June Ferrin



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June FErrin

Kindhearted Necromancer

A frail girl who once dreamed of becoming a knight in order to help people in need.
Due to her upbringing as the child of a necromancer, June was led down the path to become a powerful mage at a very young age. Ever since her father's demise, June has stayed by Deilan's side before entering Gaia's service to help her in her endeavor to restore peace in Krimoria.

Basic Info

Name June Ferrin
AFFILIATION Knights of Gaia
AGE (physical) 26
Date of Birth October 27th
Place of Birth Arannoth
OCCUPATION Necromancer
















Necromancy | Proficiency

Born as the child of a necromancer, June was instructed by her father starting at a very young age and eventually surpassed him as time went by. Her high proficiency at using necromancy allows June to slowly revert the negative effects of necromancy on herself and others, however those efforts usually exhaust her rather quickly.

Pyromancy | Proficiency

Besides Necromancy, June started to practice using pyromancy as an addition to her repertoire after her mother's death. Her natural talent at using magic allowed her to quickly get a grasp on how to manipulate and summon fire. When using pyromancy in combat, June prefers to use fireballs as projectiles to keep her opponent at a distance.

Healing Spells | Proficiency

June's mother taught her how to apply magic to accelerate the natural healing process of wounds and illnesses. After entering Gaia's service, Nyx helped June to learn more powerful healing spells, allowing her to heal smaller, non-lethal wounds almost instantly. Healing spells are by far the kind of magic June uses most frequently due to her distaste towards combat and supportive role in the ranks of Gaia's Knights. 

Lances | Proficiency

Due to her low physical strength, June is unable to wield most weapons in a manner fit for combat. However, she still possesses a lance that she uses in combat for basic stab attacks and blocking incoming attacks. In exchange for helping Abaddon to learn how to use magic, Abaddon trains June at the use of lances in combat.


A few years before June was born, her mother Alisa met Athros, a refugee from Mynrhha, in the streets of the Arannothian capital. Taking pity on the poor soul, Alisa offered Athros shelter at her home for the time being, and soon learned about his affliction. Athros was afflicted by a curse that would prevented him from dying, yet his soul would slowly fall apart with each resurrection, until one day only an empty husk would remain. Although as daughter of a general of the kingdom of Arannoth Alisa knew all to well that individual afflicted by the curse were supposed to be reported to the kingdom's knights immediately, she could not bring herself to seal Athros' fate. Instead, she decided to listen to his words, and chose for herself to trust that Athros posed no threat to herself nor the kingdom. Athros confided in Alisa that he came to Arannoth in hopes to find a cure for the curse as the situation in Mynrhha had become dire as the curse spread throughout the whole population. Someone in Mynrhha was creating an army, probably in an effort to invade the neighbouring kingdoms - and since Raine, the  king of Arannoth, was aware of these circumstances, preparations to go to war with Mynrhha were already underway. As Alisa herself wished to see Arannoth return to its prior, peaceful state, she offered Athros her help by finding a well-hidden workshop for him, and supporting him with his studies as best as she could. As time went by, the two grew closer, but in an unfortunate turn of events, Athros' workshop and affliction were discovered by the town's guard. Being forced to chose one life over the other, Alisa fled the capital along with Athros, and settled down in a long abandonned mansion hidden away in a forest far off the capital. Only a few months later, June was born. 

Ever since birth, June has been a very frail child, and Alisa snd Athros soon came to realize that her life was about to be cut short. In the winter months following her birth, June passed away following a short period of illness. Unable to let her go, Athros used the knowledge he obtained about necromancy to bring June back to life at the cost of placing the curse upon her as well. At first, Alisa was conflicted on how to handle the situation as a whole, but when she saw that nothing about her daughter had changed, she was able to smile again. In the years to come, June grew up to be a quite lively child that loved nothing more than tending to the mansion's garden along with her mother and listening to the stories Alisa shared with her about the kingdom of Arannoth. However, when Athros learned that attacks of undead on the surrounding villages and towns became more and more frequent, he decided to start instructing June - who proved to be quite talented - at the use of magic and ultimately necromancy as well. 

With each passing day, the threat on Arannoth became more and more imminent, until one day one of Athros' familiars returned to deliver critical information on who was pulling the strings from the capital of Mynrhha. Feeling obligated to warn the inhabitants of Arannoth, Alisa returned to the capital on her own to share the complete knowledge she and Athros had gathered with the king to prevent a tragedy. While Alisa's actions indeed saved Arannoth from being destroyed at that time, she was unable to return to Athros and June. Alisa was convicted for treason, as she had helped a necromancer escape the kingdom's forces, and paid for it with her life. When Athros and June learned about Alisa's death, everything changed. Having lost his beloved one, Athros succumbed to his hatred towards the inhabitants of Arannoth who had taken Alisa from him, and started to attack the remnants of the surrounding villages to seek revenge. Meanwhile, June started to isolate herself and grew more quiet as she slowly started to fear her father. 

