Cash Kelga



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Oct. 25th
81 [as of 1934]
Age at date of death
30 [in 1853]
Sun Sign
Bisexual (male preference)
Unemployed [Self declared "professional gambler"]

Cash Kelga

Kelga's profile is a WIP!

Contains mild NSFW/dark content

”That was certainly...unexpected. Or maybe it was—I wouldn’t know.” -Kelga

Born in Missouri during 1823 and died along the Nevada-Border during 1853. Expecting to enjoy a late night tryst with a vampire that had been his traveling companion along the California Trail, Kelga’s trip came to an abrupt and violent end when the vampire turned on him for refusing to further their relationship to a romantic one..

That night, Kelga would become a vampire and commit a murder himself to satisify his first thirst. Kelga would stay with the vampire that turned him, and they would leave behind the rest of their traveling companions to finish out the trip. The two of them would later settle together in the newly founded Sacramento City.

Eventually, they’d move to San Francisco, where Kelga would meet and take up permanent residence with James.

Devil-may-care as can be, Kelga is impulsive, reckless, and bores quickly. He’s not the type to think much before committing to an action because he thinks, no matter the outcome, things will find a way to work out in the end… whether that be for better or worse. He sees it as a problem for the future, not worth worrying about in the present.

While “charismatic” is not a word many would use to describe him, Kelga is willing to strike up a conversation with anyone. With a bad habit for inappropriately timed jokes and saying whatever comes to mind, he’s acquired the ability to smooth talk himself (at least somewhat) successfully out of situations.

When things go wrong, Kelga is the first to shrug things off as “not a big deal.” His attention shifts quickly, and he doesn’t spend much time thinking about inconveniences or problems. If something seems “too hard” or “too boring,” he’ll resist it in favor of doing something more enjoyable. Undead or not, he sees life as something to be enjoyed. The unpleasant things can be dealt with later… he’s got eternity to deal with it, after all.

"I’ve read books? Right, I think I like books!"


  • Gambling
  • Reading (Mostly short things)


  • James! ...And his blood!
  • Sunsets/Evenings
  • Sweet smelling things
  • Parties/Nights out on the town


  • Alcohol
  • Prepackaged blood
  • Busy work
  • Indirectness
  • Movies


  • Horses
  • Disappointing James
  • Being taken advantage of


  • Kelga has ADHD (Inattentive type). Some days are better for him than others, but he often struggles to focus on serious matters until they come to a stressful head or downward spiral. For the most part, he decides not to address this and chooses to deflect criticism with comedy and just does the best he can. Sometimes, though, his self esteem suffers due to his struggles to be attentive even when it’s needed most.
  • Although Kelga is his last name, he prefers to go by it. Generally, only people he’s particularly close with refer to him by his first name, Cash. He doesn't really mind either way, however.
  • Vampires and other non-human people are not considered a strange occurrence in the world Kelga lives in. As such, many commodities are available for them and it is not necessary to go out of the way for blood or commit violent acts to get it---although these things do still happen.

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