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You know of all the characters that would catch my eye, Fred somehow caught my eye. Then could be because the more I look at his hat, the more I'm reminded of Ash's hat from Pokemon. Anyway, I really like Fred as a character. I imagine he's a minor character based on the tags but he's still interesting in my opinion. I don't really see a lot of old (and I mean actually not immortal characters if you know what I mean) characters so it's really nice to see him. uwu He's really adorable and I did find myself smiling while looking over his profile. Even with Alzheimer's dementia, you balance it out by talking about the things he likes and does. You don't really ignore it, though you don't make it this scary or horrifying thing (if that makes since...listen it's almost 1 am so that fact I managed to type this is amazing). 

Also, I love his dog. 100% best doggo.

Sorry for the late reply-- Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment!

Yeah! It's not that Alzheimer's isn't horrifying, or that I intend to gloss over it either, but I always feel with characters that it's not my job to judge or moralize them, or in a case like Fred's, to use him to make a point. He's just a person; his life has positives and negatives, and even the roughest situations always have humor and life.

I just want to tell stories about people the way they are, and to treat them all with respect. As with all characters, that'll always be a work in progress for Fred and something I can always strive to be better at, but it really heartens me to hear that you picked up on that and that you think it's done well.

(And it is Ash's hat, by the way-- the thought was that he'd picked up his grandkid's, or great-grandkid's, I guess, hat ; ) )


also nice hat

He'd love you too!   



And he would want to be yours!!


"Can I learn more about these happy fingers"

lmao I can't even answer that IC. Poor Fred wouldn't get it at all. 

Jackson is a treasure.

(I'd like to point out that the actual context is even kinkier, though)

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