Athros' attacks on the citizen of Arannoth did not go unnoticed by Raine. As the number of casualties began to climb radically, his most trusted knight was sent out to put an end to Athros' actions. Yet, in a moment of inattention, Athros managed to defeat and kill the knight, leaving him behind to succumb to his wounds. June, who witnessed the whole incident, decided to change the course of fate for the knight by placing the undying curse upon him, effectively binding his life to hers. Outraged by her actions, Athros lashed out at June, only for the knight to interfere and protect her. They quickly came to a stalemate, as neither Athros nor the knight were able to destroy the other given the new circumstances. Grudgingly, Athros allowed the knight to stay at June's side, knowing all to well about the might of Arthania, the weapon the knight wielded, and the threat it posed to his kind. Yet, with the knight and sword being under his surveillance, Athros also realized that unless June would go against him, the fate of the people of Arannoth was sealed as well. 

Quite some time passed by, and through the knight June started to learn more about the kingdom her mother hailed from, as well as to why Alisa sacrificed herself to save the people who once chased her and Athros away. Quickly realizing that June was different to her father, the knight plead for June to let him travel back to the capital to at least return the sword to King Raine to save every soul left in the kingdom. Yet out of fear of her father June could not bring herself to allow him to leave for the longest time. Only after learning about the family the knight had left behind and seeing the anguish he felt knowing that without the sword in the hands of a worthy successor, they would probably meet an untimely end themselves, June managed to overcome her fear and let the knight return to the capital, only to never see or hear from him again. Of course, Athros was not pleased with his daughter's betrayal, but he could not bring himself to harm his beloved child. Time went by, and whilst Athros returned to his plans for revenge against the kingdom of Arannoth, June prayed for someone to eventually put an end to her father's suffering in her stead. 

Another couple of years went by until another knight ventured out to put an end to Athros' endeavors. Deilan, only having been appointed as the next Imperial Knight of the Kingdom of Arannoth recently, made his way to the mansion and managed to strike down Athros using Arthania, the bane of the undying. In his last moments, Athros managed to lethally wound Deilan, who was left behind in fear awaiting death to take him. As the last bit of warmth left his body and the darkness around him crept closer, Deilan could make out the shape of someone approaching him carefully. Only a few moments later, time seemed to flow back slowly. June, who again had to witness a fight between her father and a knight of the kingdom, could no longer bear the thought of letting the knight before her die due to her father's actions. Before the last bit of life had left his body, she had placed the curse of the undying upon Deilan, saving him from the clutches of death.

Although her healing spells helped accelerate the natural healing process of Deilan's wounds, it took quite a while for him to recover to full health. In the meantime, both June and Deilan exchanged words and opinions with one another, and while Deilan was not pleased with his new situation at first, he slowly came to understand why June had saved him and that she was indeed only a kindhearted soul who had wished to make the right choice. Deilan vowed to stay by June's side and protect her to pay her back for her kindness, and the two of them were able to spent a few peaceful weeks at the mansion, believing that soon peace would return to the kingdom of Arannoth. When Raine sent out a small group formed by an elite group of his soldiers, both Deilan and June were captured and imprisoned back at the capital of Arannoth. Arthania, the bane of the undead, was returned to the king, while June and Deilan remained in the depths of the castle's dungeon, awaiting their death at the end of the blade. Yet that day never came...

Months, maybe even years passed by without anyone setting foot into the dungeon where Deilan and June were kept, before one day an unfamiliar woman accompanied by a knight clad in black armor appeared before their cell and offered them her hand. The woman introduced herself as Gaia, and requested both Deilan and June to enter her service as her "knights". Deilan, being sceptical about both Gaia and her companion, left the decision up to June, who - trusting her gut - accepted Gaia's offer almost instantly. Instead of opening the cell, Gaia used a spell to open a rift, allowing both herself and her companion as well as Deilan and June to travel to leave the dungeon on an instant. 

Now in the service of Gaia, June and Deilan travel throughout Krimoria at her side, exploring foreign countries and helping those in need of their assistance. June, who had grown more distant during the time where her father got consumed by his thirst for revenge, slowly opens up again and enjoys seeing the world she had only known from the tales of others beforehand.


Bound by fate
Following her father's death, June saved Deilan from an untimely end by placing the curse of the undying on him. Ever since then, Deilan has stayed by June's side to protect her.
Closest friend
After joining the ranks of Gaia's knights June and Abaddon quickly formed a close friendship. June loves hearing stories from Abaddon's time as a knightess in the service of the kingdom of Arannoth.
June's liege
As her liege, June holds Gaia in high regards, especially as she can identify herself with her ideals. However, seeing herself as one in the service of her liege, June is at times unsure how to approach Gaia, who regards her as family.