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 NAME  Virzon

 OCCUPATION  Soldier in the Sworm

 AGE  ~9,200 yo

 CURRENT HOST  Spec. 7th Gen. Frame

 SEX  She/Her Parasite

 HEIGHT  2m35 (in current host)

 RACE  War Parasite (7th Gen.)

 WEIGHT  100kg (in current host)

 CATEGORY  Support troups


Despite being the tall, quiet and composed pillar of the squad—which you’d expect some sympathy from, Virzon won’t help you out if you aren’t from her inner circle. 

Virzon is quite distant and her cautious nature keeps you out of reach.


  • order
  • music
  • discipline
  • efficiency
  • tidying
  • spying on people


  • shyness
  • wasting time, energy and ressources
  • evasiveness


  • She has a very stiff posture—her tail and fins are always snapped rigid and horizontal, shoulders straight
  • May become addicted very easily
  • Her famous patience, funnily enough, does not extend to PĂ©nurie and Scuttle‘s antics
  • Has a mean streak that is easy to bring out if you know which buttons to press
  • She’s very good at blackmail and you'd be surprised of how much she knows about you


Virzon is definitely the quiet and impassive type. It doesn’t mean, however, that she won’t be first to intervene if something is to go wrong. Often enough her general aloofness is mistaken for a lack of decision-making. It is not the case—the only thing keeping Virzon from ranking higher than Scuttle is how loud the latter can be, effectively overwhelming Virzon’s assertion. A shame considering Virzon is a very efficient problem-solver. Too much of an organizer, Virzon has a tendancy to wait for all the information (relevant or not) before acting, causing her to be somewhat slower than her counterparts.

Patience is one of her virtue. One could say she has too much of it but she is the only member of the squad capable of it to such an extent, as even Gasher can’t persevere as long as her. Virzon‘s obstinacy is what allows her to be on top most of the time. With her feet on the ground and a good head on her shoulders, Virzon is capable to subdue her underlings effectively and without the need (most of the time) of violence.

Virzon’s addict tendencies are kept in check by her squad and the sworm army overall strictness concerning contraband.


first deployment ➀ mule

In their early years, Virzon was picked up almost dead from their target planet by a drugs smuggler crew. Although Virzon did not believe the lies and manipulations she was fed to keep her on a leash, she had no choice but to obey whatever was asked of her aboard that organization. 

There, her main mission was simple: Virzon’s status as a very-hard-to-kill war parasite was used as a way to pass drugs from city to city. She served as a mule for a little while, passing thousands of kilograms of drugs for people who did not view Virzon as anything more than a speech-capable container. More often than not whatever she was transporting through would crack and spill directly into Virzon’s system. Her time as a mule was spent being high almost 24/7, overdosing twice a week, but never dying thanks to parasites’ incredible durability.

accountant ➀ transitionary adaptation

Eventually she managed to take the tangent and escape that life but not without developing heavy addictions and dependencies. She moved in the contraband scene from mule to accountant/book-keeper and at the time even tried to access real proper mathematical education. War parasites however, are not well received in academies and banned from most institutions, so that failed. 

gladiator's pit book-keeper ➀ gladiator

Muddy crime attracting its kind, her work eventually led them to account for PĂ©nurie‘s gladiator pit, where Virzon met the other members of the squad (Scuttle, Gasher). Through a lengthy courtship the three of them eventually managed to win Virzon over to their team (at the time only lacking one last member to fill up their ranks and make it an official Support squad, which PĂ©nurie, Scuttle and Gasher were desperate to find).

As a gladiator, Virzon was the least liked of the four. Her fighting techniques were judged too subtle by the audience who wasn't here to see clean efficient kills, but to enjoy bloodbaths and entertaining, spectacular fights. Virzon still had fans but her lack of brute force did not attract as much of an audience as her counterparts.

The squad somewhat helped getting Virzon on the road to recovery from her addictions despite drug usage being common in the fighting arena. Later, when Sworm recruited all of them in her army, Virzon had no choice but to face real withdrawal—which she managed to overcome thanks to her very resilient mindset.


  • quiet
  • observant
  • ambitious
  • curious
  • skittish
  • impassive
  • patient












SWORM  commander

Virzon is loyal to Sworm via the pact she long ago made with PĂ©nurie. She follows orders with utmost discipline and trusts her leader's decisions. Outside of this professionnal relationship, Sworm and Virzon do not interact.

PÉNURIE  squad leader - commander

As surprising as it may seems, Pénurie's abrasive personnality is not an obstacle to their relationship. As the two most eloquent of their team, their clashes and arguments are legendary, and Virzon is known to be able to change Pénurie's mind with her patience and impeccable composure. 

Mutual respect is still too strong a word to describe their relationship, but Virzon is grateful, for without PĂ©nurie's harsh behavior and strict (some would even say cruel) rules towards drug usage, she would not have been able to pull through the worst of her withdrawal phases. Where Scuttle and Gasher can be sappy at times, PĂ©nurie shows no mercy for weakness, meaning Virzon had no choice but to submit this part of her in order to fit in with the squad. Ultimately, it is what saved her from her demons, even though it came with blood and tears caused by PĂ©nurie's absolute lack of empathy for her case.

Virzon repays her leader with faultless (but not blindless) obedience.

LAMBDA  special intelligence direct commander


SCUTTLE  squad member

Without Scuttle, Virzon would be left with no way to take off the pressure. Without Virzon, Scuttle would have even more issues with infighting and doing stupid mischivious acts here and there that often costs him a trip to the brig. They balance each other on the spectrum of chaos and rules.

Deep down Virzon loves Scuttle's pespering behavior towards her and the rest of their squad. She likes the attention when it's not misplaced/misused for some other agenda, as is often the case with Scuttle. Him, on the other hand, adores annoying everyone who's a little too uptight for his tastes, and takes great pleasure in doing so. He also obeys really well to Virzon when he's in the mood to do so.

Indeed, their ranks in the Elite Squad are the only ones still evolving after all these years. Where PĂ©nurie is undeniably the leader and Gasher the bottom of the pack, Scuttle and Virzon often switch places in the hierarchy depending on a variety of factors. Scuttle has the physical advantage and since it often comes to fistfights, he manages to take the upper hand this way, but she is too smart and her arguments percuting enough to shut him up when needed.

GASHER squad member

Whereas Gasher's relationship with PĂ©nurie and Scuttle is an easy one to break down and analyse, the one he shares with Virzon is a little less straightforward.

Similarly to PĂ©nurie, Gasher is Virzon's stable ground: he appeases her with his presence and keeps her high-strung nerves in check. The main difference being PĂ©nurie usually wants and actively seeks danger and chaotic stupidity, contrary to Virzon who absolutely does not.

So where Gasher brings PĂ©nurie stabilty, it's more a form of appeasement that he provides Virzon with. In return Virzon is fiercly protective of him, and considering the fear she conveys in the troups, other parasites rarely mess with Gasher in fear of Virzon's retaliation.

MEDIENaffiliated son