Ziggy Spyder



3 years, 3 months ago


November 29th
Sun Sign
Aromantic Bisexual

Ziggy Spyder

Ziggy's profile is a WIP!

Picture this! Me, twenty years ago and just as handsome as I am today.” -Ziggy

A self proclaimed “retired treasure hunter,” Ziggy spent most of his life prior to settling down on the move---traveling from place to place with his father in search of riches… usually in the form of get-rich-quick schemes. Most of these times were spent along coastlines, and so Ziggy developed an affinity for the ocean...but not so much the idea of scheming.

More like friends than father and son, Ziggy took off and left his father behind when he turned 16 in search of actual adventure. Usually chasing ghost stories, baseless tips, and legends, he frequently found himself getting into trouble. He was often able to talk his way out of it, but, one day, after encountering a particularly fearsome monster just offshore, he decided to call it quits on wandering for good and settled down on the same shores where he was rescued from the creature by Hugo…

Laid back and high energy, there’s nothing else Ziggy enjoys more than a good time, and he firmly believes that life should be spent doing what you enjoy… And only what you enjoy. He’s not particularly stubborn, however, and it’s not hard to get him to do things that “aren’t fun.” Although he’ll act like a kicked puppy the entire time he has to do it. While pretty much fine with whatever comes his way (or what his friends ask him to do), he’s not exactly the type of guy to take up the mantle and prefers to let others take the lead when things get tough.

Lovable, yet a bit flighty. Loud, smooth talking (or so he thinks), and cheerful, he’s often the life of the party. For better or for worse...


"Now we’re getting to the good stuff!"


  • “Taking it easy,” as he calls it.
  • Spending time at the beach


  • Beach volleyball [watching & playing]
  • Fruity, rum based cocktails
  • Gummy candy [gummy bears, specifically]


  • Cold weather
  • Working
  • Romcoms


  • Spiders
  • Fatherhood [responsibility… lot’s of it.]


  • Whenever he and Benny are out together, he makes it a point to order squid to the table…
  • Despite having no apparent job, Ziggy never seems to be short on money. He always claims it’s riches from his treasure hunting days, but there's no proof of this being true..
  • Ziggy seems to have an outrageous story for nearly every occasion, and it’s not often the stories stay consistent (even if it’s one he’s already told before).
  • He's never been totally honest about how he lost his left eye to anyone but Hugo. Everyone else gets a different story every time.


"Come oooon, being fired---I mean… “retiring” can’t be that bad! You had a good run. Have a drink and relax! We can do whatever you want..."

Friends for just about 20 years, Hugo met Ziggy initially while Hugo was out on a work call about a dangerous monster…. That Ziggy himself had accidentally led to shore. An easy victory for Hugo, there wasn’t much to the event---but Ziggy was wonderstruck regardless. He offered Hugo anything he could manage as payment, which Hugo refused, but Ziggy managed to talk him into drinks at the very least.

After a long night of drinking and swapping stories, the two became close friends and have stayed that way ever since.

"You remind me a lot of myself... except for the moody and brooding part."

Ziggy met Benny at a beach bar shortly after Benny’s departure from KCC. Initially interested in taking him home that night, he sat next to Benny and struck up a conversation despite his mood and snappy attitude. Ziggy quickly put together that the man he was talking to was also a friend of Hugo’s, and the two of them spent their time talking about him instead. After the topic change, Benny warmed up to Ziggy.

They remain friends to this day, and Ziggy now takes pleasure in teasing Benny---enjoying seeing him flustered instead of so uptight.

So she’s a little rough around the edges... Me too! Two rough edges rubbing together make sparks, right?

While Ziggy and Odin have been formally introduced, most of what he knows about her is secondhand info from Hugo. Despite her nature, he finds her incredibly charming, so he always makes it a point to chat with her when he sees her. The feeling is entirely one sided, however...

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