Bernard "Benny" Sugar-Ray



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July 6th
5′10″ (178 CM)
Sun Sign
Yoga Instructor

Benny Sugar-Ray

Benny's profile is a WIP!

Contains mild NSFW content


"Ugh, nobody wants to hear your life story." -Benny

Former head accountant for Knight Company Captains. Quit to pursue a career as a yoga instructor and escape the daily grind of a 9 to 5. The sudden career change had absolutely nothing to do with his extensive history of accidental tax fraud during his time at the company.

While Benny often comes across as aloof, passionless, and abrasive when meeting new people—those that know him best see otherwise (although this isn't many people). Although difficult to get to know due to his more bizarre tendencies, those who stick around long enough to become a friend of Benny's have earned a friend for life. Guided more by his emotions than his thinking, and perhaps loyal to his dearest friend to a fault, his dedication and sentimentality sometimes leads him to trains of thought he'd rather not acknowledge.

Generally, Benny has little to no interest in other human people right away—and would rather spend time around monsters and unspeakable creatures. This is especially the case in the case of romantic relationships, although he's been open to an exception with a long-time friend (although he'd never be the first to mention this). He has a particular preference for tentacled beasts, but demons and other creatures are also options on the table. The more ancient and terrifying, the better.

His curtness and tendency to be blunt can sometimes be easily misinterpreted as overconfidence---but, in reality, his confidence in himself is incredibly low (he'd be quick you brush you off if you accused him of this, however.) He takes the most pleasure in being "useful," even if that "use" is just exchanging carnal knowledge with a tentacled hell creature.


"...And in your free time?"


  • Yoga
  • Reading occult articles and magazines


  • Eldritch creatures and cryptids (tentacled ones are his favorite)
  • Spending time with Hugo
  • Tea
  • Daiquiris


  • Math
  • Working
  • Being alone


  • Rejection
  • Losing people close to him


  • Although Benny hates doing math, he once read in tabloids and internet posts that the best way to communicate with aliens would probably be with math. He took up his accounting job after this.
  • On a related note, his favorite yoga pose is the triangle and all of its variants.
  • When it comes to tentacle based food dishes, his romantic and sexual fantasies often take over---resulting in him getting flustered.
  • He goes almost exclusively by the name "Benny" and introduces himself that way, as well as corrects people who refer to him as anything else. He hates the nickname "Ben" in particular.
  • Benny started wearing fake glasses when he started working in order "to look smarter." When he left KCC he mostly ditched the clear lenses for colored ones.

Voice Claim Alessandro Juliani

Clip 2


"Why would I be embarrassed? I don't get you sometimes..."

Former coworker at Knight Company Captains and friend of about 7 years. Although they worked in different departments and didn’t directly meet until about a year into Benny’s career. Their initial meeting was rough, and their relationship rocky, but Hugo, through sheer determination (stubbornness???) continued to pursue a friendship with Benny. Eventually, the two developed a warmer relationship, and Benny’s departure from KCC brought them closer than ever.

Hugo is the only person Benny has ever been attracted to---although he's initially hesitant to admit this to even himself. Rejection from a monster is one thing. Rejection from Hugo would be devastating...

"...Drinks? Fine, but I want to hear about that haunting..."

Former coworker at Knight Company Captains. They occasionally interacted on breaks and during budget related meetings, but they otherwise did not often encounter each other during work.

Benny doesn't have strong opinions about her either way, although she does exasperate him quickly with her louder disposition. He's interested in hearing her ghost stories, but whatever problems Odin and Hugo have between them---they don't involve Benny, and he'd prefer to keep it that way.

"It's...Bitey! Her name is Bitey. Cute, right?"

Benny and Hugo's "adopted daughter," as Benny likes to refer to her. Although initially surprised when Hugo suddenly arrived at his house with a tiny monster for identification, Benny was immediately smitten and refused to give her back when the former monster hunter started having second thoughts. Benny was the one to name her, and, despite her frenzied nature, he cares for her very deeply and has trouble understanding the potential dangers of raising her.

"Right, very funny. You're not cute. And... neither am I, so that's enough."

Ziggy met Benny at a beach bar shortly after Benny’s departure from KCC. Benny, in poor spirits, was not interested in his company in the slightest at first. When Ziggy quickly put together that the man he was talking to was also a friend of Hugo’s, the two of them spent their time talking about him instead. After the topic change, Benny warmed up to Ziggy.

They remain friends to this day, even though Ziggy often flusters and embarrasses Benny with his antics. Sometimes, the things he says are nice to hear... although Benny would never admit that.

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