Hugo Halwin



3 years, 9 months ago


April 27
6'4" (193 CM)
Sun Sign
Former monster hunter ("retired")

Hugo Halwin

Hugo's profile is a WIP!


"Let me tell you a little something about myself." -Hugo

Former head of the Corporeal division at Knight Company Captains, and well respected in the monster hunting field. Shortly after slaying one of the most feared creatures in recent years, he found himself out of a job after being laid off. His boss claimed the company simply could no longer afford to pay Hugo's "exorbitant" salary now that the company's greatest threat had now been dealt with, and much of Hugo's division was dissolved entirely.

Not long after leaving the office for the last time, something in him felt the need to return to the site of the recent slaying accomplishment. He found a small type of monster he’d never seen before, and, despite all instincts and training, decided to take the creature home...

With a deep personal sense of loyalty, Hugo is ordinarily gentle, but can also come across as incredibly fierce. Determined and ambitious, there are few challenges that Hugo would back down from---and even fewer that would keep him down after failing. He thinks it's important to be able to roll with life's punches, and, during his career, he was considered by most a force to be reckoned with, although still caring and compassionate as a leader. Above all else, he values honesty and directness.

He can be intensely stubborn, but is still relatively easy going unless consistency pushed back against. He prefers to try to see the best in people and their actions, but it is incredibly easy for Hugo to get caught up in the high of the moment and miscalculate a situation. He has a strong moral code, but also is firmly set in his belief that there’s a clear distinction between what’s “good” and what’s “evil,” and he struggles to understand situations where there’s overlap between the two. Some would call him an idiot. Some would call him just a bit naive.

Despite his ambitions and sense of heroism, Hugo also appreciates the finer things in life and takes relaxation just as seriously as work. When he's not working or dealing with more serious matters, the fierceness he's so well known for tends to disappear almost entirely and is replaced with an easygoing demeanor.


"No point in doing all that work if you're not gonna live a little!"


  • Gambling [card games]


  • Spending time with Benny
  • Highball cocktails [7&7, Cuba libre]
  • Blackjack, Baccarat


  • People refering to him as "fired" instead of "retired."
  • Ghosts and other incorporeal creatures [not his area of expertise]
  • Being alone for too long [boring!!]


  • Losing what's important/people close to him
  • ...Ghosts and other incorporeal creatures.
    • Would not admit this. Ever. Too manly and brave (so he says).


  • Hugo prefers to refer to himself as "retired."
    • Although he’d never say it outloud, his “retirement” from Knight Company Captain’s cuts a little deeper than he lets on.
  • He has an accent (Southwestern US).


"Haha! Come on! Nothing a little quality time with ol' Hugo won't fix!"

Former coworker at Knight Company Captains and friend of about 7 years. Although they worked in different departments and didn’t directly meet until about a year into Benny’s career. Their initial meeting was rough, and their relationship rocky, but Hugo, through sheer determination (stubbornness???) continued to pursue a friendship with Benny. Eventually, the two developed a warmer relationship, and Benny’s departure from KCC brought them closer than ever.

Although Hugo disagrees with, and frequently worries about, Benny’s particular attraction to monsters, he tries his best to be supportive. Of course, not without cautionary anecdotes he picked up from his career and some general “old man wisdom.”

"Wenzel.. you wouldn't happen to know anything about this, would you?"

Former coworker at Knight Company Captains. Tensions at work were high between them due to the company's expectation that the two captains of the separate divisions share---and sometimes compete---for resources. As infighting became more common, gossip followed close behind, fracturing the relationship between the two captains and the company they jointly commanded. Although they both sought to campaign for a separation of the two divisions, their miserable professional and personal relationship prevented them from working together on this goal and instead created more tension.

Hugo likes to try and see the best in people, but Odin certainly tests his patience. He does his best to remain cordial with her, even while she's flinging aggression, but he'd be lying if he said he hadn't let a snide comment or petty argument slip out here and there. Perhaps, due to their competitive natures and work environment, hope of them having a friendly relationship was doomed from the start...

"I suppose it's not your fault I'm a big ol' sap... But you better behave yourself! Ya' hear, little lady?"

The small monster Hugo brought home shortly after being fired. Benny likes to refer to her as their "adopted daughter," much to Hugo's initial horror.

Due to Hugo's training, longstanding career as a monster hunter, as well as the unclear nature and origin of Bitey---Hugo is incredibly apprehensive about taking her in. He found her alone and whining near the site of his last slaying, and assumed the mother was caught up in the chaos. He claims a sudden pang of guilt is what led to him "not thinking" about taking her home.

As concerned as he is, he trusts Benny's judgment on the matter and does his best for Bitey. Maybe someday, she'll even change his mind about the true nature of monsters...

"I have no clue how you do it. Don't you miss the adventure? Ah, well... for now, let's just drink."

Friends for just about 20 years, Hugo met Ziggy initially while Hugo was out on a work call about a dangerous monster…. That Ziggy himself had accidentally led to shore. An easy victory for Hugo, there wasn’t much to the event---but Ziggy was wonderstruck regardless. He offered Hugo anything he could manage as payment, which Hugo refused, but Ziggy managed to talk him into drinks at the very least.

After a long night of drinking and swapping stories, the two became close friends and have stayed that way ever since.

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