Mary Ashworth



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Mary Ashworth

determined • kind • unafraid
Basic Info
Namemary ashworth
Age20 years
Height5'05" feet
Gendercis female
Romantic Orientationpanromantic
Sexual Orientationpansexual
Relationship Statussingle
ThemeNice Girl

Color Palette



Mary Ashworth is a woman hailing from a very modest family, living on the northernmost coast of Gaelen in a seaside town known as Port Horizon with her family. Having grown up in the comfort and company of her parents and her younger brother, Kyle Ashworth, Mary has proven to be kind and empathetic towards others, regardless of the situations of their birth. She has a gentle heart towards the feelings of others, and strives to be a good person. However, she takes her responsibilities very seriously, and her friendly demeanor belies a fierce determination to never give up, no matter the task. Her unwielding nature sometimes becomes dangerous for her, however, as she'll willingly push her body far beyond its limits if she feels she should.

Design Notes
  • soft freckles on face only
  • hair is wild and unkempt, but fluffy
  • tattoos have a glowing, shiny look to them
  • skirt is long and flowy

The Ashworth family has always lived an honest lifestyle, well-established as a helpful part of their portside town community. Her father is a fisherman, and her mother a seamstress; Mary herself spent much of her years doing any job that needed doing, from babysitting the neighbors to serving as a hired hand for manual labor. She was always committed to her work, and was well-loved by her community, and was content living the life she had lived.

However, that would all change upon the discovery that her younger brother, Kyle, had become so dissatisfied with the way he was living his life that he began to join illegal circles that directly opposed the church's teachings. After a warrant had been made for his arrest, Kyle disappeared without a trace, but the church was not pleased. The Order took to threatening the Ashworth family for information, and when they could give little and refused to denounce Kyle as a member of the family, had effectively excommunicated the Ashworths and demanded that they leave the country. During the period afterwards, Mary took it upon herself to protect her family, finding and branding herself with illegal augmentation magic - appearing in the form of glowing tattoos - so that she could keep her parents safe in the event they were attacked while trying to figure out their means of transportation. Although her parents would soon end up on a boat to go overseas, a tragic event would occur, prompting Mary to stay behind. She now is on the hunt for her brother, hoping to find him at any cost.

  • Dolls
  • Early mornings
  • Justice
  • Writing fantasy stories
  • Needless violence
  • Cops
  • Needles
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Mary has very fond memories of fishing with her father, and loves to indulge in it as a pastime if she has the chance.
  • She enjoys candies, especially lollipops, but doesn't eat them unless she's treating herself for something.
  • Her fantasy stories often are romantic in nature, and she's embarrassed to show them to others.
  • Mary often gets nightmares these days, but doesn't like telling others because she believes they aren't important enough to burden someone with.