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 NAME  Scuttle

 OCCUPATION  Acting Support Troups 1st Lieutenant

 AGE  ~10,000 yo

 CURRENT HOST  Spec. 7th Gen. Frame

 SEX  He/Him Parasite

 HEIGHT  2m23 (in current host)

 RACE  War Parasite (7th Gen.)

 WEIGHT  180kg (in current host)

 CATEGORY  Support troups


He‚Äôs an idiot bully but gives crushing big hugs to apologize ūü§≠¬†

Scuttle is the easiest of the squad to approach at first yet you might end up regretting it considering how obnoxious he can be.


  • pranks
  • food
  • TV shows and anything distractingly stupid
  • anything gross that can be used as a prank
  • causing trouble/being a nuisance
  • sparring
  • having fun at people's expense


  • -
  • -
  • -


  • Has no concept of personal space
  • If there‚Äôs a mean spirited prank somewhere, he‚Äôs done it
  • Counts, enumerates and calculates really fast (he won't on his own but if you ask him the square root of 84,000 hes' got the answer in seconds, same with a room full of rubber ducks: he will know exactly how many of them there are)
  • Very handsy
  • Emotionally smarter than he looks
  • His tail's mouth almost can't open properly and can only smirk wider
  • The baleen teeth on his tail's mouth make for a very ineffective bite so Scuttle favors punching


While Scuttle is usually easy-going and almost friendly, he’s got an ugly-temper hiding behind his cheerful façade. Granted, you have to be a direct registered enemy or as pushy as Pénurie to actually trigger it, but it's here. Scuttle actually enjoys infighting so he will never miss an occasion to "friendly" spar you by smashing your head into the walls.

Otherwise, Scuttle could be considered the nicest of the bunch, as long as you know how to keep him at bay when he oversteps all your boundaries. He only takes certain rejections personally but you can win him back with a stupid gift or an easy distraction.


first deployment ‚ě§ bodyguard

Scuttle has led a very typical war parasite's life. Like many others before him, he started up dropped on his target planet, where he lost his original squad then managed to escape and ended up as your typical parasite bodyguard. Although he bounced between hitman and hired gun, he always had a preference for sticking to particulary wealthy clients: more people to push around and bully.

bodyguard ‚ě§ gladiator

He was the first parasite recruited in Pénurie's squad considering his interest for blood sports and violence. Scuttle had actually been a fan of her shows for a while before she even knew about his existence, coming to her pit rather frequently as a simple spectator. She easily convinced him to join not only her squad but her gladiator's pit where they later recruited Gasher and Virzon, before a certain ambitious old warrior showed up to embark them all in her battle against their very first ennemy: war parasites' factories.

Scuttle absolutely loved the gladiator pit for all its aspects: the violence, the fans, the money, the recognition and the easy access to sex and drugs. It wasn't what he had primarly sought out when he started harassing Pénurie to become her teammate but he certainly did not mind the notoriety. Scuttle was well known in the fighting scene for his brutal skills and very graphic techniques. Positively basking in the attention, he knew how to work a crowd and wasn't afraid to do so.

gladiator ‚ě§ soldier in the sworm

Nowadays, since Pénurie has left their rank, Scuttle is the Elite Squad's Commander, and acts as honorary Support Troups 1st Lieutenant. These aren’t roles he particularly enjoys but Scuttle isn't much of a thinker so he does what he's told.


  • loyal
  • insensitive
  • reliable
  • obnoxious
  • selfish
  • confident
  • resourceful












SWORM  commander


P√ČNURIE ¬†squad leader

VIRZON  squad member

Without Scuttle, Virzon would be left with no way to take off the pressure. Without Virzon, Scuttle would have even more issues with infighting and doing stupid mischivious acts here and there that often costs him a trip to the brig. They balance each other on the spectrum of chaos and rules.

Deep down Virzon loves Scuttle's pespering behavior towards her and the rest of their squad. She likes the attention when it's not misplaced/misused for some other agenda, as is often the case with Scuttle. Him, on the other hand, adores annoying everyone who's a little too uptight for his tastes, and takes great pleasure in doing so. He also obeys really well to Virzon when he's in the mood to do so.

Indeed, their ranks in the Elite Squad are the only ones still evolving after all these years. Where Pénurie is undeniably the leader and Gasher the bottom of the pack, Scuttle and Virzon often switch places in the hierarchy depending on a variety of factors. Scuttle has the physical advantage and since it often comes to fistfights, he manages to take the upper hand this way, but she is too smart and her arguments percuting enough to shut him up when needed.

GASHER squad member

Gasher provides Scuttle with impeccable companionship. As Pénurie and Virzon are often very busy with their duties, and since Scuttle and Gasher are the two least sollicited of the Elite Squad, the latter tags along with Scuttle 90% of the time. The only moments they're seen apart is during rare solo missions. Otherwise Gasher is Scuttle's shadow.

Although Scuttle is really appreciated within Sworm's army, his general loudness and impredictabilty has made some parasites warry of staying near him for too long. Scuttle is never alone, and when he is: he has Gasher.

This is a very equitable relationship for them. Since he's loud, Scuttle takes the hit for most of their failures and/or repercutions, meaning Gasher can comfortably sit back and avoid accountability while someone else also takes decisions for him.

MEDIENaffiliated son