusing issues. Extremely curious, but wants to find out things for himself and not lean on other people to explain them. Believes wholeheartedly in firsthand experience, gets angry when he's not allowed to try things himself.

Wants to demand he be allowed to do things his way and explore the world his way, but falters always at the last step. Choked up suddenly when he has to advocate for himself and make his desires clear. Usually ends up deferring to other people instead. Finds this his most aggravating flaw and ruminates on it constantly, but can never follow through with speaking up for himself. Settles way-too-easily into a passive position.

Eager to spill his life story to anyone who listens, but embarrasses afterwards and quietly shames himself for it. Finds it safest to confide in his fantasies and creations, despite his desire for companionship. Despite how quickly he befriends people, true trust is hard to earn. Not loyal enough to risk himself or his morals for others, but likes helping others - it makes him feel better about himself!

Likes being picked out of a crowd and feeling chosen. Elated and eagerly defers to them, before he catches himself blindly indulging in his flaws and aggressively self-punishes. Concerned about the morality of people he befriends, but not enough to throw away any actual friendships between him and unsavories, or argue against them. 

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Ometeotl     (best friend)
Ometeotl and Affine met by accident, but developed a sort of friendliness regardless. Though Affine has been warned against getting close to Ome, he struggles with abandoning his only "actual" friend, who's stuck with him through thick and thin, especially since it's not like Ome's ever hurt him. And, by his measure, they're very close.


Jedanaestougao     (crush)
Jedana and Affine are cordial. Affine knows well enough that Jedana has Zmeya to tangle with, and isn't selfish enough to dump his own issues on Jedana because of it. He misses Jedana, though, seeing as he's from Genesis' corpse too, and usually finds himself fantasizing about Jedana fretting over him instead of Zmeya.


Srce     (mom)
Srce is constantly reaching out to Affine, checking in on him, and making active efforts to be in his life. Despite feelings of guilt over "wasted effort", Affine does deeply appreciate her attention and perks up whenever she's around. He doesn't tell his other mortal friends about her, though - that's embarrassingly personal....


Juice     (friend??)
Reaching out to Affine, Juice has shown him the ropes of magic and encouraged him to explore his own abilities and concepts. Affine appreciates the tutoring, but hates how easily he bends to Juice's will - the other's strong personality just overpowers any of Affine's desires, and he resents Juice for "pushing him into things".


Jubilee     (authority)
Jubilee, as acting head of the Overseers, has been keeping an eye on Affine ever since he and Ometeotl befriended each other. Jubilee has made his quiet distaste for Ome clear, but rather than outright ban Affine from speaking to him, he merely asks for updates. Affine likes the attention, really, since Joobs is so important....


Chetyrekhlistnik     (close friend?)
Chetyre is also isolationist, although the sheer number of animals he's befriended was what drew Affine's attention. After following one too many birds back to Chetyre, the two started spending time together, eventually culminating in Affine making a few golems to help out with Chet's menagerie. He wishes they talked more often.


Farley     (friend?)
Affine cares deeply about Farley, especially since he finds their attitude regarding godhood similar. But Farley is careful about keeping distance from others, trying to pass himself off as an authority figure rather than one of them, which Affine can't accept - seriously, Farley as a leader figure? He wouldn't know authority if it hit him in the face.


Quantum     (friend)
Quantum's powers interact neatly with Affine's, which only makes the fact that Quantum dislikes him even harder to swallow. Affine hopes it's not personal - Quantum doesn't like people in general, especially not unconfident people - but he still can't help but internalize it. He admires the other's tenacity, wishing he had some himself.


Vodovorot     (friend)
Vodo is kind towards Affine, but he's also kind towards everyone, so it's not like their dynamic is anything special. Though he seems genuine, Affine still can't shake the sense that Vodo befriends people out of obligation or ulterior motives, and as such can't quite bring himself to open up to the other. Which is a shame, since... Vodo's nice.


Zmeya     (friend?)
Zmeya is... an ordeal to be around. Affine hates himself for struggling to bond with the other, but their personalities mesh poorly and despite their shared history, they have little common ground. Affine, of course, feels bad for Zmeya's circumstances, but isn't mentally equipped to be around him. He's too... jealous.


Proximity     (friend...?)
Though being around Juice would make it seem like Affine would be around Prox too, the opposite is true. Prox almost seems to deliberately avoid him, which only feeds into Affine's complexes and loneliness. Affine desperately wants to know why, but it's not like Prox is very forthcoming with his true feelings.


