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 NAME  Krazt (Parasite) / Kraz (Common)

 OCCUPATION  Being a child

 AGE  Between 0 and 8

 CURRENT HOST  Not-needed

 SEX  He/Him Parasite

 HEIGHT  around 1m15

 RACE  ½ War Parasite (7th Gen.), ½ ?

 WEIGHT around 35kg

 CATEGORY  ½ Support troups


As a kid with such chaotic parenthood would, 

Kraz is bound to mischief. He dreams of power every single night.


  • power
  • distraction
  • weaponry
  • fly/fight-training
  • learning


  • weakness
  • idiocy


  • He will grow to be a medic or background strategist
  • Since he's not 100% Parasite, Kraz’s body will hold 450 years before he needs a new cyborg one
  • Has an unexploited artistic streak
  • Unlike his mother Kraz talks from the mouth on his head and not from the tail’s
  • Kraz’s energetic signature almost perfectly matches his mother’s, making his parentage really easy to guess to anyone who can read/see it
  • Extremely afraid of needles and anything medical being used on him—very triggering due to past trauma
  • ”Krazt” means Vessel in current modern parasite’s speech but was also the word used for Objective/Goal in the old language


Kraz is only 8 years old but his personality so far seems to be imitating whatever his mother does. He’s vain, disgusted by a lot of things (especially when he doesn’t know what they are), and overall quite mean. It’s all amplified by how unaware he is of certain social cues since he is a child, and Pénurie does absolutely nothing to help that. 

He is entertaining to be around but a real nightmare to have as a child. A real tantrum master turning the slightest act into a full dramatic event. Again, something he copied from his drama queen of a mother. 

Deep down however, he has his own qualities: Kraz is very loyal and dedicated, curious (although his general distrust of everything does not allow for much of that) and most of all, he believes in justice, loyalty and fairness. Qualities Pénurie desperately tries to teach out of him but it’s almost as if the stupid liabilities are in his genetics. Only under Sworm’s care will he fully embrace them, as they share the same thrive to protect and provide for the ones they love. 

He also retained the general optimism (and sometimes gullibility) of a child, despite what his life has been like so far.


the beginning

For now Kraz's life has been short but eventful. With his main parent being a renowned deserter, he's been the easy target #1 of unscrupulous headhunters trying to get to his mother. Bounced around from dirty spaceports to grimy criminal operating bases, he has been with her 24/7 since she's had him, resulting in a very strong bond but a dependance on both sides. 

Fortunately Kraz is not a shy kid intimidated by all of this—he’s got a big temper and ego and knows not only how to defend himself, but how to get what he wants. He's extremely assertive for someone his age due partly to his education and partly to his genes.


  • overconfident
  • loyal
  • egomaniac
  • fearless
  • power-driven
  • unbreakable spirit
  • rude
  • dedicated
  • short-tempered












PÉNURIE  mother

Pénurie and her son are very close in their own way. She does not separate from him at all during her time on the run: the only moments when they're not together in the same room or area are very few and sparse. Although they fight a lot because they both have big tempers, Pénurie's main focus has and always will be Kraz's protection and making sure he'd be able to survive on his own if she disappeared. 

By luck, they have the same personalities, meaning their objectives align: getting Kraz stronger, survive together, make it through another day. Pénurie is very demanding and places high expectations on Kraz but that is how he thrives and what encourages him to get better. They work well together and have quite the bond, to say the least, so even if most of their interactions are harsh and snippy, they trust and rely on each other immensely. Pénurie, in all her lifetime, has actually never cared or loved someone to this degree.

Of course this all comes with a disastrous codependency for both parties, where Kraz can not bring himself to fall asleep without his mother's presence, and her being unable to take her eyes off him even in a very chill situation. She’s very subtle about it, and the way she talks about and to her son would make you think she does not care, whereas his struggles with this are a little more obvious. He’s still very young, but they both keep face really well.

Very much like a mother panther will be harsh on her babies to teach them survival, it's her lone presence and power that provide Kraz comfort.

Kraz follows her around flawlessly and only argues her choices when he knows it’s not immediate danger. Otherwise he complies and she leads them from port to port in order to survive.

SWORM "the ennemy" — adoptive mother depending on continuity

Kraz is Pénurie’s biological son and only becomes Sworm’s adoptive one once Pénurie rejoins the ranks. He is very cautious at first but Sworm is very much the gruff parental figure you can imagine a 22,000 years old warrior to be. 

Pénurie trained Kraz to be able to survive on his own in case something happened to her, so she never allowed for very much emotions to show, but once they are back with Sworm and comfortably settled Kraz becomes quite spoiled. Maybe being the leader's offspring comes with a few advantages after all. Who would have known.

SCUTTLE  affiliated father


VIRZON  affiliated mother


GASHER affiliated father


DENANCE "associate"