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I love his design: it's so delicate and elegant, very pleasing to the eye. I love the long golden locks of his falling on his shoulder. Reading a bit of his personality, it really fits the character: the sophisticated look definitely adds a lot to it.

You definitely put a lot of efforts on your characters and each and every of them is a pleasure to discover !

Aaah thank you so much !! ; v ;

Aaahhh he's so adorable ;w;

What a gorgeous boi. Love his outfit, lacey and Victorian, hehe fits his name. All the art of him is lovely also!

Thank you!! I actually picked his surname with that in mind + it sounds like "loveless" which also fits him lol 

It could always be worse he could be chaotic evil......... 

Thank you for loving my mess of a son though it really warms my heart so much ;_; < 3 

I'D BE HONOURED....... Just hearing you like him enough to consider drawing him is warming my heart ; v ;

i know i comment on this child all the time but i just noticed the "chaotic shame basement" tag.....

naughty boys will be put in the SHAME BASEMENT to atone for their sins

It makes me super happy to hear that!!

aaahh gosh you're making me blush ;//__//; !!

That new picture gives me life GOD

I WAS LAUGHING THE WHOLE TIME I WAS INSERTING THE THING IN-GAME.... I wanted to do more bad incorrect quotes but managed to stop myself

Hide them somewhere.... or just release a small file tht's just incorrect quotes

When I release the demo I'll add in a secret crypted file and you have to solve a puzzle to open it and then it's just a bunch of incorrect quotes

The ultimate prize holy shit (i would do this)

tbh I have been meaning to do something like this because I'm a big fun of this stuff B') but I feel like people probably want something cooler than just incorrect quotes df

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I didn't realize this character was for a game!! Can't wait to see a demo release <3

He is!! I have been working on it since January ; v ; / I'll do my best to get something done for the summer!!

Awesome!! That's exciting :>

Whoa I thought I had him faved already??

Don't worry i've corrected this grave error

that "Please stop praying for my grandpa u are making him too strong. He broke out of the hospital & cops say their tasers don't work on him :(" meme but it's me with "Please stop faving Claude u are making him too strong. He punched me in the stomach and stole my lunch money :("

(jk every time I see Claude getting a fave both he AND I become stronger)

oh my god i have to stop laughing out loud cuz I'll wake everyone up tHANKS...

Also good. What is it 2 weeks? Is it really gonna be released on April 1st?? Because please tell me your secret to keeping a deadline holy hell.....................

School and health wrecked me so bad I can't meet the deadline, but for the record I have the script done and I have Claude's and Jonathan's sprites already done (I just need to go through the effort of saving them in PNG and maybe do a few more to Jonathan if needed) o/ I'll upload some oneshots, concept art and a personality test on April Fool's to make up with the lack of the demo

MAN I feel you on the school + health thing, it's like my immune system was just "lol nah you're on your own" this year. Still though. Pretty sure the last deadline I set for myself was "Halloween" ................two years ago. GUH. Maybe I can set the game release date for THIS Halloween but I'd rather not set up my hopes too high. Maybe parts of it. (i lost a few key files and now i'll have to redraw a bunch of stuff and that....kills the man) im still HYPE for this yanno. so hype. rest up~!

Spring is terrible time for me because my body (especially joints) reacts pretty violently to the season change and it affects my mental health a lot too so I'm like.... super tired and constantly burning until like April/May depending on how fast the snow melts dfg But imo I think as long as you don't give up it's already good enough! I have been working on one novel since 2014, lost almost all my files once and started over and it's still not done ; v ; But I'm trying really hard to eventually get it fully finished (thank god for camp nanos).

And aaa thank you! I have been positively surprised by the attention Sinfonia has gotten so I'll try my best to actually get the demo done and uploaded `v´9

I didn't mean to break Claude omg precious child let me love you--

IT'S THE ONLY THING HE REALLY LOVES.... you monster... how could you (honestly I love writing that kind of content of him he deserves it for being a pain to me huehe)

Waaaaahhhhh OTL

(I'm glad you had fun! XD I'm so glad that thread's active again!)

I'm honestly so upset I haven't used it before! It gives me a chance to write something and that's always a good thing. I wish there was a thread for just short prompts to write in the same system as the Poof! meme works aaa....

Wasn't there a thread for scenarios that worked similar?

I only remember the one that suggested RP prompts but it didn't involve like actually typing out anything on the forum posts? Unless I have missed a thread... 👀👀

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... actually, I'm one of the shortest of the school. There are only some first years and my classmate Thomas who are shorter than me (although I suspect Thomas' short height is related to the fact he is sickly)

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Don't know about that... Despite your height, you don't really come across as a child to me - and I mean it as nothing but a compliment, of course. Jail? I haven't really thought of it much, it's not like I'm planning to get myself there. But I'd imagine it a very boring and restricted place, and at least around here I could imagine things getting hostile once in a while between prisoners.

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omg the new comic;;;;

i seriously can't get enough of these two

Thank you !!!!! I can't believe they were supposed to be a joke, they have completely taken me over by now tbh haha

I just read that this is supposed to be a visual novel?? AAAAAAAAAA《love VN thb I'm working on one too ahhhh this is amazing

Yes!!! I'm doing my very best to release the tentative demo on april fools and then if people like it enough I'll proceed to do the full version!! It was supposed to be a joke (hence the april fools release) but I had so much fun planning it that it just kind of got a bit more serious, haha. And aaahhh I can't wait to hear more about yours !! Is it about the characters you have posted wips of?


////Also coughcough yup but i need to add more characters! it'll be very short but i'm planning to work on it after my christmas break from school

I can't wait for more, the characters look so cool already !! 👀👀👀 I think especially if it's your first game project it's a good idea to keep it short! My own first one was only 10 minutes (and it's so bad I'm embarrassed now haha) but it taught me a lot and hopefully I can show what I learned while working on Sinfonia

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