Devetougao     (kind of friend?)
Devy is... well, Affine doesn't want to say anything quite rude, but frankly he struggles to like Devy in any significant measure. Devy enjoys needling him and poking at his insecurities, although he does hang around Affine often that they're... sort of friends? It's confusing for everyone involved.



Magninium Manipulation
Reality Warping
Appearance Manipulation


Higgs, thresholds, mass, liminal
Transitions, between, disparate
Separate, removed, onlooking

Power: to join halves

Tarot Card: Ace of Wands

Timeline: -

Name Origins

"Affine" is in reference to the affine Higgs mechanism. Affine in mathematics refers to transformations that preserve parallel relationships, like this.


Affine's magic resonates with disparate halves and the transitional spaces between, so things that are somewhat-alive-but-not-really fall under his conceptual umbrella. As such, he naturally and passively creates golems - usually through talking too much to inanimate objects. These objects split in half once they gain sapience and form two selves, styled after Affine's own split colors, though they are not really two people but two manifestations of Affine's thoughts - usually in a pros/cons style, with one golem being supportive and the other being critical.

Golems cannot use magic, eat, etc., as they're not truly alive - but can "speak", despite having no facial features. They resonate with certain concepts, and have minor conceptual forms that orbit Affine's.

They intrinsically love Affine, care about him, and want the best for him. They reside in his house at Magtown, though occasionally he's accompanied elsewhere by the more sentient-looking ones (so, not the talking pencils or sketchbooks). 

They don't tend to speak to others and act inanimate around strangers, unless Affine encourages them to speak (he usually doesn't). They trend towards distrusting and antagonistic to others, but are not nearly as frosty towards other Mags - who they are overly praising towards.

He can kill them at will, but hasn't yet and doesn't plan too, since he's fond of them and likes their company. The golem that hangs around him most is his tail - it's sentient and he speaks to it often/holds it often, and it keeps an eye out for him and guides him the best it can.

In Fights

Affine's magic primarily focuses around the alteration of objects' mass, usually focusing on the subatomic level (though it can scale up to entire units at his discretion, like people, buildings, animals, etc).

This can end up doing wacky shit and I'm not enough of a physicist to fully explain it, but here's some examples: if Affine alters objects to have zero mass, their movement is now locked solely to the speed of light; by giving objects a large enough mass, gravity bends around them and induces a gravity well that draws nearby things in to them; higher masses also give the objects higher gravitational force, which can crush organs and bodies before they even realize Affine's altered anything.

His reality-adjacent concepts also deal with things such as liminal spaces, gray zones, symmetry, and areas where two things converge; as such he is also naturally skilled in tearing apart or bringing together halves of a whole. As an example, when running on autopilot, Affine can seamlessly cleave all symmetrical organs from someone's body. He is also generally more powerful when around things like river confluences.

He doesn't use his golems for combat.

Through years of quiet practice, Affine is very adept at using his magic and making snap-second decisions with his skillset. However, he's near-useless in melee and close range combat, too nervous and uncertain to commit to anything. He runs on autopilot, and it's easy enough to bowl him over if you keep out of his line of sight. But, under the command of someone more experienced whose judgment he trusts, Affine becomes a deadly weapon. 

Thankfully (?), he'd prefer not to fight, regardless. He's sorry for hurting you. He probably didn't mean to.

Living Spaces

Proper, but lived in. House is mostly windows; lots of warm sunlight filters in through skylights and huge floor-to-ceiling panes. Lots of plants adorn every corner, especially hanging off marble pillars and chiselled quartz floor tiles. A blend of antiquity-style architecture and romantic flowers, like roses and tulips. 

There are several painting rooms/art rooms, of various professions - ceramics, painting, dancing, etc. Visitors usually aren't allowed in them.

Bedroom has a big lattice with ivy as the headboard, and a skylight set in directly above the four-poster bed, to let in some warm sun. Everything is serene and peaceful. Birds at the birdbath chirp, visiting from Chetyre's house, not too far away.

Statues adorn most hallways and the gardens, covered in ivy and thorns. Chipped, worn paint adorns them in two colors, split down the center, like Affine's fur.

Public Perception

Known as a Mag to most Frags, who he spends a lot of time with. People were at first excited and flocked to him, looking for advice, magic, training, godhood, etc., but quickly dispersed when Affine visibly cracked under their pressure. People generally know about him, but advise not to bug him since he's fairly... useless for most things. And, also, Ometeotl'll probably beat you up if you start rubbing elbows too much.

