This is a mini bio! Mini bios are for when I really want a character uploaded for links, literature, art storage, reference, etc., but can't muster up the spoons to write out all of my usual sections. As such, while this profile is complete it only scratches the surface of the character. Expect a fuller profile in the future!


Name: Opine Frazil
Pronounced: oh-PAIN fruh-ZIHL
Gender: Cis Female
Pronouns: she/her
Birthday: October 28th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Age: Too old. It's been too long.
Height: 5'6", technically, but...
Species: Them, formerly human.
Orientation: Those days are over.

The creator of the Test Reality, Opine is responsible for the existence of the Competition: a death game that's haunted her creations for years. She seeks to create "the perfect game" and reality bends to her whims to fulfill this wish, giving her nigh-unlimited power as she remains ever unsatisfied. Finding some way to stop her is the primary goal of those involved in the Competition. Not only do they tire of the stresses of constant battle royales and reality-warping retcons they hold knowledge of, but as Opine grows more dissatisfied her interest in other Realities grows. Each new Competition drags in more and more innocent people, and if left unchecked it's only a matter of time before all of Entirety is at risk of falling under her domain...



As Opine is so elusive, it's difficult to get a grasp on her. Her personality seems to vary considerably based on who she's speaking to. To some of the Tested she's come off as lonely and needy, desperately seeking a purpose and validation. On the other hand, she's extremely defensive and has acted with extreme hostility toward those who seek to defy her, threatening existences and dragging people's allies into the Test Reality to suffer through bloodsport. She does not seem to value the emotions of the Tested whatsoever despite any private displays of gentleness, throwing them into Competition after Competition, making no effort to speak with them after deaths, and messing with their memories and pasts as she pleases.

Opine is fixated on making the "perfect game," and as the years drag on she becomes more distressed that she's yet to accomplish this ambiguous feat. She takes slights more and more personally, becomes more angered at deviations from her intended script, and is less willing to grant audiences. She's isolated herself, holing herself up in her private Reality where she plans out her ideas. Anyone who meets her can tell she's unstable, but she's desperate to project a very different image, always speaking very dramatically and proudly when she gives announcements to the Tested or writes posts online to advertise her creation, speaking as if she has no flaws and no failures to her name.

Despite the airs she puts on, it's clear there are many gaps in Opine's knowledge. She has little to no emotional intelligence and understands little beyond the scope of what she's learned to create the Test Reality, so unable to function outside of her little box that she's refused to leave it. She blocks the rest of Them out, unhappy with their attempts to meddle with her life's work, instead dragging in random people who she hopes will either revere or fear her, becoming distressed when ignored or dismissed. She's like a child in many ways, throwing a tantrum whenever things don't go her way, flipping the Test Reality over and not caring what damage it causes.

Still, there's still a semblance of someone who was once a normal person beneath her bravado and tyranny, a lost look in the eyes beneath her mask...



In a void, Opine is powerless. She only has the powers being one of Them grants her: Reality travel, vibe-changing, and immortality. She was once just an ordinary human, so that should be the end of the story. However, when she made her Request, she wished to "create the perfect game."

Thing is, that's open-ended. No deadline, no specifics: what the perfect game is depends entirely on her own perception. Since Requests warp reality, this essentially means Opine is capable of doing absolutely anything so long as her logic can justify it as contributing to the creation of her perfect Competition. Since she never seems to be pleased with the results of any Competition and often cancels or reboots them before they can ever conclude, it's not hard to see why she's seen as such a threat. Unless someone can figure out how to meet Opine's definition of the perfect game, her Request will never be satisfied and she'll never lose her reality-warping abilities. And, since there's no apparent way to demote one of Them, it's not like her powers can just be taken away...


Opine's backstory is unknown to just about everyone. From what scraps might be gathered up from Limbo and Them, one might be able to figure out that she used to be a simple human on a fairly normal planet somewhere. She died somehow or another, and upon her death she was offered a Promotion. She accepted, her Request being to create the perfect game, whatever that meant. After that no one saw much of her...

Then, roughly 15,000 years ago, she reappeared again with a grand creation: the Test Reality, home to humanoids called the Tested. She embroiled them in the Competition, a battle royale where the last to die would be Promoted. She had her roles set, and watched as the game began, waiting to see her perfect game play out...

Unfortunately, she made her villain - only known as Her - too effective, and She quickly slaughtered off the Tested, killing off all of Opine's intended potential winners and claiming victory for Herself. Despaired at how her thousands of years of planning and effort had gone to waste, Opine discarded this Test Reality - now known as the Mirror Test Reality - and set to work making a new one.

Roughly 50 years prior to modern day she came back with a new Test Reality and a new batch of souls to reincarnate as Tested. This next Competition was close to perfect, but was ruined by a clever Tested faking their death and claiming victory after her intended winner - Umbra Tear, who was something of an idealized self-insert - thought she had won and offed herself to bring the Competition to a close. Opine viewed this as cheating and once again threw a fit.

Her next move was much different than before: instead of throwing things out, she entangled herself with the RPverse and started bringing random offworlders into the Test Reality, erasing the memories and playing around with the roles/very existences of the Tested during each new Competition, seeking a winning formula. There have been at least half a dozen Competitions since, and it's only thanks to the actions of some key offworlders that the Tested have managed to hang on to their memories throughout the last few. But the more they meddle, the more frustrated Opine has become. She's been quiet for a while, but it's doubtful that her silence is indicative of anything other than sinister plotting...


DATE CREATED Uh... good question. She wasn't around from the start of all the Oress Plots and what have you, so I'd say around late 2009 or so?
REQUEST To create the perfect game.

  • In En2rety, after [wip] Ignis Phasmatis meddled too much in her affairs, Opine decided to get her revenge on him by destroying the Test Reality: his best chance at escaping his prison, filled with people he was at least on good terms with. Unfortunately for her, this meant breaking all of Ignis' morality chains, directly leading him to become 2gnis: conqueror of Entirety. Needless to say, she was disposed of ASAP.
  • In Altirety, the second Competition instead ended with the Tested digging into her backstory and, without spoiling anything, essentially managing to reason with her and reach deep down inside of her to bring those redeemable bits back to the surface. While she's still a work in progress, she opened up the Test Reality to other Realities and made Competitions optional for all of the Tested. Altpine holds Competitions regularly now, and now they come in more varieties than "murder death game." Karaoke contests, dance-offs, laser tag, sports tournaments, the most intense games of hide-and-seek around... combined with allowing off-worlders to sign up, things are at last exciting in a good way for the Tested. That happiness seems to be rubbing off on Altpine, creating a pleasant feedback loop as she works hard to keep the Test Reality buzzing.
  • She usually wears a butterfly-shaped mask, but drawing masks is hard and they're not too common in dollmakers. Also whenever I try to draw her I keep forgetting the scars on her face, which she intentionally keeps around. Just for Ignis.
  • opine has had roughly 10 children with Thyx in tomodachi life, thyxpine is the only oc ship that matters
  • While butterflies are of course her favorite, Opine also likes slugs quite a bit. The more you know!

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