Trickster's Comments

I’m reading your webcomic and it’s hreat! Much love! This dood is my favorite character out of ‘em all. Can’t wait to learn more about him and see the shenanigans he pulls off!

Thank you! I love when readers check out the characters' toyhouse pages! And yes, Trickster still has a few shenanigans up his sleeves... err, wings. 

Can I make a f a n a r t

I would absolutely love that!

he's my favorite and im gonna smooch him even if he does turn out to be evil,

Do you read the comic!!! Aww! Makes me so happy! Haha, only I know what will happen... muwhwahah

yeah, i'm reading it now and i'm loving it so so so much!! you're doing a really awesome job with it! also, >:O!!!! evil!

Thank you!! Yeah haha I get to be a little evil... I'm the creator and that's my prerogative. But I promise we will eventually learn Trickster's secrets, I will make them very clear.

oh, fair enough. i can't wait!!


I love how his bio sounds like a 90's ad! What a good ghost you have!! :D

Thank you! That was my intention!