Celethia Ophidene



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Basic Info






Soul Chimaera


Early 30s


October 17




Trans female (she/her)


[noncommittal shrug]

Character Class(es)

Apothecary, Physician


Solitude. Silence. Not being pestered. Cute animals. Quiet nights in with friends. Coffee.


Pointless suffering among both allies and enemies. Loud places and people. Oppressive regimes that destroy villages because a brilliant alchemist just happened to make the medical industry redundant.

Favorite color =)

[noncommittal shrug 2 electric boogaloo]


Celethia is a healer and alchemist from a small village in the shadow of the walled city of Nocturna, the capital of her nation and the former seat of power of the God-Queen Noctalle. An alchemical prodigy, she apprenticed under and quickly surpassed the village's chief alchemist, singlehandedly elevating the village's scientific, medical, and magical knowledge almost to that of the capital itself. Her accomplishments were numerous, including creating a cure-all to treat minor ailments, a host of magical supplements, and even synthesizing and self-testing the medicines and magics that enabled her own gender transition: things that had existed before, but were generally locked behind the walls of Nocturna and reserved for rich merchants and nobles. 

Her work did not go unnoticed. Her village was destroyed in a raid by Noctalle's elite forces, and very few managed to escape the carnage. Celethia and her childhood friend Loraz were noticed for their magical potential and made into soul chimaeras, rather than being slain outright. She prefers not to talk about this event or her hometown in great detail.

Celethia is unique among the chimaeras in that her soul was fused with not one, but two snake-like demons representing opposing aspects of the same sin -- known in Nocturnan legend as the Viper, a scaled demon representing a lust for power, and the Dove, a great feathered and winged serpent representing temptation -- granting her a pair of almost angelic (albeit vestigial) wings and a long, serpentine tail. Through a combination of sheer willpower, alchemy, and a ritual that involved removing her own eye, she managed to silence the more violent of the demons and suppress the other. While she was quickly put to work developing concoctions to be used by Noctalle's forces, much of her work was focused on taking down the so-called God-Queen's regime from the inside, and her participation was instrumental to the success of the rebellion that would soon follow.

Celethia currently resides at Hell College where she researches soul science, focusing mainly on unlocking the secrets of soul chimaera bodies, enhancing their powers, and suppressing the negative effects that tend to come with having a demon trapped inside your crystallized soul.