Doted on by the other Mags, but he resists their attempts to befriend him. Still, he hangs out if they ask him, although nobody seems to have picked up on his feelings of outcasting yet. He mostly dissociates through these hangouts. They're a little oblivious.

Fundamental force Mags (Juice, Prox, Quantum, Farley) don't dislike him or anything, but there's a weird sort of distance with how his powers interact with theirs. Jedana and Zmeya are a little too wrapped up in each other to care about him, and Devy and Vodo have already long settled in, feeding into Affine's complex. (All of them would absolutely be happy to befriend him, though.)

Self Perception

Hmm, let's not think about that. I think I'd make myself too sad thinking about all the ways I'm unlikable.

Ribbons & Awards



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Favorite Color(s)
pastel pink

Favorite Weather
sunny rain

Favorite Food(s)
fluffy cakes

  • 27002295_yicpup3ZfD29t42.pngBasics
    • Strongest sense is touch; strongest taste is sweet
    • Ambidextrous
  • Hobbies
    • Skilled at sketching and does so often; likes drawing other Mags, nature, or random people he's seen in parks and whatnot. Carries around a small sketchbook with brown paper to doodle in and does so passively; very good hand-eye coordination and never looks down at the paper. Not as good at coloring, but that's fine.
    • Dabbles in other arts, especially ceramics, but isn't as skilled as in drawing and is super shy about them. Too self-conscious to meet up with groups to discuss or attend classes, though he'd like tutoring.
  • Preferences
    • Magic:¬†prefers to be used in combat, despite Affine's misgivings. Associated with weight, mass, alterations, familiars, servants, symmetry, halves, liminal spaces, transitional spaces, between places, and the line between life and death. Detailed more in combat section.
    • Music: doesn't listen to music, really. Happy to listen to others' favorite songs, but doesn't emotionally connect to them himself. Not really bothered by this, often doesn't even remember other people find more meaning in it.
    • Stories: can't quite connect to stories emotionally, but likes reading exciting action stuff, with lots of intense scenes and twists. Mostly wants to be engaged by whatever he's digging into.
    • Food: a secret indulgence of his, since eating is so strange among Mag/Frags. He really likes baked goods, especially cakes, especially gifts. The mortals he hangs around usually bring him leftovers.
    • Partners: a strong personality, willing to take care of him and adore him for all time. Would defend him in a heartbeat, but is sweet and soft on the inside and gooey with Affine. An enabler, in unkind terms. Jedana, in kinder terms. Knows Jedana is super taken like seriously, but that doesn't stop him from fantasizing about him (and lowkey about him leaving Zmeya for Affine).
    • Traits: caring, empathetic, protective, doting, smothering
    • Dates: going out for a romantic dinner with his partner, with a walk on the beach, culminating in a gift of roses and declaration of love. Affine had to plan none of it and is lovingly surprised.
  • Favorites
    • Animal: Would struggle to answer anything except his golems, though he doesn't really think they're animals....
    • Drink:¬†Baby, super fruity wines with like no alcohol content that he drinks to try to look cool.
    • Sweet: Fluffy, light sponge cakes, cheesecake, or angel's food cake.
    • Season: Winter. He likes the snow blanketing the ground and trees.
    • Chore: Dusting - it's simple enough and active enough that it keeps his mind from wandering too far. And, well, if his mind does wander, he can usually keep dusting on autopilot.
  • Misc
    • Loves to people-watch strangers, and visits mortal villages often, usually to daydream about the complexities of their lives. Awed by the intricate dynamics and webs between mortals, especially since he feels he lacks major connections among the Mags.
    • Tries not to be a wellspring of advice for the mortals who come to him, but often can't help but try - following in the footsteps of the other Mags, mostly. The advice he gives is wishy-washy and noncommittal.¬†
    • Fascinated by mortal technology and contraptions; tries to take them apart to figure out their components but struggles to piece them back together. Doesn't really try to make anything himself.
    • Likes snoodling through old people's houses to find picture albums that he can daydream over. Doesn't ask - either to enter the houses, look at the album, or about the photos themselves. It ruins the magic and mystery of it all, or something like that.
  • Fandom
    • Rain World
      • Favorite Animal: Squidcadas
      • Slugcat: Monk
      • Karma: 9th9th.png&¬†3rd3rd.png
      • Achievement: Stolen Enlightenment
    • Pokemon
      • Types: Normal/Dark
      • Moveset: Disarming Voice, Relic Song, Night Shade, Sketch
    • Random Dice
      • Deck: Summoner, Laser, Broken, Blizzard, Sand Swamp

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